Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 27, 2010 – ESPN.

God, this sucks. Why am I recapping this? Why am I not out enjoying myself? It’s Friday night, for Pete’s sake. It’s not worth it. I’m certainly not going to put a whole lot of effort into this, I’m telling you that.

Tommy Hanson had another disaster start, like the ones earlier this year, but while those could be partly ascribed to bad luck, this was all on him. Well, one of the seven runs he gave up was “unearned”, but still. He gave up four homers in five innings, including two to start off the game. Of the eight hits he allowed, six were for extra bases. That is an excellent way to lose. At least he didn’t walk anyone.

The Braves, meanwhile, were shut down by the legendary Chris Volstad, never threatening to make a game of it. Their only run came in an eighth-inning, garbage-time homer by Jason Heyward.

The Lisp pitched two shutout innings against his old team. Craig Kimbrel, up for an extra bullpen arm (why didn’t they do that before they went to Colorado?) did his thing in the eighth, throwing the ball wherever and getting a couple of strikeouts and a walk. Has anyone ever tried a “just don’t swing” attack on him? Billy Wagner hadn’t pitched in a week, so he threw the ninth, setting the fairly meaningless career record for strikeouts by a lefthander. Fittingly, he did it against the guy who stole Mike Stanton‘s name.