Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 20, 2009 – ESPN

The Braves had a chance to get out of this game unscathed, but then the rain cleared up.

They took a 1-0 lead in the first when Diaz singled in Prado, but that was it for the offense. Tommy Hanson wasn’t as sharp as in his last two starts, but did strike out seven. He allowed seven hits, including lots of doubles, and walked four, which was enough for the Phillies to put up four runs through five innings.

Then the rain, which had been going on through most of the game, really picked up. There was a nearly two-hour delay and when we came back, the umpires had a plane to catch and started to call just about everything a strike. The Braves did get a run in the ninth on a pinch single by McCann, but even the World’s Worst Closer can usually hold onto a three-run lead, and did this time.

Bobby is still punishing Yunel for his perceived wrongdoings, and still running out ACHE against lefties even though he is basically a slug and has a .262 OBP and .276 SLG in September. His 0-4 — in the cleanup spot — did not help, nor did his usual defense, or lack thereof. But keep on picking on the guy who’s leading the team in runs scored, Bobby… McCann had a normal off-day after a night game. He now has 88 RBI, and a reasonable shot at 100. This is basically all we have to root for now, that and Moylan getting through the season without allowing a homer. LaRoche was also out of the lineup due to a sore back which he caught from Gonzalez, who caught it from Church.