Phillies 9, Braves 4

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 18, 2009 – ESPN

I tire of Ryan Howard. After Prado hit a homer to give the Braves the lead in the third, Howard hit a two-run homer to make it 2-1 in the fourth, then a solo homer to make it 3-1 in the sixth. It was a homerish type of night. The Phillies pushed it to 5-1 in the eighth with a single, but after that, McCann hit his twentieth to make it 5-3, then the Phillies got two homers to make it 9-3; LaRoche singled in a run to make it 9-4.

Hudson allowed only six hits, but two of them were those Howard homers. Three runs in seven innings is definitely a quality start against this offense. Unfortunately, the bullpen was not so fortunate. It took Medlen, Logan, and Acosta to give up the two runs in the eighth, though Logan at least hit Howard with a pitch. Vladimir Nunez was the culprit in the ninth.

Bobby yanked Yunel for not running out a ground ball. Again. As has been pointed out in comments, how does it make sense to pull him for not hustling when Garret Anderson is putting on a loafing clinic in left field?

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  1. “As has been pointed out in comments, how does it make sense to pull him for not hustling when Garret Anderson is putting on a loafing clinic in left field?”

    I would say because we only have to endure Anderson for another two weeks but Yunel will be around for at least four years (if we’re lucky). Bobby constantly gets praise for pulling Andruw early in his career, so I’m sure he’s always looking for opportunities to do it now.

  2. I predict the Braves trade Yunel in the offseason. I have some friends that are friends with some of the players and he is a hated guy. Big time.

  3. There’s talk on the official site (in the comments section mind you) about Lou Piniella replacing Bobby Cox. I think I would have to stop being a Braves fan if that ever happened.

  4. The only way for the Braves to trade Yunel is to get that power bat in the outfield. Otherwise, the organization has nobody to play shortstop. As long as Yunel produces, I don’t care if the whole team hates him. As far as I can tell, nobody on the team has any issue with Norton.

    Bobby being Bobby. He can do whatever he wants to do. His inconsistency in handling matters only tell me it’s time for him to retire. Nobody can move Bobby, so I hope Bobby can remove himself.

    Mac, I have never seen you being so critical on Bobby like you have been this year. You have always been Bobby’s biggest supporter.

  5. Pulling Yunel was cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    It was not the time to be teaching someone something like that when a strong word will do.

    I guess that’s one of the two losses we can afford. Time for another 7 game win streak.

  6. @2: We’ve all got friends who’ve got friends, right? How could Escobar be a hated guy when he’s a better performer than almost anyone on the team? That doesn’t wash with me. This isn’t beer league softball. If you’re trying to win a championship, players shouldn’t give a damn about someone else’s personality.

  7. Chief, I’m pretty sure you’re going to hate it no matter what happens.

    sdp: I’m with you, man. If it’s a choice between those two, please keep Yunel.

  8. Well they do. It is what it is. Whenever they pan into the dugout almost every time he is by himself.

  9. Wait, I’d like to make this an exercise. You are now Frank Wren. What moves do you make? What free agents do you sign? Who do you cut? What trades do you make (that’s tricky–anyone can say that they’d trade Norton for Pujols. Sell us.)?

  10. Whenever they pan into the dugout almost every time he is by himself.

    Well that certainly seals it.

  11. I trade one of Vazquez or Jurrjens for a right-handed legitimate bat. I get rid of KJ for whatever he will bring(if anything which is doubtful), I keep Laroche, I make a decision between Gonzalez and Soriano and make one of them the closer. I shore up the bullpen somehow, someway.

    Just a few things to start with.

  12. What bat? Saying that you’ll get a right handed bat is marginally better than saying you’d trade Norton for Pujols. Something feasible, please.

    I’m on board with resigning Gonzo or MFIKY (sorry, AJC-speak), but not if they cost too much. Especially after what Cox has done to them.

    If I’m GM, I do whatever I can to get Bobby to retire. I’d pursue Fredi Gonzalez as my first choice to replace him. Terry Pendleton would be on my list if I think he has something to offer besides his hitting coach, um, “skills.”

  13. You’ve gotta keep Vazquez and Jurrjens, they are an integral part of our rotation’s success. Trade Lowe, I can’t stand him. Keep Hudson and Hanson in the rotation, along with Kawakami. I don’t care about Yunel either way; whatever it takes to get a power bat in LF. Adam Dunn not signing with Atlanta was the biggest off season move we didn’t make, and look at the year he is having in Washington.

  14. billy jay, all as a fan you can do is say that you would trade a certain guy because as a fan, we have no way of knowing which actual guys the other teams would trade for player X. So when I say trade Vazquez or Jurrjens for a RH bat, I’m simply saying for someone of equivalent value. I can’t say trade them for Jayson Werth because I have no way of knowing if that would even be feasible.

    How about this. Trade them for someone that can hit .280, hit 22-30 HR and will knock in 85+. Lowe is untradeable because of his age and salary. Plus he’s in rapid decline, IMO anyway and you wouldn’t get much for him.

    I can’t name players we would get back but I can tell you the TYPE of player we should get and need.

  15. Whenever they pan into the dugout almost every time he is by himself.

    Couldn’t be because he can’t really speak English…

  16. @18
    Who’s going to take lowe? he has a 4.53 era this year and he is owed 45 million dollars over the next 3 years. it’s not realistic.

    Vazquez is on the way out. He is having his best year ever and screams “sell high”. letting hudson walk gives us nothing. vazquez alone might not be enough to get swisher away from the yankees, but that’s the kind of guy we should be looking at acquiring. he can man first base on a regular basis, then spell all outfield positions when needed. although a better hitter left-handed, his numbers are pretty similar from both sides of the plate. with church, diaz, mclouth, and heyward, 2010’s outfield doesnt need anything else. might i add, this team has been a championship caliber team with the current setup.

  17. i really do like adam laroche, and i was one of the few who were really excited about getting him back. however, when a player says something like this, it really irks me.

    “I’ve got six years in the big leagues,” LaRoche said. “It’s not like I’ve got 12 years and everything is taken care of back home to the point where I can pick and choose and take a big discount just to play where I love to play.”

    adam laroche has made over 16 million dollars playing baseball in 6 years. he made more his first year of the big leagues than all of my 8 salaries combined (i’m a school teacher). i understand the business side of baseball and he’s going to probably go play with the team that offers the most money, but to say that things are “taken care of at home” is ridiculous.

    here’s the link:

  18. Chief, that’s still a little vague. I’m not sure that I’m sold on that.

    Ryan C, everything is relative. I know Adam’s made a lot of money compared to the rest of us, but his skill is playing baseball. When he’s done, he’s done. He’s not going to have a 30 or 40 year career.

  19. You would be surprised at the number of baseball players who made lots of money and ended up broke.

    I really don’t see that as relevant to Ryan’s point. They don’t spend more, or less wisely as a result of their profession. I am huge believer in a player’s right to get the max he can, but statements like this are disingenuous on their face. I really wish they would stop saying things like this – nobody is buying, and it makes you look like Marie Antoinette.

  20. dykstra?


    I get pulled every game because Bobby hates me
    Laroche, too hot to move up in the order

  21. But he’s already made 16 million dollars. Context. I wouldn’t have a problem with that statement coming from someone who had bounced around for a couple of years at the minimum.

  22. *Shrug*

    I know a guy that won the lottery in Florida. He didn’t get $16 million, but he won millions. He’s already burned through it all. LaRoche skipped college to go work on his swing in the minor leagues. This is pretty much all he’s ever going to know how to do. I’m guessing that nobody has bothered to teach him any money management, either. People’s spending habits are related to their income.

    You don’t have to feel sorry for LaRoche. God knows, I’d love to have his career. But I can’t see blaming him for making statements like that were quoted above.

  23. If laroche continues his career, he will probably make over 50 million dollars just in salary. it’s not silly. baseball players need to realize that there quotes go out to their fans, who, for the most part, would find any complaints about their salaries ridiculous. i will probably not make a million dollars over my career and i’m content with my life. it’s a douchebag thing to say that he’s not “taken care of at home” when he’s made 16 million in 6 years. it’s not all relative.

  24. Trading Yunel for a power outfield bat would be beyond stupid. I’ve heard several GM’s say the toughest position to field is a gold glove shortstop that brings a plus offensively. Power bats in the outfield are much easier to find. Seems pretty simple to me, hell if I was the GM I would try to lock Yunel up for the next 6 years.

    As far as him not running out that ground ball, if you look at the replay it’s clear he was so frustrated that he rolled over that pitch he wasn’t even thinking of running. You know who is the biggest culprit of doing that on the team? McCann. I have no real problems with it either, in fact Diaz is the only one who always runs hard to first.

  25. Crap like that is another reason we won’t be making the playoffs. Need to score more then 2 runs there.

  26. Maybe JC can answer this, but I wonder how much players “lose” to the federal government? At any rate, LaRoche is better off financially than 99% of people in this world. Kind of a jackass thing to say.

  27. Don’t know if anyone cares, but my the choir at the school where my two cousins in Suwanee (9 and 7 years old) attend sung the national anthem for the game today. They are both in the choir!

    And Chad. Provo feels your pain. The Wilkinson is a mess right now.

  28. Desert, you’re not at the game? Well, might as well not be there. FSU just scored again. This is embarrassing.

  29. why I stopped betting = teams like FLA ST.

    get all they can handle vs Jacksonville St and are now beating a #7 ranked by team by 30

  30. No, I was actually there, but right before halftime I left ( Wilk was providing free food). And after seeing the depressed atmosphere there, I came home.

  31. I’d leave Moylan in for the 9th and tell him not to lift the bat off his shoulder in the bottom of the eighth.

  32. @27 and 29

    I find nothing wrong with that quote. It’s definitely not “disgusting” that he wants to take care of his family and kids.

  33. @60 People have to understand baseball players can’t work until the age of 60 like we all do. They all have to earn their lifelong earning NOW.

  34. @60 Don’t be obtuse. “Disgusting” is not the wording I would have chosen, but no one is saying it’s “‘disgusting’ that he wants to take care of his family and kids.”

  35. @62 Everyone understands that. No one grudges them their income. I just wish they would stop with the “wife and kids” routine. It’s dishonest.

  36. Well playing one year of pro baseball in the majors is more money then a lot of people will ever make in their lives. Go get your money just don’t tell me your struggling to get by and you gotta “feed your kids” as Sprewell said that time.

  37. @60
    he’s made 16 million dollars in 6 years, and will probably sign his next contract for 2/16 or 2/15, totaling over 30 million dollars for 8 years of work.

    his family is taken care of….for life. it’s a stupid quote and would be dealt with differently if adam laroche were a high profile player (example: latrell sprewell).

  38. @67 Sure I do. And if I banked 16M already, that wouldn’t stop me from asking for more. But I wouldn’t poor mouth about it.

  39. @74 Well, Adam is never known as a good public speaker! I always think he talks too much.

    Bobby, I am so tired of your bullpen management. So tired that I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

  40. Multiple generations could be taken care of with what he makes. Silly thing to say. Doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t try for more in his situation… it’s just a silly thing to say.

  41. I understand what Adam is thinking and don’t blame him. Hell considering China can pretty much kill off the dollar at a whim I would be fighting for everything I could get too. But when there’s single mothers out there raising their kids while making minimum wage (like my mother did) it’s an insult to make those statements.

  42. kc,
    that’s absurd. any self-respecting man would consider himself, AND HIS FAMILY, blessed if they made half the money adam has made. they most definitely wouldnt be talking about an insecure future if they dont make more millions.

  43. @79 I think we can agree on the fact that we should not fault Adam for thinking that way, but he shouldn’t say it in public.

  44. Bobby, staple a sign to Soriano’s head like the ones attached to Acosta and Valdez:


  45. Yep, and there should be a sign for Norton too. And a cement block attached to one of his legs and thrown into Lake Lanier.

  46. Didn’t realise the Rockies close with such a tough schedule. Series against the Brewers, Cardinals and Dodgers could mean if we’re within 2 by the time that starts then we have a decent chance.

    Of course, they could all be having a look at AAA players by then.

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