149 thoughts on “Game thread: Sept. 25, Braves at Nats”

  1. So I see out long national nightmare is over. I’m pretty sure this is the 3-4 site he has been banned from.

  2. I this can’t help us, nothing can. Go Phil! Go Braves!

    Diaz starts, Heyward sits, and Gonzalez is pending.

  3. Your patience is incredible, Mac, but I’m glad to see the guy go. Every time he posted it turned into a thread about him, which gets old pretty fast.

  4. Don’t like the matchup in St. Louis: Jackson vs. Wells. That should be a W for the Cards. Minor and the offense better be hot today. I don’t think we can take more than on game from the Phillies (they are due for some wins) so an absolutely must-win game today.

    Oh, and the headline should be “now Emma-free”

  5. Emma doesnt deserve that priveledge.

    BTW, cant play matchups. We werent suppose to beat Strasburg. Here’s the deal, if this team hits for the next 4 games then they will be in the playoffs. The Phils have lost 8 straight so yes, they can be beat also. Offense needs to come out and prove something.

  6. Per Bowman:
    Hamels was scheduled to start for the Phillies Wednesday. But it now looks like they’ll go with a bullpen game.

  7. DOB

    Hanson is throwing a bullpen session today in Florida in Instructional League, could start Wed. if goes well and if #Braves have clinched 36 mins ago

  8. 5- Our departed colleague doesn’t deserve that honor. Gone and soon forgotten. Who was I talking about again?

    7- Agreed. McCann was really laboring out there.

  9. Good riddance. Thank you, Mac.

    I am really looking forward to the game today. Even though I could do without the stress of the current situation, I have to say, this is really exciting for me. Go Braves!

  10. Yanks have taken the lead on the Red Sox… as Saltalamacchia couldn’t transfer the ball from his glove to his hand to try to throw out Jeter stealing second. Again, be glad that Boston’s crumbling has given us cover, or the media attention would have been far worse.

  11. I would like to trade Derek Lowe to the Nationals and pay his entire ’12 salary for F.P. Santangelo. We’d not only get to face D-Lo 5 or 6 times next year, but we’d have a damned good color guy for Braves broadcasts.

  12. Popup by Bourn, double play machine cocked and loaded for Prado.

    Here’s where our inability to hit sac flies bites us in the ass. Can’t Larry Parrish teach these guys how to hit popups deeper than short left and short right???

  13. This is ridiculous. Bases loaded, no outs, a guy who can’t hit the strike zone and just walked the pitcher.

    Now: Two outs, no runs. Ick.

  14. @28 – Don’t forget that he went 3-0 to Bourn too. Then, after a strike, the Braves swung three times in four pitches.

  15. If Minor had walked the bases loaded with 0 outs, the nats would’ve wound up with at least 3 runs…………..what the heck!?

  16. If this was a one-time thing, no big deal. But this kind of crap has been a defining trait of this offense all year. Who wants to root for that?

  17. You could automatically give the Braves a free runner at third to start the inning for all nine innings, and they’d find a way to lose 6-5.

  18. The Braves are the World Champions of not scoring runs with runners in scoring position and nobody out. So we have that going for us.

  19. Braves batting with runner on 3rd, less than 2 out: 154 runs in 275 PAs (56%)

    NL batting with runner on 3rd, less than 2 out: 3151 runs in 5052 PAs (62.4%)

    Wow, it really is that bad.

  20. With runners in scoring position, the Braves get 454/ 1433 = 0.317 run per PA, and the NL gets 7870/ 25152 = 0.313 run per PA. So by that measure, this offense is average; it just has the tools to be so much better.

    I also note that the Braves seem to have fewer PAs with RISP than league average. So we don’t get as many chances and don’t do as much with them. We make up for it with bases-empty HR (112 vs. NL average 82).

  21. Single by Ross. They’ve got us right where they want us.

    Edit: And now Wilson? Oh, we’re so hosed.

  22. This team is so frustrating to watch. They do whatever it takes to lose it seems. I do not HOPE they’ll miss the playoffs, but I don’t care anymore.

  23. Well, even if the Braves somehow make it to the playoffs, there is no way they could beat the Phillies… or even the Brewers.

  24. The Phillies are playing as badly as the Braves right now. Arizona and Milwaukee, on the other hand…

  25. 71: Ain’t it great? You’d love to get Medlen some game action, but are we in a position to? No. And this stuff about getting Tommy Hanson a start so he could possibly make a difference in our postseason? Does anyone think this isn’t going to go until the last day and perhaps a one-game playoff? For all we know, Hanson’ll be ready to rock and roll in the postseason, but will we even allow ourselves the luxury of finding out?


  26. Yeah, I do love how everyone’s applying the laws of momentum against us for predictive purposes, but is totally ignoring it for the Phillies in our upcoming series.

  27. I dunno about ignoring. It’s just that when two ice-cold teams meet, you’d expect the one with more talent to prevail.

  28. Well, the Phillies are better than we are without momentum. They suck right now. We suck right now. Therefore, after momentum… they’re still better than we are. (Or what Stu said.)

  29. I don’t think momentum has anything to do with anything. The Braves just kind of suck right now. They make good teams look great, and bad teams look good. Perhaps the Phillies are a bad team too right now, but those starting pitchers, in a short series, are a great equalizer. The Braves don’t boast anyone that good anywhere on the diamond.

  30. 1-0 Cubs

    Isn’t it fun how every day it seems like involves watching the Cardinals’ score because Lord knows the Braves aren’t going to do anything?

  31. On the plus side, the Cubs are still up on the Cardinals.

    I always get the feeling that if I tried to listen to Chip’s call without video, it would feel like a completely different game. He made that double sound like a ground rule double.

  32. Ugh. The Cubs aren’t even up on the Cardinals. What a crummy day so far. Still time to turn it around, though.

  33. For an annoyingly optimistic comment, just for a change of pace, if both games wind up going our way, we’ll have clinched a tie. So, like, let’s get on it here.

  34. Ross drops a foul bunt, noticing what happens when he gets a hit. So ordinary fail instead of epic fail.

  35. Apparently the Cubs don’t want to win, leaving the pitcher in to bat with runner at second one out in the 7th.

  36. Hey, Medlen sighting!

    EDIT: I forgot how athletic Medlen is – I’d put him up in the same league as Huddy in that respect. He’s fun to watch.

  37. What the hell kind of team is this? To respond to a comment on the previous thread, yes, I think the Phillies will sweep and the Cardinals will win at least 2 out of 3. Do you honestly think this team has the ability to win a game? The Phillies now need to win to get some momentum.

    So, how soon after the Braves are eliminated do they start blaming the injuries? Or, will Fredi just say, “you have to tip your cap to Chris Capuano, Ross Detwiler, etc.. And, by the way, these things happen sometime.”

  38. In the playoffs, anything can happen. Thanks to the Cubs, we’re still in line for a playoff spot. Nothing is done.

  39. Agreed, Marc. Did anyone ask these guys if they wanted to go to the playoffs? Because if they don’t, and their performance today makes it clear that they don’t, then they could just forfeit the rest of the schedule, wish the Cardinals luck, and go home where they really want to be.

    And Yadier Molina just homered. 2-2.

  40. My fear at this point is that the Cardinals will lose out and I’ll find myself compelled to watch this disastrous team get embarrassed in the NLDS.

  41. It’s sad that the best we’ve been able to do is root for the Mets and Cubs. I’m honestly ambivalent about the Braves making the playoffs. In theory I want them to get in, but in practice I’m wondering if I really have better things to do with my time than watch the LOBs mount up while we get outclassed by a better team.

    That said, Minor pitched pretty well today. C-Mart did, too, save for one hitter. And Medlen looked fantastic. Throw in a genuinely world class play by Zimmerman at third and at least I saw some good baseball today.

  42. @148 – “Awesome” is just about the last word I’d use to describe the Braves these days, but hey, we are still 1 game ahead in the WC race with 3 games left in the season. If before the season started I was told the Braves would have the WC lead going into the final series of the year, I would’ve happily taken that. It’s too bad that I have a hard time believing this team can get anywhere in the playoffs – but then again, anything can happen. We have a bunch of talented hitters who are just sucking right now.

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