PURE EVIL 7, Braves 1

Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 27, 2010 – ESPN.

God, this sucks. Why am I recapping this? Why am I not out enjoying myself? It’s Friday night, for Pete’s sake. It’s not worth it. I’m certainly not going to put a whole lot of effort into this, I’m telling you that.

Tommy Hanson had another disaster start, like the ones earlier this year, but while those could be partly ascribed to bad luck, this was all on him. Well, one of the seven runs he gave up was “unearned”, but still. He gave up four homers in five innings, including two to start off the game. Of the eight hits he allowed, six were for extra bases. That is an excellent way to lose. At least he didn’t walk anyone.

The Braves, meanwhile, were shut down by the legendary Chris Volstad, never threatening to make a game of it. Their only run came in an eighth-inning, garbage-time homer by Jason Heyward.

The Lisp pitched two shutout innings against his old team. Craig Kimbrel, up for an extra bullpen arm (why didn’t they do that before they went to Colorado?) did his thing in the eighth, throwing the ball wherever and getting a couple of strikeouts and a walk. Has anyone ever tried a “just don’t swing” attack on him? Billy Wagner hadn’t pitched in a week, so he threw the ninth, setting the fairly meaningless career record for strikeouts by a lefthander. Fittingly, he did it against the guy who stole Mike Stanton‘s name.

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  1. ever since Chipper went down, this team has forgotten how to take pitches. None of these guys act like they are willing to take a free pass. Every time a new reliever comes out we swing at the 1st pitch.

    Hell, Im about ready to let Conrad start and move Infante to LF. The production out there is unacceptable. I wish Freeman could play a corner OF position

  2. Nate 2-3 with his 6HR tonight. Also had 2BB
    Glaus 1-4
    Freeman 1-4

    not that it matters
    KK 5.2IP 9H 3ER 1BB 6K

  3. Not Braves related because I was at the game and I don’t want to talk about it, but it is baseball related.

    I have Lincecum on my fantasy team and he has been doing really shitty the past few starts and hes having another bad one tonight. It’s come to the point where I have about think whether I start Tim Lincecum or not. It is really tough to put someone with his talent on the bench because if hes good he is damn good. What would you guys do?

  4. 2009-Present

    Derek Lowe:
    26-22, 4.52 ERA, 354 IP, 32 HR, 214 SO, 118 BB, 1.46 WHIP, 90 ERA+

    A.J. Burnett
    22-20, 4.36 ERA, 355 IP, 44 HR, 305 SO, 157 BB, 1.43 WHIP, 96 ERA+

  5. this calls for one thing:

    praise be to kagan. bless be to this braves squad. lay down thy mighty hand on these bats and these gloves. praise be to kagan.

    now then…braves win tomorrow 6-3.

  6. Mike, you start him. My rotation is Lee, Gallardo, Hanson, Hamels, and Kershaw. Ive posted a 5+ era the last 3 weeks with this bunch somehow. Its got to even out at some point

  7. new braves plan for 2011:
    kawakami + prospect for figgins
    move prado to full-time left fielder
    sign cody ross 2/13 million
    infante becomes full-time 2nd baseman and figgins becomes infante.

    …that’ll do.

  8. Phils now up 2-1 going to the bottom of the 8th. That 3-game lead sure was short-lived, wasn’t it?

  9. Wow. Down to the last strike with a one run lead, Lidge balks in a run right before he throws the last pitch of the ninth inning. That’s just incredible.

  10. ryan, why do you want Figgins so much? Once you get to the offseason, the options would be much wider.

    Yes ububba, time to stop this non-sense.

  11. Three things for Hanson to work on this winter:

    1. Improve the slide step.
    2. Improve his pitching with 2 strikes. With his stuff the amount of people who he gets two quick strikes on then gets dragged into a long at bat is just ridiculous.
    3. Learn how to pitch when he doesn’t have his best stuff.

  12. #23, if Hanson had had his best stuff last night, it wouldn’t have mattered with the Braves only scoring 1 run.

  13. @23, #2 is essentially “Stop nibbling.” It’s one thing to throw a pitcher’s pitch, but you’re right, batters aren’t even beginning to offer at the 1-2 or 0-2 pitch in the sequence.

    But I think the biggest thing for him is simply to get his fastball down in the first twenty pitches of the game. Tommy could’ve easily given up more than four longballs yesterday.

  14. I was at the game last night. (They ought to give you your money back for enduring things like that.) Anyway, Hanson’s velocity is down. I don’t think he broke 91 on the in house gun all night.

    I couldn’t tell if he was nibbling, it just looked like he could not locate anything. He had no idea where it was going. That had to be a helpless feeling. It was hard to watch, not just because we lost, but I felt bad for the guy. Those boos last night were the loudest I have heard a Turner Field (toward a Brave) in person. It was that bad.

    Something is not right. You don’t go from a near ROY to this overnight without something being wrong. He is either pitching sore armed, his condintioning is off, or in an effort to fix his delivery with runners on he has gotten his mechanics screwed up.

    We also have to remember this is what the Marlins do. They post on that back leg and try to jack the ball out. When they are hitting the ball like that last night, they are really tough to beat. They are liable to not do that work a week as well. I hope they are not hot right now.

    The offense is a mongloid mess right now. They look shell shocked. The book on the braves is simple, get ahead in the count, and they can’t beat you. Throw it over the plate and let them hit it. They don’t have power like the Marlins to drive the ball out of the park mulitple times, so it takes hits strung together to score They are painfully slow on the bases, again meaning you have to have multi hit innings.

    If the braves don’t get help from the other team, they can’t score, and they seem to love to help the other team by giving them extra outs and bases all over the park.

    This sucks right now.

  15. Hanson didn’t walk anyone. He just consistently elevated his fastball.

    Braves since Chipper’s injury: .269/.366/.422. All better than our stats for 2010 on the whole.

    Same timeframe:
    Starter ERA and WHIP: 4.16 and 1.31
    Bullpen ERA and WHIP: 3.84 and 1.55

    Let’s not delve into our defense.

  16. While we’re at it, frontpage says “Braves handcuffed while homers hamper Hanson.”

    Peanut has discovered alliteration. A dark day just got darker.

    Other recent headlines: “Lilly lulls Lowe, Braves to sleep”
    “Hot-hitting Helton lifts Rocks”

    Speechless: “Mmmbopped: Florida pop turns Hanson’s tune”

  17. #27 – doesnt mean the Braves have to be the ones offering him that deal. His SLG and OPS are way down and he hasnt posted an OBP above .325 the last 3 years

    #28 – I noticed that last night. Tommy did hit 94-95 with a few of his pitches, but most were around 90-91. I dont think thats an injury issue, but more of a product of him trying to spot some of his pitches. Its almost like he’s throwing get over fastballs. However, these dont move and are belt high. Its like we get 4 very good starts from him and then two or three awful ones. He’s still learning. Id also like for Bmac to call for some offspeed stuff to start off some hitters. Even after the game Brian said that Tommy has to establish his fastball first. I think they could work backwards and be more effective sometimes. Minor even had to call out Brian to the mound to get him to change what he was calling.

    The Marlins made every play that they were suppose to make last night. The Braves once again gave them a few extra outs or let them advance some runners on missing cutoff men. Seems like most of this has happened since Chipper went down.

  18. @31
    have ya taken a gander at any affordable cf options (including our own?). cody is an upgrade, offensively and defensively.

  19. When Troy comes back, Bobby will give him every chance to take the third base job, and he will move Infante to leftfield. You all can bet on it. I think the lineup will be the following when September comes:


  20. yeah, but how do you know that he’ll be available? Giants have the ability to control him dont they?

  21. i dont mind that lineup. now, the defense on the other hand…
    i vote that if glaus moves to 3rd, in cahoots with Zombie Chipper, his nickname becomes Mummy Glaus. Think about it. Do zombies bend their knees when they walk?

  22. Zombie Chipper…Mummy Glaus….all these should go straight to the Braves Journal Glossary immediately!!! Can’t get better than that!!!

  23. Tommy Hanson hasn’t won since July 3 @ FLA, 10 starts ago. Including last night’s disaster start, he’s 0-5 with a 3.03 ERA in those 10 starts.

  24. At the risk of breaking the no politics rule, Pujols was just awarded something or other (outstanding merit or something like that) at the Glenn Beck rally.

  25. To be fair to Tommy, that Hanley run in the 3rd was about as unearned as it gets (can’t tell if it was the unearned run or not though)… Hanley hit a little fly ball Hinske should have had, but lost it in the lights allowing it to be a double, then he threw the ball in the general infield direction but not AT anybody and Hanley made it to 3rd. That’s when I turned off the game for a while.

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