427 thoughts on ““Fredi” and “Fired” have the same letters game thread”

  1. Whoops, hit the ground with this one after Mac opened the new thread:

    Gads, the woe is me is rampant here. Gotta buck up, campers.

    Go Braves!!

  2. Can’t believe I never noticed before that ‘fired’ is an anagram of ‘Fredi’. It’s even more perfect than Resop’s name being ‘poser’ when spelled out backwards.

  3. The failings of the Wild Card are clearly illustrated by the fact that, when competing for a playoff spot at the end of the season, the Braves play a team from their division with the best record in all of baseball, while the Cardinals play a team from their division with the worst record in all of baseball.

  4. Also an anagram for Fredi: “I… derf.” Imagine this as a response during one of his postgame press conferences. For instance:

    “Fredi, why did you call for a suicide squeeze with a newly paraplegic Chipper running [crawling] at third and Tommy Hanson attempting to bunt without an actual bat in his hands and his right arm in a sling?”

    “Well, see, um, I… derf.”

    Of course no one would ever actually ask him why he called for that play, so this might be a bit unrealistic. Go Braves!

  5. It looks like there might be some rain for the game. Wonder if the Phillies will sit Utley, Howard and Ibanez?

  6. Eh…it’s just a 30 percent chance. I don’t think it’ll play that big of a factor. If we get a shower, the field shouldn’t be soaked or anything.

  7. Hopefully “fired” (past tense) will be the way in which Fredi is referred to by the start of the GM meetings in November.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks that Brad Pitt kinda looks like Chipper on the cover of SI?

    Not going to watch the game tonight, so maybe they win this one. But I doubt it. Let’s hope for “Success” and the Astros putting up a fight.

  9. Success had an .810OPS in Houston during August. He’s back down to his normal .531 range in September though.

  10. Braves OPS for month of Sept

    AAG 1019
    Richardson 1000 (4 ABs)
    Chipper 817
    Ross 779
    Uggla 773
    HEYWARD 764
    Freeman 730
    Bourn 669
    McCann 631
    PRADO 575
    Wilson 522
    DIAZ 499
    Constanza 400
    Hinske 393
    Conrad 384

    Won’t win many that way.

  11. Sorry for the triple post but this should cheer everyone up:

    Phillies lineup: 1. Rollins SS 2. Utley 2B 3. Pence RF 4. Howard 1B 5. Victorino CF 6. Ibanez LF 7. Polanco 3B 8. Ruiz C 9 Lee P.

  12. Phillies are going with their A-team. Maybe they want to participate in a third collapse in five seasons (2007, 2008, 2011?).

  13. Really, Phillies?


    But ya know, if we do win tonight against their A+ team, it should get the Braves over the hump psychologically.

  14. According to DOB, Hanson didn’t make his Sunday throwing session. He won’t be a factor at all during this series.

    Why would anyone expect the Phillies to put up any lineup other than their best? They’ve been in a tailspin and need to prove something going into the playoffs, too.

  15. As pathetically as they’ve played against pathetic teams, maybe an actual perceived challenge will be good for them. Like, maybe they’ll step up to the challenge or something. Ha. I mean, Go Braves!

  16. So will the challenge of the Phillies be the next jolt this team needs? I believe that will be jolt number 10 for the month.

    I’m optimistic. Always am. We’ll take 2 of 3 against the Phils. The loss will be Lowe’s start. Lowe’s loss and Delgado’s dominance in his game will convince the Braves to go with a Lowe-less rotation for the playoffs, and the young guns of Minor, Beachy, and Delgado will carve their names in Atlanta Braves history as they all dominate on their way to a World Series championship.

    Yep, that is what’s going to happen. Totally.

  17. Repeating a prediction from a prior thread: I think we’re going to take 1 out of 3 from the Phillies, and the Cards will take 2 out of 3 from the Astros. And we’ll lose the playoff game against the Cardinals.

  18. I like that lineup from the Phillies, Manuel is awesome. Make ’em win their way in is the right philosophy.

  19. The Phillies should put their best players on the field. Just as the Astros should put their best on the field. I just wish the Braves would put the best players on the field (Heyward)

  20. Oh crap, Braves are activating Sherrill and might use him tonight, according to DOB. This has rusty disaster written all over it. I predict he grooves a fastball to Howard that ends up in midtown.

  21. I would agree, except I think that if you’re left-handed, you could probably strike Ryan Howard out, and I don’t know if you’ve ever played baseball in your life.

  22. Unlike others here, I just can’t generate any excitement for these sad sacks, even though I can’t look away. To quote Bob Weiss of the Hawks, “We’re going to be exciting. Of course, it was exciting when the Titanic went down.”

    GO ASTROS! Please?

  23. Every time the Braves were in Philly’s position (usually against the Mets at the end of the season) they played their A-team. I see no reason Philly shouldn’t do the same.

  24. 32: Yeah, if we see a repeat of “Rusty” Linebrink with Sherrill, I am seriously going to grab Emma and start a picket line around Turner Field.

    The guy definitely needs some work, but it better damn well be limited to low-leverage moments in the game. Up a bunch or down a bunch…although if we’re down a bunch it hardly seems worth the effort.

  25. Unlike others here, I just can’t generate any excitement for these sad sacks

    On the other hand: the team has a one game lead with three to play, and thus is playing very meaningful baseball in the last series of the regular season. A lot of team’s fans would trade places.

  26. @25

    Thank goodness for Google when Ububba makes mildly esoteric historical references:

    “Granny Hamner Is Found Dead
    September 13, 1993| Associated PressGranville Wilbur (Granny) Hamner, who joined the major leagues at age 17 and played shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies during the 1940s and 1950s, was found dead in his Philadelphia hotel room. He was 66. Preliminary reports said that Hamner, of Paulsboro, N.J., suffered a heart attack. He was attending a sports memorabilia and card show in Philadelphia.

    Hamner, a 17-year veteran, was an All-Star from 1952-54. He was the starting shortstop in 1952 and starting second baseman in 1954, becoming the first player in All-Star history to win starting berths at two positions. He was traded to Cleveland in 1959 and retired in 1962.

    Rumors he will be dug up sometime in the future to play shortstop in an attempt to unnerve the opposition appear without merit. Possible sources are being investigated.”

  27. I don’t know who else watches via GameDay, but MLB is stuffing more and more commercials onto the service, so that viewers cannot follow the game. The whole bottom of the 1st passed while I saw nothing but commercials!

    Until CHIPPER!

  28. The last Pirates center fielder the Braves traded for (who has seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth) left a bad taste.

  29. How long do you think it would take for Brian McCann to make it around the bases for an inside-the-park homer? Does anyone honestly think he would break the 45-second mark?

    EDIT: Maybe the trick is to make sure AAG is playing with a strained calf.

  30. For the record I want to compliment Fredi for not having R-Del bunt here.

    UPDATE: And see? Something good happened. A very close play at first, could have been a hit or a rushed play error, but at the very least one of those mythical “productive outs.” The bunt is overrated.

  31. Plays like that with Delgado make me think about the DH a little more. The last thing this team needs is another injury.

  32. 67: For B-Mac to get an inside-the-parker, I think it would to be in Minute Maid, hit to deep center field, roll up that stupid hill and all the way up that flag pole, where it would miraculously come to rest on the top of the staff. Oh, and the flagpole would need to be greased so the centerfielder wouldn’t be able to shimmy up there without the grounds crew coming on the field and cleaning it off.

    And even then it would be close.

  33. 69: Bunting for a hit is a different animal than the sacrifice bunt.

    70: Bah! These guys are supposed to be athletes. If a guy is so dainty his career is ruined while running to first, I don’t want him.

  34. @73: I wouldn’t say ruined career, but severely injured, requiring surgery, and out for at least one season. It happens way too often, even to the toughest of players who play everyday. I wonder what the poll results would look like if NL managers were asked about adding the DH.

  35. Wow, I tuned in expecting to see Cliff Lee beginning his 1,000 year dark reign, glad to see we’ve staved off that horror for now.

  36. Lee batted for himself. This never works out when we do it (squeezing one more inning out of the starter), but then again Fredlot’s the one deciding when we do it.

  37. Hibernation Mode. Can’t say it surprises me, just depresses me.

    Edit: And Holliday singles in a run, 1-0 Cards.

  38. Hmm. I’ve been thinking, guys – maybe it’s just not our year? I’ve divined a few subtle signs pointing in that direction.

  39. Let’s see, I get back from a meeting, turn on the game just in time to see Rollins homer. I won’t be watching any more of the game.

  40. I just feel like the Braves have somehow literally been prohibited, or have forgotten, or I don’t even know what–somehow they’re incapable of coming back from any deficit. So it feels like Victorino out at third is the game-deciding run.

  41. Last time we won was Friday, which was also the last time I got drunk. I’m heading to the liquor store.

  42. I don’t have a problem with the bullpen usage–if anything I probably would have stuck with Lisp once I turned to him in the inning, but at least Fredi has demonstrated some understanding of leverage.

  43. So that, as they say, is that. And I’ve learned not to trust scrub teams to hold off the Cardinals. Therefore that, as they say, is tied with two left to play.

    Can the Braves force a one-game playoff, or will they simply end the season two games back?

  44. Can the Braves please flip Prado and Gonzalez in the order? What happened to the “hot hand” theory espoused by the manager?

  45. The unplayable Martin Prado strikes out swinging. The little chyron next to the score tells me to go buy Braves NLDS tickets. Just one of life’s excruciating little jokes!

  46. @135 Perhaps it’s perverse, but I feel relieved that there’s somebody else on this board as frustrated with Martin Prado as I have been.

    Also, Dan Uggla has re-joined the ranks of the wretched.

  47. I just saw a chick on TV with a Boyer jersey. WTF?

    If the Braves can have Star Wars day, they oughta have “Obscure And/Or Non-Star Braves Player Jersey” day. I’d proudly wear my Rick Mahler jersey.

  48. The other hope is Jaime Garcia. He’s been up and down all year, and is due for a collapse.

    Right on cue: he gives up a two-run shot.

  49. So, do we think this “no coming back from any deficit” thing is a league rule, or a directive from Liberty Media, or a strategic concept that Fredi is pioneering, or what?

  50. 4-1 Astros.

    (Yay rooting for the worst team in the majors, because you know the Braves aren’t coming back in a million years.)

  51. I don’t begrudge the Phillies for starting all of their guys, but considering the fact that so many of them are banged up, it would be hilarious if one of their key guys got hurt in this–for them anyway–meaningless game.

  52. This is the most pathetic damn thing I’ve ever witnessed. The worst team in baseball, a team something like 18 games under .500 at home, is doing more to help the braves make the playoffs than they are themselves. Revolting.

  53. 162: One of the most pathetic scenarios nobody’s yet mentioned is the Braves losing all three to the Phillies while the Cards get swept by the Astros. The Braves make the playoffs under possibly the most embarrassing methods ever.

    163: That’s not an insignificant feat!

  54. 164: You’d have to assume that would be even more embarrassing for the Cardinals, though. In which case, I’ll take it!

  55. 167—No, he’s a former pitcher who failed so miserably that they tried to Ankiel him. (He was great at both hitting and pitching in college.) Then, they let him pitch again, and he did alright.

  56. In other news, Josh Beckett just gave up a 3-run inside-the-park home run. Saux down 6-2, Rays up 4-2.

  57. So, time to get some mileage out of this whole team name/mascot thing, huh? Since the players clearly aren’t going to get it done, how about Chase Utley goes to field that pathetic slow roller off the bat of McCann…and suddenly, a tomahawk sprouts from his forehead?

    I’m not saying I want the Braves to reach the playoffs through brutal violence. I’m just saying, if it’s between Chase Utley’s life and the Braves making the playoffs…

  58. @164 – That would be truly sad. I would at least consider pulling for our first round opponent in that case.

  59. In a weird way, I’ve recently started to feel sorry for Fredi lately; much of what is going on is not actually his fault. But then he does this. Screw you, Frediot, you joke.

  60. Cards have bases loaded no outs

    No worries. It’s only Freese, Pujols, Holliday, and Berkman coming up.

  61. Stu, Savery wasn’t that bad. Ss John Sickels recounted:

    Savery was a star at Rice University, thriving as both a hitter and pitcher. His campaign in 2007 was particularly successful: he hit .356/.435/.505 in 275 at-bats, while going 11-1, 2.99 on the mound. Despite some shoulder problems, scouts preferred him as a pitcher, and he was drafted in the first round, 19th overall. He threw 150 innings in the Florida State League in 2008, but didn’t perform as well as expected, going 9-10, 4.13 with a 122/60 K/BB and 171 hits allowed. His velocity was down from his college days, and scouts were concerned about how he would fare at higher levels.

    Savery won 16 games between Double-A and Triple-A in 2009, but a 4.40 ERA and a 96/77 K/BB in 151 innings were unimpressive. He was even worse in 2010, going 1-12, 4.66 with a 67/51 K/BB in 127 innings and 154 hits allowed in Triple-A. His career on the ropes, Savery moved to the outfield and first base to begin 2011. He performed well, hitting .307/.368/.410 in 54 games for High-A Clearwater.

    However, late in the spring, Savery hit 90-92 MPH during an emergency relief outing for Clearwater. By early July he had his college velocity back, and he returned to pitching full-time. He ended up posting a 1.50 ERA with a 41/6 K/BB in 36 innings between High-A, Double-A, and Triple-A.

    RBI Run-scoring double-play groundout, now it’s 4-2 Stros.

  62. The exact kind of line drive that Matt Diaz would allow to drop in front of him for a base hit. And did, in the top of the inning.

    Oh well. I’m sure glad we kept his bat in the lineup and his glove in the field!

  63. 172: As ambivalent as I am now about my favorite team making the playoffs, I still would take it if it meant the horrific on field murder of Chase Utley. What does that say about me?

  64. Pujols strikes out to end the threat. Still 4-2. Wandy’s at 87 pitches, probably only one more inning.

    John, it means you give Philly the respect it deserves.

  65. meanwhile, Detroit has scored 14 runs tonight. What I wouldnt give for 14 in this series much less one game.

  66. Good grief. That was horrible defense.

    Edit: Wandy Rodriguez just doubled. He seems to the only one interested in getting the Braves to the postseason.

  67. One run. Six outs. The question on every Braves player’s mind: “I wonder how Pebble Beach is this time of year?”

  68. If they don’t do it in the bottom of the 8th, it isn’t going to happen. Oh, did I mention I hate Victorino?

  69. Is it me, or has the Braves infield defense actually gotten worse over the course of the season? I feel like the enduring image from this season, other than any number of hitters popping the ball up, is the sight of Dan Uggla more than 20 feet away from a seemingly-routine ground ball.

  70. Wandy Rodriguez is currently the only MLB player interested in getting the Atlanta Braves into the 2011 playoffs, it seems.

  71. So, if we win and come back off of Madson, I’ll lose the lead in the finals of our Braves Journal league. Screw it…Let’s go Braves!

  72. Wow, Ibanez is so bad. If the Phillies don’t win the pennant, he’s going to play a part in their losing.

  73. Two on, nobody out for the Cards, as Wandy is being removed. I’ll be pretty surprised if the Astros win that game.

  74. were any of the last 3 pitches to Freeman going to be strikes? I hate this team and their refusal to take walks.

  75. McCann just looks like he has no interest in being out there. He’s done for the season, I fear, much like the Braves.

  76. Congratulations, Phillies! After facing the likes of the Mets and Nationals, you snapped an eight-game losing streak and won your 100th game!

    Soooo embarrassing. Go ‘Stros.

    Just got a text from a friend: “Magic number is now three!”

  77. This is quite cruel, to have two years in a row with 5 months of good baseball just to have it fizzle at the end.

    Karma balance in store?

  78. How many pitches do the Braves swing at outside of the zone with runners in scoring position? Its like they all turn into Jeff Francoeur when someone reaches. Of course it takes a hit because they hate walking.

  79. 249: Oops!

    250: Last year was a genuine case for injuries. And we played damn hard in the NLDS. Gotta be proud of last season. This year? It’s just head-shakin’ sadness all around…

  80. This is quite cruel, to have two years in a row with 5 months of good baseball just to have it fizzle at the end. Karma balance in store?

    Punishment for laughing at the Mets in 2007-2008.

  81. I’m trying to stay positive but I’m running out of reasons too. I hate that we’re scoreboard watching when this was our Wild Card three weeks ago. This sucks.

  82. I was so scarred by the Braves of the 70’s and 80’s I’m just glad to still be playing meaningful games! Call me old I guess!

  83. Elsewhere in Collapses for the Ages, the Rays lead the Yankees 5-2, and bring in Kyle Farnsworth to get the final out (their entry in the Battle of Godawful Ex-Braves). They’re now 1 game behind the Red Sox, now losing 6-2 after eight.

  84. And Farnworth gets Montero to ground out to short to end it. The Red Sox lead is half a game.

    (I work with a Sox fan, and misery loves company.)

  85. 257- Yea I’m really not looking forward to what my two Mets fans friends are going to say to me if the Braves lose it.

  86. Astros radio is pretty entertaining. Some possibly senile old man is wishing listener Pete Schweddy a happy birthday. He seemed quite concerned that he may have mispronounced the last name.

  87. Great. Two on, none out, Berkman up. Ugh. Why couldn’t that Lopez guy have pitched another inning? He was pretty good.

  88. @275

    But perhaps not long before, the way Fernando Rodriguez is pitching.

    EDIT: Pitching change. Don’t know if it will help, but it’s something.

  89. Tied. And if Fredi had called that double steal, somehow it would have ended with two men out.

  90. My trip to the liquor store didn’t work but I do have a tremendous amount of alcohol to consume over the next two days as we blow this thing.

  91. I cannot believe they are going to let Lowe pitch tomorrow. He’s nearly an automatic loss. Should have saved the Lisp today and let him start tomorrow. He’d probably last longer into the game than Lowe. The Braves’ collection of spare relievers could patch together a better game than I think Lowe will.
    Of course I’m not watching the games anymore, with the Braves torturing their fans with all round ineptitude and managerial incompetence.
    I’m sure Fredi will stick with veteran Lowe, and the Braves front office will stick with mentally challenged
    manager Fredi.

  92. Hey guys, it’s ok. My fantasy team just picked up a run, rbi, and save at the Braves’ expense. Screw real baseball!

    Screw this…

  93. It’s really bad when UGA football is the one team that I pull for that gives me some glimmer of hope. And they’re still not very good.

  94. My facebook status:

    Stupid Fredi Gonzalez. We all want a new car, a new phone… A team with Fredi Gonzalez only wants one thing… to survive. I know that a lot of you ‘who think they’re too cool’ probably won’t re-post this. But a very little amount of my friends will. Put this on your wall in honor of someone who died from Fredi Gonzalez, survived, or is fighting against this now.

  95. My girlfriend and I are having a great time reading all this humorous “doom and gloom.” Too often “doom and gloom” is not funny at all. Well done, gentleman. Gotta find something to laugh about at this point.

  96. With tonight’s loss, the Braves dropped to 9-16 in September. The last time the Braves had a month worse than 9-16 was in August 2008, when that team (which won only 72 games total) went 9-20. On the bright side, there are only 2 games left in the regular season, so the Braves won’t have a chance to match the 20 losses they posted from Aug. 2008.

  97. This Houston game is gut-wrenching. I know it won’t end well, but they keep clinging on with the tips of their fingernails. I can’t believe they recovered from that dropped ball.

  98. The other story tonight is that the White Sox are apparently about to trade Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins at the end of the season.

  99. The other story tonight is that the White Sox are apparently about to trade Ozzie Guillen to the Marlins at the end of the season.

    You can trade managers?! Is any team interested in Fredi?

  100. Yeah, I think the issue is someone has to want him.

    The return for Guillen is two minor league players. Nobody has said who yet, that I’ve seen. Also, the trade is apparently going through tonight. This was his last game with the White Sox.

  101. Ozzie Guillen is probably the worst manager in baseball. I am stunned that any team would give up anything for him.

  102. Not only can you trade a manager, the Tigers once traded Jimmie Dykes to Cleveland for their manager. I think it was Joe Gordon. They both sucked.

  103. @314

    Seems to be.

    Didn’t the Giants get Felipe Alou from the Expos via trade? Maybe I’m just making that up in my head.

  104. Astros keep squeaking through. Pujols almost had a 2 run HR, but it stayed in the park, and it’s a tie game in the bottom of the ninth.

    Go ‘Stros!

  105. In the stupidest comment of the evening, Mitch Williams just claimed that a bunch of Cubs fans would change to White Sox fans if the latter hired Ryne Sandberg as manager.

  106. How the bleeding hell is Yadier Molina hitting .305?

    EDIT: Maybe it’s because every time a strike is thrown to him, the umpire calls it a ball.

  107. Milo Hamilton is an idiot. Why would anyone want to spend a holiday weekend at the Molina house? And why would he assume all the Molina brothers live together? I’m so very thankful for Don Sutton and Jim Powell.

  108. Bravesque baserunning by the Cardinals there in the 10th. Finish them off, mighty ‘Stros! (I can’t believe I said that…)

  109. Nice baserunning by the Cardinals. Idiots.

    My favorite though was Yadier standing in the batter’s box like a dumbass watching his pop fly to left field bounce off the wall.

  110. All we need is one solo homer by …

    Carlos Lee! The Astros still have a respectable hitter left. He must win this.

  111. Looking at the Astros’ record makes me feel better about our recent woes. 104 losses would be tough to swallow.

    That’s a start!

  112. Runners now first and third, nobody out after an error on the sac bunt attempt. Sanchez, Schafer and Lee due up.

  113. Yes! We put down a good bunt and were rewarded with a misplay and runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs! Man, I really feel good about this ‘Stros team in the future. I think we’ll be pretty good by 2015. Hope they don’t move us to the AL.

  114. Fredi’s having an orgasm right now with that suicide squeeze…

    CORRECTION: Safety, not suicide. Still, Fredi must feel really gratified to have shaved a game off the magic number with such a bold strategic maneuver!

  115. Lets not count are chickens before they hatch, if that’s OK with everyone.

    EDIT: Wait….ha ha hah hah ah!!!! Greatest late post ever!!!!


    Seriously, one ****ing win clinches a playoff game. Is that too much to ask?!?! (Don’t answer that…)

  117. Boy, I know it’s been a rough season but it’s really nice to see our guys put it all on the line for the last series. I’m really proud of these guys.

  118. Yep, we just have to win one frigging game to guarantee at least a 163rd game.

    Saying we gotta jump the Grand Canyon on a tricycle would be just as reassuring.

  119. AAR, I’m pretty sure the only ones suffering here are us.

    This whole “pennant race” and Dan’s comment bring this scene to mind:

    I also watched Terra Nova tonight. It also made a bad evening worse.

  120. Much like Chip, irony sometimes escapes me. But, watching ESPN play-by-play and seeing Jordan Schafer’s picture as on-deck batter and WEARING an Atlanta Braves cap, would it have been ironic if he had won the game?

    @381 LOL. “Bunting is the key to victory.”

  121. Fredi postgame quote: “You gotta tip your hat to the Cardinals. They played hard all the way to the end. But you also gotta tip your hat to the Astros, who just really know how to win. And while I’m at it, you gotta tip your hat to the squeeze play – both safety and suicide. Until you know how to do that as a manager, you really haven’t arrived in the big leagues. Cardinals play hard, Astros victory, Braves shave a game off the magic number…It’s days like this we can all feel like winners.”

  122. I still can’t believe the Cardinals choked against the worst team in all of baseball. There’s not a lot of shame in losing to a Phillies team starting their best players. Losing to the killer Bs of Bogusevic, Bourgeois, and Barmes, however, takes some South Park skill.

  123. There has got to be a more appropriate name for the thing we have the opportunity to clinch tomorrow. Like “shame banner,” or “coffin drape.” Maybe “adult cloth diaper.” We can clinch the surrender flag tomorrow guys!

  124. @392

    Yes, that would actually be ironic. Having the score of both games be 4-2 is coincidental, as is every other thing Chip thinks is ironic.

  125. If the Braves and Cards both lose out, thus clinching the Wild Card for the Braves, do you think they would still do a rowdy champagne celebration?

  126. 400- Yeah, I would. Avoiding spoilers, the dinosaurs were pretty pedestrian and we didn’t see that much of them, and I’m honestly not sure they understand what their premise is.

    403- AAR, actually I’d like to see Fredi honored the way Homer was in that episode- by launching him into space. Shame we don’t have a space shuttle anymore, so it’d have to be on one of our rockets that burn up during re-entry.

    404- Of course.

  127. Frankly, if we win this thing, you’d probably want as wild a celebration as possible. Might make it easier to forget this putrid month and give ourselves a chance in the playoffs. I understand the implications of it, and it doesn’t necessarily look great from a PR standpoint, but if we win it, we can’t be pondering what a travesty it is that we did so. We need to find a way to turn the page.

  128. In 1982, the Braves had a one-game lead on the Dodgers (in the old NL West) going into the final day. Atlanta lost in San Diego; but not long afterward, the Giants’ Joe Morgan hit a HR off Terry Forster to beat the Dodgers.

    The Braves celebrated with champagne, just as if they won.

    Of course, I’d sure love to see the Braves somehow win these last 2.

  129. AAR, there is none. Not the front office, not the manager, not the coaches, not the players. Hell, probably not even a batboy or usher.

  130. “St. Louis went 3-for-13 with runners in scoring position on the night, left nine men on base and hit into two double plays. They also lost two runners on the bases — three if you count Molina in the 10th.”

    Sounds like they’re doing a Braves impression.

  131. If the Braves and Cards both lose out, thus clinching the Wild Card for the Braves, do you think they would still do a rowdy champagne celebration?

    Why not? This team has won more games than the 2001 NL East champions.

  132. @393,

    I gotta tip my cap to John R. :)

    I guess this is the kind of pennant races MLB envisioned when they came up with the Wild Card. Two mediocre teams fighting it out.

  133. 416- Yeah. Real good advertisement for the idea of a second wild card, isn’t it? Then you’ll have a race of the cripples like this every year!

  134. According to an article, a second wildcard team is “all but done” and will start in either 2012 or no later than 2013. The two teams with the best records in each league that did not win their divisions will play a one-game playoff to decide who’ll be the real wildcard team and advance to the NLDS/ALDS.

    If that were the rules this year, these last two games wouldn’t even matter: it’d already be a done deal of a one-game Braves-Cardinals playoff.

    At least it’s only one game and not a best of five or something. Still don’t like giving more undeserving teams access.

  135. Arizona and Milwaukee both just lost. Milwaukee’s a game ahead of Arizona, but the D-Backs have the tiebreaker. If Milwaukee stays ahead of Arizona, that’s where we go, presuming we don’t complete our pratfall.

  136. #413, I think the Cardinals are playing on Wednesday afternoon, so conceivably we could have Hudson just throw a side session if we don’t need a win.

  137. Terry Francona acknowledge that what the Red Sox have been going through has been “trying.” Fredi Gonzalez would have said, “what do you mean, trying? Everything is just fine.”

    I have more respect for Francona than this Cox/Gonzalez denial philosophy of, as Jim Bouton said, “not saying shit if you had a mouthful.” I think I could tolerate the collapse better if Fredi at least acknowledged that things are not going well.

    But I disagree with the meme going through this thread that the Braves don’t care. Why would they not care after playing six months. Obviously, they look flat, but it’s more likely that they are trying too hard and are pressing. I understand people say things here out of frustration, but I really don’t believe they don’t care. Of course, it would look better if they showed some emotion–threw their bat down, and so forth-but, for better or worse, that’s not the Braves way. But I don’t believe that they don’t care.

  138. Really conflicted over whether to go to the game tonight or not. On the one hand, the atmosphere should be pretty cool barring a blowout loss (by anything more than 2 runs with this offense), but on the other hand, Derek Lowe. He actually pitched well against the pirates last time I saw him.

  139. “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”

    So cowboy up, Derek Lowe. The Cards are heartbroken and you can lead us to a victory!

    And for Fredi:
    “Keep the faith, don’t lose your perseverance and always trust your gut extinct.”
    Paula Abdul

  140. Wow, that new system manages simultaneously to devalue the regular season more even as it further overvalues the winning of a bad division.

    I look forward to a 96-win Red Sox team losing to an 86-win Jays team all the while an 84-win Twins team advances to the ALDS.

  141. I think we can agree on one thing: after two seasons of the same thing, those ‘probability of making the playoffs’ websites can be thrown out the window. For me at least, nothing adds more annoyance to an obvious late-season collapse than the gleeful posting of “96% you guys! It’s in the bag!”

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