Brewers 6, Braves 3

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 17, 2010 – ESPN.

This one’s on Bobby. I’m not quite sure what he was thinking.

Neither team dented the scoreboard in the first three innings. In the fourth, the Brewers loaded the bases with nobody out, but scored just one run on a double play. The Braves countered in the fourth with a two-out homer from Diaz; a chance to add more after a triple from Melky failed when Ross’ line drive hung up a little too long.

Hudson blew through the next two innings, but the Braves couldn’t add anything, and then Hudson allowed a leadoff homer to Prince Fielder in the seventh. Hudson allowed a walk, a single, and a walk (while getting two flyouts) to load the bases. Why Bobby didn’t get him then, I have no idea, but Hudson walked Ricky Weeks to give the Brewers the game. Bobby then came with Moylan to pitch to Corey Hart, who owns him and cleared the bases with a double. Then Hinske hit a pinch homer to cut the lead to 6-3 — and which could have been big, had the Braves contained the damage in the road half of the seventh.

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  1. Braves need to take advantage of these teams and when the Mets/Phils are sliding. Huddy pitched a great game and unfortunately was asked to go a little too long. I probably wouldve brought Saito in early against Hart, but oh well. We need a healthy Nate back and swinging well. Need Lowe to be big tomorrow.

  2. I agree that this one’s on Cox, although I think there have been less games on Cox so far this year than in previous years. I think he was trying really hard to get Hudson the win (and thru the inning) and it backfired.

  3. Yunel was 2-5 for Toronto today. I’m loving it. I hope he kills it over there and he makes Bobby regret that trade for ever.

    Unrelated, but the Jays have a pitcher named Rzepczynski. Carl Yastrzemski would be proud!

  4. I think Bobby’s had one or two other games this year where he’s tried to get the starter the win and allowed him to blow the lead. I hate that, as I usually hate managing to stats.

  5. I watched this game with a friend who is a non-Brave fan and his reaction was the same as mine: What is Cox thinking?

    Then he proceeded to tell me that Cox is why the Braves “only” won one World Series title.

    Then I started thinking, is he on to something?

    I tried as best I could to defend Bobby/Braves, and point out to him that the playoffs are essentially a crapshoot.

    Can anyone specifically think of a postseason game that Bobby cost us? Aside from letting Maddux start the 8th against New York in game one of the 1999 series I really have nothing.


  6. There are those who think he should have left Bielecki in to pitch the eighth in Game Four in 1996, but generally you should sink or swim with your best reliever, and that was Wohlers.

  7. @7 But we have lost less games this year due to Bobby’s decisions, which is indeed quite obvious as td has pointed out. I think Huddy’s low pitch count has something to do with Bobby’s decision of leaving Huddy in.

    @6 Yunel needs to get out of Atlanta. I am not surprised if he does well in Toronto because nobody cares about that team there.

  8. Continuing to start Terry Pendleton as the DH in the ’96 WS, when it was clear he was toast, was baffling to me.

  9. think our pitchers are throwing at Fielder for that elbow he threw at EOF earlier this year? they need to throw at him again for that slide into second

  10. 1991 he brings in Uncle Charlie to face Kirby “Hell’s MVP” Puckett.

    But I’ll still take Bobby over most.

  11. @10 You know, when Bobby brought in Avery in the 10th inning, I told my friends that he was going to walk-in a run, which of course that was what exactly happened.

    Where on earth was McMichael during on these?

  12. It’s up to Lowe to be the stopper tomorrow….the offense better wake up in a hurry.

  13. Just returning back to the hotel from the game. Here are a couple of observations:
    Agree with Mac, it was obvious that Huddy was done after allowing he leadoff homer in the seventh. Despite his low pitch count, he had nothing left. What was it with that lineup anyway? No McCann, Chipper and J-Hey?!
    Diaz looked good at the plate. Ross, COnrad, Infante did not.
    The stadium was packed and the atmosphere was pretty good.

    Best thing though: I had no idea, so many hot chicks are attending Braves games. And none of them were wearing any Francoeur jerseys (as opposed to the pretty one on the plane flying into Atlanta this afteroon).

    OK, let’s get them tomorrow, I will be watching from the second row behind the Braves dugout :-)
    Go Braves!

  14. Freeman 2-4, 11th Hr tonight, now .293
    Mitch Jones 2-4, 18th HR
    Nate 1-4, .296

    the bad.
    Schafer 0-4, .205avg

  15. Saying Bobby made mistakes is a lot different than saying he is the reason they did not win more WS,which I think is an absurd statement. They lost in general because they didn’t hit and had mediocre bullpen

    Meanwhile this team has scored 8 runs in three games against a lousy pitching staff and super rookie appears nowhere to be seen. I didn’t see the game but it seems to me the problem was the hitting. I just don’t think this team has enough offense at this point.

  16. Super Rookie looked good at the plate tonite with his base hit, I’m more concern about Chipper, McCann, Glaus, and the other two outfielders at this point. I just hope Prado doesn’t go into a funk trying to do too much.

  17. Prado had two hits and two at ’em balls. He seems to be coming out of it.

    With Hudson’s pitch count I never expected him to come out of that inning until it was decided. Unfortunately he didn’t get the call on Weeks and ended up walking him.

    Yunel was 2-5 for Toronto today. I’m loving it. I hope he kills it over there and he makes Bobby regret that trade for ever.

    Ditto. In case you missed tonight’s ‘play that Yunel would have made in his sleep but AGonz whiffed on’ it came leading off the fourth and led to a run.

  18. Quote from ESPN’s recap:

    “Our guys dig in,” Macha said. “They’re not going to move.”

    Well, then, they’re going to get hit sometimes. It seems like if you say that with such a defiant tone, you’re basically asking to get brushed back. I know it wasn’t Don Drysdale on the mound, but still if the Brewers carry their manager’s attitude to the plate, they should expect to get hit a lot.

    And they do- apparently they lead the league in HBP. Reap what you sow.

  19. troy hasnt hit a homerun in 80 plate appearances and only has 4 xbh (doubles of course) in that time span. he’s killing us right now.

  20. check out mitch jones’ numbers against lefties this year…
    vs Left .333 7hr 14rbi .370obp .720slg 1.090ops

    surely this isnt going unnoticed? how much could this have helped when diaz was down? we were so called looking for a rh power bat and this guy, just like he has for his career, is rotting in AAA.

  21. @23

    My thoughts exactly when I read that. When you’ve got a bunch of power hitters that swing from their heels, you’re going to get pitched inside and have some HBP’s. Deal with it.

  22. There’s a difference between being brushed back and crybaby pitchers throwing at people. None of the pitches in question were brushback pitches. If a Braves player ends up injured because of the childish beanball crap, don’t cry. Deal with it.

  23. If that plunking wasn’t intentional, then Venters needs to go back to the minors. Retaliation is coming, and it’s deserved. The Braves just have to sit back and take it. Regardless of intent, you can’t hit guys like that and not get a reminder to be more careful in the future.

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