105 thoughts on “Game thread: July 17, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Looks like just a planned day off against a lefty for Heyward. Still a bad time for Chipper to be out too, as Omar can’t be in two places at once.

  2. On last night’s black/white discussion, I must say that I was most surprised recently by Brandon Hicks. Really did not see “goofy white guy” coming.

    Also, that is one putrid lineup. We’ll probably score a dozen runs.

  3. 2006 Song of the Year.

    It may be best song of the aughts, ultimately.

    I’m open to other suggestions…

  4. I had a bad dream last night that Bobby decided to bat AAG leadoff.

    Now, this afternoon, I realize that it was just a premonition for him batting 3rd.


  5. No Heyward in the line-up on a Saturday night is really cheating fans, who cares who is on the mound.

  6. From the previous, of course I sympathize with having to deal with the level of conversation at the AJC. But if someone calls DOB out on an error of fact (which he seemed to make pretty regularly there for a while) he calls the person a jerk for expecting perfection from something he just tosses together in a few minutes, rather than thank them for the correction. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t come labeled in “this is a real story” and “this doesn’t really count” sections.

  7. No Chipper, No Heyward, No McCann….I think will just check out the score later. No need to watch this game.

  8. The Cubs STINK! How can a team throw away a game like that?

    – 5 walks in the 9th inning
    – 1 wild pitch
    – Catcher drops the ball on what would have been a tag for the final out
    – Pitcher does not cover first

  9. Here are ten of my favorite songs of the aughts:

    “What a Wonderful World,” Joey Ramone, 2002
    “Oh,” Richard Hell & the Voidoids, 2001
    “Torture,” King Khan & the Shrines, 2008
    “Michael,” Franz Ferdinand, 2004
    “Star in My Heart,” Shaver, 2001
    “Bordello Kind of Guy,” Gogol Bordello, 2002
    “Adir Adirim,” Balkan Beatbox, 2005
    “Yesterday’s Mistakes,” Oi Va Voi, 2003
    “Closet Freak,” Cee-Lo Green, 2002
    “Where’s Your Money,” Busta Rhymes ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, 2006

  10. I have to admit — I haven’t really liked much of anything musically since about 1993. I think the music of the aughts on my IPod can be limited to, basically, this song, “Hey Ya!”, and some U2.

  11. There was a great acoustic cover of Hey Ya! too that was pretty popular a few years ago, but I can’t remember the guy’s name that did it. =/

    I just stumbled upon Grace Potter & the Nocturnals a few days ago, and I have to say that I’m in love. Very bluesy sound, but with a nice modern note to it as well. Her “Nothing But the Water” album is borderline perfect, imo.

  12. Wow that lineup sucks. I was hoping for an enjoyable game but I guess that’s out the window.

    I’ve spent the whole day at the circus. Yes, the circus! One of my daughter’s friends had their birthday party in a suite at the Staples Center with the Circus in town (Manhattan Beach kid’s birthday parties remain out of control). Surprisingly good show (not that any of the kids cared, five year old girls will not sit for a trapeze act) although unbelievably long. Two and a half hours not including the hour we spent at the ‘All-Access Pre-Show’ walking around the floor at Staples. A long day.

    AGonz hitting third. God help us.

  13. I’m on my phone and vids don’t show up — what’s the song?

    25—I believe the dude’s name is Matt Weedle or something close.

  14. That’s it!

    Here’s the original video:

    Oh and the vid posted was Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

  15. 30—Yeah. Awesome song. I’ve said this before, but I really dig Broken Bells, Danger Mouse’s project with James Mercer, the Shins’ frontman.

  16. I have been responsible for three 5 year old girls all day, and will start drinking a lot after I put them to bed in (blissfully) an hour. I expect my posts to reflect this.

  17. We’re going to need an outstanding start from Huddy tonight with this patchwork lineup.

  18. At some type of festival here in Baltimore, thinking about going over to Camden to watch Yunel….I’m sure there are plenty of seats

  19. Alex Gonzalez in the 3-spot? That’s horrible. Just flat horrible.

    Edit: And now he’s walked twice in 3 games for Atlanta. Does that mean he’s used up this month’s quota already?

  20. Unfortunately, Narveson is murder on lefties (he will pitch until he’s forty as a LOOGY) and most of our best hitters are lefthanded…

  21. I’m going to fill my daily anti-Chip quota by saying God, I hate every single word he utters. Even on a HR I want to break something in disgust.

  22. Diaz magic works.

    Brewers tv guys saying Matty looked bad at the plate yesterday, I’m guessing they haven’t seen him enough to know he looks bad pretty much all at-bats but just hits a lot of balls.

  23. Watching AAG on defense is like watching a faster version of Edgar. Will need to get used to it.

    Considering how much the Jays fans are liking Yunel’s defense just after his first game, I have a sense of how good AAG’s defense is.

  24. If that ball boy plays his cards right he could get some action from that blond sitting next to him.

  25. It seems like Hudson’s had a lot of flyouts tonight.

    Prince is gassed after rounding the bases.

  26. “Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain from Prince Fielder flight 244, we have reached a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet and should be arriving at the gate in two hours in five minuets. So sit back and enjoy your flight.”

  27. Hudson loses the ability to throw strikes quite often.

    That might be the game, can’t believe they didn’t yank him earlier.

  28. Triple Grybo, coming up. It’s “Braves Journal Glossary Night” at The Ted.

    And Moylan sticks the landing!

  29. For here on in I advocate bringing Venters in whenever the opportunity arises, such as to face a left handed pitch hitter with men on 1st and 2nd.

  30. Be nice to have that triple grybo back. I think that’s Moylan’s second on the season.

  31. @ 85 – The Braves started an outfield tonight with a combined 6 (now 7) home runs.

  32. Moylan stinks. I’ve been saying it all year. A guy with a 1.5+ WHIP should not be pitching in high leverage spots.

  33. I know Braun was hit in Milwaukee two months ago, but what happened to get the warning in this game? Was it just the throw over Fielder’s head?

  34. Ok in time home enough to see the fireworks….now Lowe gets to face an angry Fielder tomorrow

  35. I like hearing Chip talk about the unwritten rules of baseball. It’s become a conspiracy theory. Zapruder might as well have filmed Fielder’s home run earlier.

  36. Chip: “And the Braves bats go back to work.”

    Yes, Chip, those two runs in 6 innings off a tomato can were really powerful. Die in a fire.

  37. Why are we throwing at Prince anyway? It’s just sorta weird to see a Braves/Brewers game turn into Pascual and the Padres.

  38. And we couldn’t have used Garcia to do that? Why waste Venters throwing at Prince?

  39. Not sure if this impacted the situation, but K-ameron Loe hit Gonzalez yesterday, and then when he struck him out in the 7th reacted as if he just won the World Series. Gonzalez looked at him like “wtf dude?”. Also, Fielder took a huge swing on that HR. That at the very least warranted being moved off the plate.

    On another note, I was surprised Hudson didn’t show Weeks something inside during his critical AB in the 7th. He was hanging out over the plate too spoiling some good pitches on the outside.

  40. It’s ok guys, according to mlb.com’s gameday, the game is still scoreless in the 3rd inning. We still can win!

  41. You must have been thinking about Jesse Garcia…a utility infielder for the Braves about 10 years ago.

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