Atlanta Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Box Score – April 18, 2009 – ESPN

This is embarrassing.

Joseph Reyes was actually superb through five innings, giving up one run that was perhaps not entirely his fault (great plays would have kept the run from scoring, but unfortunately Anderson and Prado were involved). But the Braves couldn’t score. Anderson was partly to blame. Bobby hit him in the three spot for some ungodly reason, and he twice immediately hit into double plays after Infante (who had two of the Braves’ four hits) got on.

It’s not that Chipper and Escobar are out, though they are. The only guys who did anything were Kotchman (who had a two-out double — unfortunately, the man at first was McCann, or the Braves would have actually scored) and the guys who were in for the injured stars, Infante and Prado. It’s that McCann isn’t hitting the ball (though he’s working the count), KJ is in Bad KJ mode, Schafer is looking worthless, and Anderson sucks.

Anyway, in the sixth inning everything fell apart, Schafer fell down and misplayed a single into a triple, Reyes collapsed, and it was 5-0 after a three run homer by no-doubt future Hall of Famer Craig Monroe. Monroe hit another three-run homer in the next inning. Both were set up by Bobby’s stupid intentional walks.

There’s another game tomorrow, if you can call this baseball.