Me, I don’t drink game thread: July 25, Braves at Brewers

I have to wonder about a town whose identity is so caught up in a mind-altering drug. It’s like, “If you aren’t at least a little drunk, you can’t stand to live in Wisconsin!” But I try not to judge. Well, except for baseball players who don’t produce.

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  1. Peter Gammons was talking about a 40-man callup for Jason Heyward… but I generally ignore everything he says

  2. When I was a kid my favorite cousins lived in Racine (home of John Matuszak, the sign used to say), so I have a positive association with the area. And yes, we ate many beer brats while there.

    Incidentally, I attended Tommy Hanson’s ML debut versus Milwaukee via a family pack (4 tix, 4 hot dogs, 4 Cokes). It wasn’t a very crowded section, but everyone else in it was a Brewers fan. Had to be the hot dogs, right?

  3. Earlier this year, I said that the Cubs had the fattest, ugliest fans in the NL. I take that back; the Brewers have the fattest fans, but the Cubs fans are still the ugliest.

  4. I’m from VA and would like to return there eventually, but my family’s really enjoyed being in Madison for 4 years and counting (and we don’t drink either). It’s a really good place to live, and would be great if the winter weren’t so long.

    Gotta run to the store to pick up some brats and sausages for the grill while we listen to the game…

  5. Whilst at UK, I worked for a horse racing magazine (“The Blood-Horse”, no less). I had been playing the guitar for about five years with little to show for it either monetarily or romantically.

    I taught a co-worker his first three chords. One year later, he was touring in Tom T. Hall’s band. The groupies probably didn’t rival those that followed the Stones, but still …

    I remained at the magazine, poor and wanting as before.

    Wisconites are the nicest people I’ve ever met. There is nothing behind their eyes – they just tell you the truth as they know it. In the South, we have manners. Up there, they just speak.

    How can you hate a stadium that has a Sausage Race? Are you Satan?

    Stu, what’s wrong with David Pryce?

  6. ububba,

    do you remember the UGA / Pitt Sugar Bowl?

    Never has a “talent” disparity been on such display. I swear all the Pitt girls had five o’clock shadow.

  7. hank,
    Which one?

    The Dawgs played the Dorsett Pitt team at the end of the ’76 season & they played the Marino Pitt team at the end of the ’81 season.

    I was at the second game. Fact is, I don’t remember too many girls wearing Pitt colors at all. It was a sea of Red & Black in the French Quarter.

  8. Ankiel just made his second fantastic catch at the wall. The second one was flat-out transcendent.

  9. Ludwick has made a catch at the wall, too. The Cards are either temporarily skirting disaster, or are fated to win this game.

  10. McClouth – 8
    Prado – 4
    Jones – 5
    McCann – 2
    Anderson – 7
    Escobar – 6
    Kotchman – 3
    Church – 9
    Hanson – 1

  11. I voted for Foreigner in the poll, BTW. The other ’70s-’80s stuff is defensible, either genuinely or ironically. But Foreigner — that would just be pathetic.

    Apologies to all you Foreigner fans. Not really.

  12. I’ve been to Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee. I definitely like the Kenosha/Racine area better than Milwaukee. but yeah, my jaw dropped driving through Kenosha because there was a bar at every single corner.

    If anyone is ever in Racine, get some kringles!!!

  13. @17

    Yes, kringle! All my Wisconsin relatives have moved south, but we still get kringle mail-ordered from Racine for Christmas every year. It’s that good.

  14. oh god, they are the best. I was mailed two for my bday, one strawberry, and one turtle. I didn’t even know turtle kringles existed. It was glorious.

    jesus christ… now I’m gonna have to get some mailed here.

  15. Ugh, Rollins stays hot with a grand slam and Victorino makes it back to back.

    I’m not sure about ugliest fan group, but I do know that no group of fans is so odious as those in Philadelphia. (Except those in Manchester, and that’s a whole different sport.)

  16. And, proving my point, the Phils-Cards game grinds to a halt because some fan was shining a laser pointer into the eyes of the Cardinal batters.

  17. That’s F’ed up. I think I’d very tempted to make you forfeit if I were the crew chief.

  18. Most Phils fans hate themselves more than they hate the visiting team.

    Spent a weekend in Manchester, England, once. Never seen so many stumbling drunks or so much broken glass in the (cobblestone) street in my life. The locals speak English, but you still need an interpreter.

    Great clubs, though. If you’ve ever seen the film, 24-Hour Party People, it’s like that.

  19. If that happened spike, I would go to Turner Field and do that every day dressed in the opposing team’s jersey

  20. regarding Halladay:
    is it me or is this the most coverage on a single player ever at the trade deadline? It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

  21. Mets up 3-0 after half an inning. Frenchy hit a sac fly, as he continues his crusade to make his trade look better for people who aren’t paying attention.

  22. I actually am rooting for the Mets now most of the time now. They’re not contenders and they’re playing against the Astros who are Wild Card competition.

  23. Randy Johnson and Carlos Beltran–who both happened to end up in Houston—had as much or more coverage at the deadline.

  24. Hey, Bob Uecker doing a guest inning on Braves radio, awesome.

    How is McLouth such an efficient basestealer? It’s a bit uncanny.

  25. I don’t like the way the uniforms are cut, and I’m not crazy about the logos, but at least they’re grey with red trim as God intended.

  26. If that happened spike, I would go to Turner Field and do that every day dressed in the opposing team’s jersey

    You really would risk a 20 year stretch in prison for every home game? You must be quite the fan.

    And really, i did say tempted, not that I would do it. They could make them replay the game in an empty stadium, like a recent italian serie a team had to.

  27. Who doesn’t know this? The announcers, apparently.

    Hank Aaron played for the Mobile Black Bears (Willie Mays was a Birmingham Black Baron) but the Black Bears weren’t considered an elite Negro league team. In the upper levels, he played for the Indianapolis Clowns, the team the Braves purchased him from.

  28. Has anyone else been enjoying Joe’s uniform and sock commentary as much as I have tonight? Some definite Carl Monday action goin on in the booth tonight.

  29. Spike you need to read that article. It was for shining a laser pointer at a plane’s cockpit as it was landing. It was a life threatening incident. It does mean shining a laser pointer in anyone’s eye will warrant 20 years in prison.

  30. Chipper looks like he’s wearing cement shoes. Both of those balls could have been had.

  31. Chipper is old and long in the knee. He can’t move any more at 3rd, dare I say he has become more of a defensive liability than a defensive asset?

  32. i just turned on the game, is the brewers pitcher that good or we in the francourian days again?

  33. Nothing like having a manager who scouts the opposing pitcher. I’m glad we have manager who doesn’t just show up with his beer belly and sit on a bench and talk to the pitching coach the whole game

  34. I can tell Tommy is still sick. His velocity isn’t where it should be. He is getting by with what he has.

  35. Guys, Gallardo is a very good pitcher; when he has problems it’s because his control is off and that’s not at all the case tonight. This isn’t a case of bad scouting or of us making a mediocre pitcher look like a Hall of Famer.

    Really, I don’t get why the Brewers are hovering around .500, they ought to be much better than that. And with the Cubs stumbling out of the gate, they have to hate not taking the division when it is there to be taken.

    Also this is an incredible start for a young pitcher who has seemingly been flu-ridden the entire time he’s been up in the majors. I can understand why they checked him for mono.

  36. @64 because they remebered they are the brewers hahah. the central is a tight division but their pitching has been hurting lately.

  37. Really, I don’t get why the Brewers are hovering around .500, they ought to be much better than that.

    It’s because Gallardo’s their only good starter.

  38. You could say the same thing about the Nationals. Don’t get me wrong, Milwaukee’s a decent team, but when you have a shallow pitching staff that’s what happens.

  39. Tony, Tommy is having a lower pitcher count than Gallardo. What are you talking about?

  40. Tony, Tommy’s pitch count has been pretty reasonable- 85 pitches through six innings. He’s done OK except for the 5th, when he just got dinked and dunked to death.

  41. I don’t really like it either, but I guess Bobby would rather have Hanson out there than Acosta and Co.

  42. Man, Tommy was lucky to get out of all that. He made it awful hard on himself and I still maintain he shouldn’t have been out there.

    But what a great, gutty performance by the kid. 7 innings, 2 runs is good for anyone, let alone a 22-year old rookie with the flu.

  43. If Bobby is sending out Norton instead of KJ to start the inning, I think the man is ready to retire.

  44. Oh come now, KC. 107 pitches isn’t a killing workload.

    You did your part, Tommy. Now let’s see if our offense can do theirs.

    Edit: KC, you’re right about Norton. Honestly, Norton’s got the Pictures and the Videotape with THX sound.

  45. Brian, 107-pitches is fine, I just don’t think TOmmy should face Bruan.

    Bobby, see what you get with Norton?!

  46. Imagine where we might be now if we’d had an actual hitter up to start the inning, instead of “Emperor” Norton.

  47. 17 hits last night, Zito shut them down before that, now tonite.

    We really need to win tonite, or tomorrow is a must-win.

  48. I wish our catchers would throw to first more often. I have fond memories of Manny getting thrown out at first during the late innings in the ’95 series.

  49. I don’t get why Bobby let him pitch to Hart after he was announced then Hardy.

  50. @107, that is one of my favorite all time plays. I have a vivid memory of Javy cutting his eyes to first and putting down a clenched fist on the center field cam just before taking the pitch and gunning it to first.

  51. @105 We were facing must-wins against the Mets maybe, but the Florida games are more important than either of these two.

    And generally, there are very few must-win games in July or at all until late August.

  52. @115

    They are all important. Lose tomorrow and the Brewers move back in front of the Braves in the wild card. And when the Phillies win, the Braves obviously can’t afford to lose.

  53. Not that we would win tonight, but tonight once again demonstrate Bobby’s most glaring weaknesses. He is not helping the team at all tonight.

  54. Tony, in my opinion, the Braves can’t afford to lose any game, but that’s not going to happen. So, just take it easy!

  55. It’s starting to get painful watching McCann against lefthanders…he’s now hittin .217.

  56. Sane bullpen management… I’d say that I miss it, but when have we really had it?

  57. Hey Mac, don’t question our HOF manager!!! Ken Macha isn’t going to the HOF like Bobby!

  58. Now that the game is over. Can someone explain to me why Norton was pinch hitting leading off the 8th?

    By the way, did you see Escobar hustling to first?

  59. ” rel=”nofollow”>Rickey Henderson Hall of Fame Induction Speech Drinking Game

  60. Bobby has, on his bench, a right-handed hitting catcher and a right-handed hitting outfielder. Yet he does nothing and lets McCann and ACHE hit against a side-armed lefty that left-handed batters have no shot at even touching. I know he’s good with the non-strategical things. But why does he have to suck at on-field decisions?

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