Brewers 9, Braves 3

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 16, 2010 – ESPN.

Ugh, not the best of games for the Braves, not in any phase of the game. The defense was sloppy, the pitching was poor, and the offense took the night off until well behind, then blew good chances to get back in it.

Tommy Hanson didn’t pitch as poorly as he did in some of his blowout losses, and showed some good signs — five strikeouts in as many innings against just one walk — but allowed two runs on three hits in the second, and then a two-run homer in the third. One of the runs in the second was “unearned” and arguably neither should have scored — Melky had the runner on the first score at the plate, but the ball took a weird hop and went over McCann‘s head, and the second run reached on a terrible infield single. But there was the leadoff double in that inning, and the two-run homer.

The Braves tried Medlen in relief, down 4-1 in the sixth (he is being sent to pen for awhile with some off-days coming up, as they want to limit his innings) but it didn’t work. He allowed two runs on three hits and it was 6-1. But the Braves were in good shape in the bottom of the inning, cutting it to 6-2 with two on and two out, but couldn’t get another hit. Mike Dunn came on and sizzled, the one Brave pitcher who looked good, getting a couple of strikeouts, but walking one and allowing a single.

The Braves had a good chance to get back in it in the bottom of the seventh, getting the first two on and then a pinch-single from Conrad cutting it to 6-3. But Prado struck out, and after Heyward walked to load the bases Chipper popped up and Troy Glaus flew out, and that was essentially the ballgame. Kawakami guaranteed that by allowing three runs in the eighth, and was lucky it wasn’t more. Jesse Chavez, in his proper role, didn’t totally suck in the ninth.

After poppping up in the seventh, Chipper left the game with an apparent hamstring injury. Like all of us, he is day-to-day.

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  1. Let’s go get them tomorrow.

    I think Hanson’s pitch selection is a bit too predictable, but I am happy to see he was throwing more inside pitches in this start.

    Dunn could be our next Wag if he has a better breaking pitch…boy, 97mph from left side…

  2. Ike Davis reminds me a lot of Adam. I don’t see him becoming a big star, but he is more useful than Frenchy already.

  3. Alex Gonzalez sucks. Good thing Tim Collins crushed it in his M-Braves debut, faced 6 batters, struck out 5 and got a groundout. I approve. Tyler Pastornicky also went 2/5 with a triple. Did strike out and was caught stealing.

  4. “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo was better than this game.”

    That line is by far the best thing the game yielded.

  5. 4 — I had been holding onto Beckham in my fantasy league for way too long. Just waiting for his talent to show up. When I saw that Lillibridge had started instead of him for a couple of games, I figured that it was time to drop him. (Of course now Beckham’s put in a few good games in a row. At least it’s not a keeper league.)

  6. Of course, they wouldn’t have to bat Jeffy fifth if they just ran Pagan out there. He’s only been their best player this season.

    Of course, Barry Zito’s one-hitting them, so Jerry Manuel clearly put the right lineup out there.

  7. In fairness, Jon Niese is pitching really well tonight, and R.A. Dickey was tremendous last night. I don’t know how they’re doing it, but they’ve got a real pitching staff. The offense is somewhere between shaky and laughable, but they have some pitching.

  8. I may have my Braves-colored glasses on, but Jon Niese and R.A. Dickey remind me a ton of our “successes” with Buddy Carlyle and Jorge Campillo–retreads who were surprisingly successful for a time and soon came back to Earth.

  9. Apparently FP Santangelo is engaged to a 24 year old Playmate

    …who looks artificial on her playboy site, but really, really cute on her wikipedia picture.

    (So I’ve been told).

  10. Hey Mac, doubt you’ll see this because it is so late, but it seems like it has been a while since you’ve updated us on your health- how are you doing? Your point about us all being day-to-day got me to wondering.

  11. I think everything’s fine — at least, I feel fine, and am not currently undergoing any treatment. I just take it day by day is all.

    And thanks for the kind words on the Francoeur and Yunel pieces, everybody.

  12. I am reading the official news that Friday was the Braves hitting coach Terry Pendleton’s 50th birthday. He said it’s just a number. Yes just a number but getting old is real hahaha. Anyway, a little late..I’d like to say..Happy birthday, Mr.Pendleton!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mac, do you have any problem with your health?
    Sometimes I have been dropped by bravesjournal and have been enjoyed everything here. I owe you. Who knows we, the Braves fans can have a cup of coffee or drink beers some day!!!! Thanks for sharing.. Hope stay healthy please!

  14. OH, DEAR!
    Sorry about that. I will pray for you. Say it again,,,,,Be healthy, Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Maybe, at the end of the day, Yunel’s problem comes back to just plain and simple money…

    “When you don’t feel confident at the plate and things aren’t going well doubts start to enter,” he told el Herald. “It worries me because I know this is my arbitration year.”

  16. Money, culture, fitness, depression, health, jerkiness, random fluctuation….all parts of the Yunelfied Theory.

  17. John Daly is so great. After yet another overwritten paean to the majesty of St. Andrews (“the birthplace, the genesis, of not just golf, but sport!” or something like that), they go to the practice tee:

    “John, tell us about your pants.”
    “I call them Cherry Bombs. We’ve had a lot of success with them.”

  18. Did you see this from that talkingchop link:

    “Former Prospect Update: In his debut with the Blue Jays organization, JoJo Reyes took a no-hitter into the 8th inning, before finishing the game with a line of 8 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 6 K. That’s a great night for JoJo, but it should also be noted that he was pitching for Toronto’s AA affiliate, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.”

  19. weather update

    70% chance of thunderstorms tonight. 80% humidity = probably will get wet

  20. I was shocked, shocked to see that Jeff Francouer made an out in a key situation against the Giants. What is this world coming to?

  21. In fairness to Frenchy, everyone on the Mets made outs last night. Niese should be pissed. Mets only had a runner at second once, and never sent more than 4 men to the plate in any inning. It’s a pretty ugly box score.

    In fact, I am going to go to BBTF and read the game chatter just to cheer myself up about the home team’s effort last night.

  22. well made my weekly trip to the AJC blog this morning…here’s what ive gathered so far

    Minor should replace Hanson in the rotation right now

    Mitch Jones should be called up to replace Heyward and he should be sent to AAA for the rest of the season

    DOB is still an arrogant prick to everyone on the blog

  23. That is the weirdest part. I never figured out how calling your customers stupid was good for business, but man, that guy does it on a regular basis.

  24. In defense of DOB what would be your demeanor to the average poster over at AJC? It would be tough not to be condescending at the very least.

  25. well then

    Infante RF
    Conrad 3B

    If you have something to do tonight, dont change your plans

  26. DOB loves to respond to the idiots while ignoring the (very) few number of intelligent posters on the blog.

  27. On last night’s black/white discussion, I must say that I was most surprised recently by Brandon Hicks. Really did not see “goofy white guy” coming.

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