Braves 4, Marlins 1

Florida Marlins vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 03, 2010 – ESPN.

That’s the Tommy Hanson we were expecting. Hanson went 6 2/3, struck out eight (including the last five men he retired) and allowed just five hits and two walks. The lone run he allowed came in the second, and was unearned; no quotes around that one, because it was extremely unearned. After he hit the second batter of the inning, McCann threw the ball away on a stolen base attempt (it was very high; Yao Ming could not have caught it) and then Prado dropped a pop fly allowing the run to score.

The Braves didn’t do much in this game except in the fourth, but they did a whole lot in the fourth. Chipper led off with a walk, then McCann hit a bunt single against the Stupid Shift to make it first and second. Eric Hinske struck out looking on a pitch that was about six inches inside and high to boot, but Infante (Venezuela!) singled Chipper in to tie it. Yunel followed with a double to the gap to score McCann and give the Braves the lead. Blanco (Venezuela!) then singled to score two and give the Braves the lead they’d hold the rest of the way.

Hanson allowed two singles and a walk in the sixth, but struck out the last two batters to get out of it. In the seventh, he struck out the first two, but then allowed a single and a walk, and Bobby went to Moylan. Moylan came through big again, getting Hanley Ramirez to strike out. Saito gave up a pair of one-out singles in the eighth, but got Ronny Paulino (the enormous goat of the game, whom Hanson had twice gotten to end innings with runners in scoring position) to ground into a double play. Wagner came back with a very easy easy save, striking out two (the guy who stole Mike Stanton‘s name, and Wes Smelms) before ending it on a groundout.

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  1. Tommy pitched well tonight, though he might have tired a little near the end, hot day and all. All five hits he gave up were singles and he had good control for the most part.

  2. It’s tied at 5 in the 9th in Washington, they are reviewing Adam Dunn’s hit to hit if it’s a walkoff home run.

  3. Nats tied it in the bottom of the ninth, F-Rod loaded the bases for Dunn which probably isn’t the best of ideas. He hit a double to tie the game at 5-5.

  4. K-Rod has blown the save for the Mets against the Marlins, with a 2-run double (that should have been called a 4-run homer) by Adam Dunn.

    … And after an IBB, Ivan Rodriguez singles in the winning run. Braves up by 3!

  5. The amount of Francoeur jerseys still being worn at Turner Field is inexplicable.

  6. I am very pleased with the first half from the Bravos. It’s fun to watch them again, knowing that they’re likely to be in a position to win in every game.

  7. He was throwing 94 pretty consistently, which is what he normally throws. He just had better movement and better breaking stuff. Grace said that McDowell fixed a mechanical issue, which is possible, but you should recall that Grace is an idiot.

  8. K rod might have blown the Friday game too if Roger Bernadina had not gotten picked off at second to end the game-truly one of the dumbest baseball plays I have ever seen.

  9. his last start he was sitting around 92-93, a little better tonight. He was hiding the ball a little better IMO

    name one thing that Melky does better than Blanco?

  10. There’s also an Elys Blanco in the Braves’ system, who is probably suspended for PED’s right now or something, and he is also from Venezuela. And a guy named Roger Blanco spent 4 years in the minors in the late 90’s, the final 2 and 1/2 were with the Braves. Guess where he was from.

  11. When your team is in first place, you will hit the MLB app in the middle of a dancefloor at 3 a.m., just so you can look at the standings.

    And no, I have not seen Melky in the house.


  12. I’d take Chip Carey over Mark Grace. I had to mute the TV while watching that game yesterday.

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