Whatever works game thread: Braves at Phillies, May 13

The announcers were talking about how it was good to go up against the Phillies with a lot of lefthanders. Maybe, but I’d prefer they not be fly-ball lefthanders, thanks.

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  1. OK, it’s May 13, the day after the Mets lost to Washington, 10-4. Naturally, Met fans want Willie’s head on a stick.

    I’ve already had conversations with 2 Mets fans today (they began as business-related, but quickly devolved into “Met Rehab”), and both of them want Willie gone. Soon.

    “We need someone who’s going to show some fire!”

    “We need someone who’s going to kick some ass!”

    “I want to see some emotion!”

    Typical stuff when your team is losing. Of course, I mention to them how their team is constructed and how their best player just dramatically raised his average to .240, etc.

    But on the radio call-in shows, the most-humorous and most-mentioned Willie alternative seems to be—are you ready for this?—Frank Robinson.

    Never a dull moment around here.

  2. I hope there are a lot of boos in Philly the next 3 games. Basically we need to keep Burrell, Utley, and Howard in check. I dont know if our pitchers for this series can do that. Is Rollins playing again?

  3. Bobby Valentine’s over in Japan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets wanted him back.

  4. Mets Moves:
    Jorge Sosa & Nelson Figueroa designated for assignment.

    They bring in Claudio Vargas, Fernando Tatis & Matt Wise.

    Angel Pagan to the DL.

  5. Wow! How far the great have fallen. A month ago, Figueroa was at the top of the starting rotation. Looks like the housecleaning has begun.

  6. If Fernando Tatis is supposed to be the answer, I really don’t want to know what the question is.

  7. #8

    To Jorge Cantu’s great relief, the question is “Who is now the ugliest third baseman in the National League?”

  8. He’s playing LF for them, though, right? It’s probably Eric Duncan who’s relieved.

  9. That was supposed to be “wait” obviously. I really screwed that one up.

    Sorry everyone. Carry on.

  10. Tatis is considered “power off the bench,” probably a short-term “solution.”

    Wise replaces Sosa as right-handed long relief. Vargas replaces Figueroa in the rotation.

    FWIW, Vargas will take Santana’s turn on Thursday. Santana moves back a day to face the Yanks on Friday.

  11. Luis Gonzalez is in LF for the Marlins, subbing for Willingham. Unless you mean Tatis is playing LF — dunno about that.

  12. Sorry, I meant Tatis. I thought I read where, at least before the season started when they were considering breaking camp with Tatis, it was going to be with him an outfielder.

  13. Gonzo, however, might be uglier than Eric Duncan, so it might be him that’s most relieved.

    Speaking of which, have you ever seen ” rel=”nofollow”>Don Flamenco in the same place?

  14. Lineup, per DOB:

    1. Escobar
    2. Kotsay
    3. Chipper
    4. McCann
    5. Norton
    6. Francoeur
    7. Kelly
    8. Blanco
    9. Reyes

  15. Well, shoot. I shoulda checked the URL before posting that. How about this one for Flamenco instead: http:

  16. I’m not sure how I missed this when it happened a week ago, but it is awesome.

    So many golden nuggets, but I’m not sure it gets any better than the random, yet hilarious “[Bleep] everybody.”

  17. Relating to our conversation a few days ago, the Baseball Prospectus Toolbox has an interesting study on the correlation between leaving runners on base and scoring runs. Looking at team totals by season back to 1971, the coefficient of correlation between the two variables is 0.52.

    That is, there is a pretty strong positive correlation between leaving runners on and scoring.

    Did someone here ask this question?

  18. Did they work game one on Monday into the data? Because I think it may have been enough to reverse the findings of a 35-year study….

  19. I thought you guys would like that study in light of yesterday’s game. Of course, the discussion followed the game where the Braves scored 12 and left 15 on.

  20. ububba, I don’t know — I thought Elias might spring into action after we left 15 on and scored none, but I haven’t seen anything.

  21. Our inability to bunt when we are supposed to (as opposed to all the other times Bobby has us bunt) and also adequately stretch is really annoying.

  22. Is Gameday accurate tonight? It looks like the balls are generally closer to the strike zone than the strikes are.

  23. anyone else think Johnson should have run when Blanco had an 0-2 count or maybe even with a 1-2 count? if he’d been caught then Blanco, not Reyes, would have been leading off next inning

  24. Doubleplays delenda est.

    Also, while I’m at it…

    Whiskey Falls delenda est.

  25. Bobby, take notes. That was a STOLEN BASE. It is not against the rules for your team to do it either.

  26. can we try to steal on a catcher who is 4-20 in throwing out runners? i dont care if we dont make it or not

  27. I have all the respect for Bobby in the world, but did he really just have a mediocre pitcher hit for himself in the 6th with two on when we are behind 3-4? Don’t we have Diaz on the bench?

  28. Let me get this straight. We have the tying and go-ahead runs on base for a pitcher who is completely gassed. We let him try to drop a sacrifice bunt, which will start making sense in about two innings. While he is trying to do this, we send the runners, who aren’t especially fast, getting one thrown out. We then let the gassed pitcher finish making the third out.

    Does Bobby have money on the Phillies tonight?

  29. Wow, somehow that we got through that inning unscathed, I figured the world would come crashing down after leaving JoJo out there.

  30. On one hand, it’s almost a bad thing that Reyes pitched well, because that might encourage Bobby to continue letting starters continue to pitch in Reyes’ situation tonight. On the other hand, Bobby seems to have reached the point where he either no longer learns or simply doesn’t give a damn.

  31. So does Escobar. And Hudson. And Blanco. And Smoltz. And…

    Hey, this should BE that “better team!”

  32. On that bunt before, did Kelly just get caught off balance or was that a called steal

  33. I almost wish we would bottom out so at least we could get a higher draft pick. This continuing mediocrity but picking in the 15-17 range isn’t going to produce a franchise player.

    Hell, what’s the difference in finishing 70-93 and 78-84? Not much.

    Same thing happens in the NFL. Teams that continually finish around 8-8 and pick in that middle range don’t get a franchise changer.

    Tampa Bay is proof of what you can build if you are patient and draft well, picking high.

  34. That really is less important in baseball, where you can get franchise players after the first few picks. Jason Heyward, our 1st round draftee this year, might well be a franchise player.

    Teixeira must not be able to play. Or else Bobby really is dead.

  35. Wow.. like the loylallity Chief. Screw chipper and Smoltz.. let’s take a dive so we can get a higher draft pick.

  36. I don’t know why but being a mediocre .500 team sucks so much more than being a crappy team like WAS or PIT. I think we were all a bit spoiled with all the division titles and now losing sucks so bad.

  37. well cant complain about Reyes (0BB 5K), looks like its going back on the offenses shoulders again

  38. I thought Jo Jo pitched about as well as expected. I know he had 5 Ks, but it doesn’t seem like he misses many bats.

  39. Our offense is indescribable. Believe it or not, our pitching has been pretty great

  40. Our offense has been very describable lately- just not with printable words.

  41. I’ve gone to games since 1980 so I am loyal but we are in a rut and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can get it back on the right track. Right now, we’re not at rock bottom, but the muddling along that we’re doing is stagnating the franchise.

    Plus Liberty Media sucks.

    The odds of Heyward being a franchise player are admittedly higher than say the #16 DP in the NFL, but I’m just frustrated with this mediocrity and its clouding my judgement.

    I’m not suggesting we tank on purpose, but this dog ain’t going to hunt.

  42. You’re completely wrong, Chief. You can rebuild on the run — the Braves did it in late nineties. If you become bad, there’s a very good chance you will stay bad. Ask the Pirates and Royals.

  43. Mac is right. When you are very bad, its hard to rebuild with free agent prices where they are at and consistent starting pitching so hard to find/develop

  44. I also agree with Mac. Tampa Bay has looked good so far, Chief, but you’re placing 40 games of competent baseball over 10 years of abject awfulness.

  45. Possibly. Didn’t they fold or something?

    Pistons up by one on the Magic with 20 seconds left.

  46. What a lousy game.

    JoJo allowed to bunt in the 6th or 7th with two on and 1 out was weak.

    Worth’s RBI “hits” were even weaker.

  47. Pretty sneaky, Mac!

    Tying run at the plate. Any chance he’ll do anything interesting? (We’ve seen too many DPs for them to be interesting any more.)

  48. Whew – I was worried this wasn’t going to be another one-run game.

  49. yep, Norton is after McCann, my bad again

    so Norton walks and now we get Frenchy

    make you call–K, pop, or grounder

    I’ll take K

  50. Frank, we have to kill you now. Nothing personal, you understand, but you cursed us.

    Flyers losing 3-1, so at least Philly fans can be miserable too.

  51. I bet Mac will have the recap up in record time–the one run loss is getting familiar by now

  52. Another 1 run game. Just unreal.

    It’s just so many small things during the game that goes against us. Sometimes it’s our own fault but it really isn’t all the time which is why I’m still optimistic.

    Running this bad just can’t continue. It just can’t.

  53. I think this could all be fixed very easily by batting Chipper a few more times in the order.

  54. I don’t think Liberty Media will pay for the cloning program, Dan. Good idea though.

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