To Boldly Go Where No Game Thread Has Gone Before: August 28, Marlins at Braves

If you know how my mind works, you know how I’d react upon learning that Reggie Jackson was almost cast as Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes, it’s the (male) characters on ST:TNG as played by seventies baseball players.

Picard: Johnny Bench (bald)
Riker: Greg Luzinski (big guy who later grew a beard)
Data: Steve Garvey (robot)
Worf: Dick Allen (angry)
Geordi: Reggie Jackson
Wesley: Danny Ainge (annoying kid)

Remember, I’m an enormous nerd.

78 thoughts on “To Boldly Go Where No Game Thread Has Gone Before: August 28, Marlins at Braves”

  1. So now Jamal Crawford wants out of Atlanta.

    What a bunch of geniuses (genii?) running the Hawks. Sign No-Show Joe to a max deal and leave nothing for your best guard.


  2. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Lee 1B, 6. Diaz LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Hudson P

  3. I don’t think it’s true that Crawford is the Hawks’ best guard. Iso Joe is annoying as hell, but Crawford is a pure scorer who brings nothing to the table defensively.

    I’m trying to go to Brandon Beachy’s start in Gwinnett Sunday, is anyone else going?

  4. If it makes you feel any better Mac, I’m currently reading the “Timeline of Galactic History” article on Wookieepedia.

  5. Better lineup behind Huddy. Nice to have Diaz and Cabrera back in.

    PS – Not to jynx us or anything, but I have a good feeling about tonight. Phillies won last night so we’re due.

  6. @3

    No, but if forced to choose I would take Crawford for less money and fewer years than Johnson for six years on a max deal. Then again, I’d also allow them both to walk and build around Smith and Horford, but the longview is not the ASG’s strong suit.

  7. Between the Pennant race and SEC/NFL football starting up, there is NO excuse for talking about basketball.

  8. would be a great night for Lee and Diaz to get hot. Bobby’s playing the numbers tonight. He’s sitting two lefties and starting Diaz, who has been pretty good against Nolasco

  9. There may be a human being other than Bobby Cox who thought a bunt by Heyward makes sense, and I want to meet him some day.

  10. Nolasco looks very hittable

    well maybe not for this bunch. If Prado had got them over then that couldve scored a run

  11. Frank, Hinske is awful right now and Diaz has hit Nolasco

    this is worse than I thought, since the break Hinske .187/.330/.347/.676 and thats pretty much all against RH’rs

  12. mummy glaus and freeman both 1 for 2. maybe we should bring up glaus, freeman, and canizares and have 5 first basemen.

  13. I think Sanchez just took a Heyward shot off the chest

    edit: nope off the glove/arm

    that was a rocket though

  14. It’s like, with that hit, Jason Heyward was telling Rich Waltz to STFU.

    How I hate Rich Waltz.

  15. So long as everyone doesn’t go on vacation like they did in Colorado on Wednesday, we’re in great shape.

  16. Kind of wish Chip would shut up about the Hudson bunt. If he had failed to get it down, we still would have scored six. Somehow, I fail to see it as the “key to the 2nd inning.”

  17. Heyward’s last seven games (including tonight): 14-25, 6 BB, 1 HBP, 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR. Ten runs scored, five RBI, and a slash line of 560/ 656/ 1040.

    This is the Heyward we’ve been waiting for. Shame he’s had so little company in hitting.

  18. Lee left the Fiasco In Denver early, too. They may be resting him. On the other hand, as someone who’s had back injuries, one of his swings in the first made me wince.

  19. ryan, he was in the dugout standing and greeting Infante and Prado while Hinske was coming out to PH. I think he’s fine, Bobby just getting Hinske some reps at 1st in an 8-0 game.

    I noticed that also Mac, but he’s taken some pretty good cuts since then

  20. Completely irrelevant:

    That chick in the Coors Light window shopping commercial is pretty hot tbqh.

  21. And his 13 K’s even exceed the great Mike Minor in his last start to be the Braves’ season high.

  22. 66- Or that he’d have a chance for the batting title… if our All-Star utility infielder doesn’t take it from him.

  23. who all gets called up?

    Nate, Barbaro, Thurston, Dunn, Freeman, Glaus, Marek, KK

    what # will they typically stop at? 32-33?

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