73 thoughts on “Imaginary game thread: Aug. 27, PURE EVIL at Braves”

  1. Why, the Yankees would have 29 World series championships – including 2001 and 2003, making their fans even more insufferable than they are now, if you can fathom that.

  2. JC’ed from the last thread, as I responded to Stu:

    Jason Stark effectively ruins my life by confirming that the White Sox won the waiver claim on Manny. I mean, what’s the point, now?

    Don’t lose hope, man! Remember:

    I would even go through hazing again and wear a “My Little Pony” backpack to be sitting back in the bullpen, on the bench in the dugout or hanging out in the locker room. Soon enough.

    Kris Medlen is the point, Stu. Kris Medlen is your reason to keep living.

    As far as the Tony La Russa thing, all I’ll say is: the guy’s still a jerk.

  3. Only the ’93 expansion teams, Seat Painter. We’ve got no problem with the Diamondbacks and the Rays.

    Plus, it’s not a straight runner-up situation. The Yankees would have still had to beat whoever would’ve been there to pick up the NL pennant after the Cubs gagged it away, and if the Yankees could lose to the Marlins, I’m guessing they could’ve lost to the Giants or whoever else.

  4. I think we win 17 strait division titles. We end up drafting Beckett and Miguel Cabrera. We end up moving David Neid for a player on the Cardinals and end up taking a flier on Albert Puljos in the draft.

    That is how much the Rockies and Marlins have hurt us.

  5. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Lee 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Ankiel CF, 9. Hanson

  6. @8, just for one game, Ankiel and Heyward should try switching places. You know, just to see how it feels.


  7. minor was optioned to the minors until tuesday and kimbrel was brought up. i guess there’s one of our september callups. pretty good strategy and i’m anxious to see kimbrel see some innings that matter.

  8. And the Phillies have the least chance of any contending NL team! Huzzah! Although I’d rather face the Phillies than the Padres, because I’m more worried about being shut down by good pitching than I am about outscoring a good offense.

  9. via dob concerning kimbrel’s promotion:
    “The Braves optioned left-hander Mike Minor to the Gulf Coast League Friday in a strategic roster move to bring in an extra bullpen arm for the next couple of days.

    Minor will make his start as scheduled Tuesday against the Mets, but in the meantime the Braves recalled Craig Kimbrel to add to the bullpen.

    Because the Gulf Coast League season ends on Saturday, Minor won’t have to wait the requisite 10 days to return to the major league roster.”

    is this considered clever or bush league? since it’s the team i love, it seems clever to me.

  10. Well it knocks what.. four days off his service time? It’s not like they’re trying to trim Minor’s ST by every second possible, they’re just bringing up an extra bullpen arm for the next few days (although I guess it does have the added benefit of knocking days off said clock).

    Unlike other roster moves this season, I don’t detect any maliciousness or conniving here.

  11. I think a lot of teams pull those kind of minor league roster shenanigans this time of year. I’m almost positive we have.

    More salient question: will Bobby actually give Kimbrel innings this time? It seems like he trusts Farnsworth more than he trusted Michael Dunn or Kimbrel or Cristhian Martinez when they were on the roster.

  12. #19 – thats one series in an awful park. Im not putting much stock into it. I like our chances

  13. Farnsworth is a good ol’ boy, imo. Not saying that’s the only deciding factor in any/all of Bobby’s decisions, but I think it plays a larger role than it should.

  14. 22 — Easy question. Farnsworth is a veteran. Not that I like it, but that’s the logic.

    Also, I hope that Kimbrel doesn’t get any high leverage innings. He had a 5.6 BB/9 rate at Gwinnett.

  15. It’s amazing how quickly Farnsworth has earned our disgust again.

    Farnsworth as a Brave 2.0:
    7 IP, 9 H, 5 BB, 7 ER, 11 K, 9.00 ERA

    Of course, the other day he only gave up the other guy’s runs.

  16. I went to that last game in Colorado. I haven’t seen that big of a meltdown since ’05. It was only fitting that Farnsworth gave up the go ahead runs. The whole team however went into hibernation mode on offense and defense. I was dumb struck by the end of it.

    On a positive note, there were a lot of braves fans out in support all the way thru. I’d say almost a third of the stadium.

  17. Is Bobby going to get The Lisp warming up, or is he just going to hang Tommy out to dry?

  18. Is Hanson ever just a little off? Seems like he’s either dominant or below replacement level.

  19. Tommy needs to grow the mullet back out so he looks somewhat intimidating again tbqh. This whole “im Tim hudson lol” look is obviously not working.

  20. 42- Which is odd, since Tim Hudson has pitched worse since deciding he doesn’t like the Tim Hudson look either.

  21. Hanson just pisses me off. I’m not ruining my birthday by watching him tonight.

    Hanson is either throwing pitches down the middle or he’s throwing balls that no one is going to swing at.

  22. Is it just me, or us the catcher really out of focus? Maybe he just has a really blurry head.

  23. Walking away from the TV. I was at all three games at Coors Field this week and didn’t miss a pitch. I think I’ve served enough punishment this week.

  24. I think in games that Tommy starts, the Braves should start the game with relievers the first 2-3 innings then try to let Tommy finish them off.

  25. 57- Don’t we have an empty spot on the 40-man for Brandon Beachy? In fact, according to the Braves’ official site, we have two.

  26. It’s like watching the credits of a bad movie when you’re the only person left in the theater. The things I do for this team.

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