61 thoughts on “Stronger league game thread: July 3, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Maybe Melky Cabrera is an AL player in the same way we were constantly told Edgar Renteria is an NL player?

  2. Previous thread had Melky pitching. Maybe that’s what he can do.

    The Gregor Blanco Appreciation Club is growing daily. Assuming Heyward comes back healthy, I’m fine with an outfield of:

    Heyward – RF
    Blanco – CF
    Hinske / Diaz – LF

    But Bobby will play Melky like he did Francouer until Wren sends him away.

  3. Bobby wasn’t going to pinch run until it looked likely that he’d get a run out of it. Seems pretty reasonable considering Ross is hurt.

    If Ross can’t play, you really can’t pinch run for McCann at all. Brian’s been getting beat up pretty bad with foul tips and HBPs lately, if Ross can’t play, we need to get somebody up who can.

    #2 – Enjoy Blanco’s hot streak but let’s not pretend he’s really up for being an everyday CF on a good team.

  4. It’ll be cool if we see Jesus Sucre on the big club someday. We can all yell ‘Sweet Jesus!’ when he gets a big hit, and we’ll mean it.

  5. As opposed to rolling our eyes and saying, “Jesus Christ!” every time Sammons hits. In case you’re wondering, he’s hitting a robust .172/.254/.252 in AAA. It’s enough to make you wonder if Hicks can catch.

  6. In other news, Germany beat Argentina 4:0!! People are going crazy here in Hamburg!

  7. Is today’s game on FOX?

    We get the Mets and Nats in the midwest. If I’m around this afternoon, then I’ll tune in to see Strasburg carve ’em up.

  8. Timo,
    Helluva result. How ’bout a Germany-Holland final?
    Was at Mets/Nats last night. It was “Stupid Uniform & Hat Night,” apparently. Both teams wore clown outfits & the Nats lost in way very much fitting for a last-place club—runner picked off 2nd with tying run at the plate. Dum-dum Nats.

  9. ububba, yeah what a game and very unexpected result and performance by the very yooung german team. Holland-Germany suddenly is a very possible final. I am expecting Spain to beat Paraguay tonight, which should be a great semi final on Wednesday as well.

  10. Timo,
    That Ghana/Uruguay game yesterday was insane. Caught the 2nd half at this Irish pub in DC & the place was going wild. Great atmosphere, especially considering the 2 teams aren’t favorites.

  11. DOB says Glaus got a cortisone shot in his left knee, could be out a couple games.

  12. ububba, the games’ quality really has improved now. The group stage mostly saw disappointing games, now it’s really good. 0:0 half-time at the Spain-game…

  13. glaus gets the day off…
    1. Prado 2B, 2. Cabrera RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Hinske 1B, 6. Infante LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Blanco CF, 9. Hanson P

  14. i dont know if this has been pointed out, but tommy’s day splits are horrendous. he doesnt seem to like pitching under natural light:
    4 games started 8.31 era

  15. Wow, Ricky Romero certainly didn’t do me any favors for my fantasy team today.

  16. Just want to say it looks like Tommy is hiding the ball a bit better during his pause in his delivery. His hand looks to be pausing behind his head instead of out beside his body (where it has been lately). I’m gonna go ahead and predict, as long as he can maintain those mechanics, today will be a better outing for him.

  17. Was at the game last night, I swear it looked like Hicks could have passed McCann if he wanted to. Great Game!

  18. Ugg. I’m in Gainesville for the weekend, and we’re stuck with Rays/Twins.

  19. I think Franceour just had the bejeesus scared out of him by a fastball behind his head from Strasburg (it hit his bat).

  20. The Braves have already made 2 errors.

    I have no idea why his commemt(#29) makes me smile. Just smile!

  21. New meme — any time someone makes a really egregious error, the explanation is that they were out late last night clubbing with Melky.

  22. Strasburg who is struggling againt the Mets has pitched 74 through the 3th.
    By the way, Francoeur, The Human Out pops out to shortstop. It’s what you guys expected?.*

  23. The play by play guy seems to think Lindy Infante is playing left for us this afternoon. He’s the anti-Jon Miller.

  24. Another note from last nights game , Hanley R. kept trying to move outfielders around , they just looked at him and shook their heads.

  25. Nice hitting by Greg, but I’m not sure that pitch was supposed to be anywhere near the strike zone.

  26. I’m not ashamed to say that I, when voting for Mac for the ASG, also cast a vote for Gregor Blanco. (Since he’s voting for himself and probably his parents are as well, I figured he’d like the attention.)

  27. Storen strikes out Frenchy on three pitches, so Strasburg wasn’t his problem. By the way, the Nationals have scored 0 runs for Strasburg in three straight games.

  28. It’s tied in Washington, 2-2 bottom 6 now. They just had to get Strasburg out of there to score some runs.

  29. According to MLBTR, the Braves have agreed to terms with 16 year old RHP from the Dominican Republic, Mauricio Cabrera.


    Anyone know anything about him?

  30. Just found this post about Cabrera on another board:

    Mauricio Cabrera is the younger brother of Alberto Cabrera, a 22-year-old righthander pitching for Double-A Tennessee with the Cubs. At around 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, Mauricio Cabrera is also a righthander, and he’s been able to get his fastball up into the high-80s. Cabrera also throws a curveball but his changeup is advanced for his age and might be his best pitch. The Red Sox and Braves are among the teams that have reportedly shown interest in Cabrera.

    That same post also included some details about 15 y.o. Venezuelan catcher Argy Raga that we will supposedly sign in August when he turns 16:

    Some scouts haven’t seen much of Raga, but he has commanded more attention recently since moving from shortstop to catcher. Raga, who is from Caracas, has taken to the position quickly, showing good athleticism behind the plate, solid receiving skills and an average arm. At the plate, he has flashed solid power potential, though for some scouts his bat is going to have to catch up. The Red Sox have shown interest in Raga, but the Braves are expected to sign him for around $400,000 when he turns 16 in August.

    The Braves sure have been active in the international market the past couple years. I like it.

  31. No muss, no fuss, and a happy end to the first half of the season. I’d certainly take a 96-66 record.

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