95 thoughts on “Independent game thread: July 4, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Based on what I am reading, Blanco is learning a lot from Prado’s experience last season. Good for him. I can see he is playing with a different attitude this season.

    Can’t say enough about Infante. Grace is an idiot, but at least he knows something about baseball, which is more than what you can say about Chip already.

  2. DOB tweets that Prado, McCann, Hudson, Heyward and INFANTE are All-Stars. WTF?!?!

  3. Infante lets him carry Placido Palanco even when the real Palanco is on the DL?

  4. I don’t know who it should be instead — I’m just utterly perplexed. But hey, congrats to Omar!

  5. @11 Utley’s injury must be hurting Manuel’s brain as well.

    How can Wag not be an All-Star?

  6. I am also pretty baffled by Infante. Who were the relievers that beat out Wagner?

  7. Whoa, Matt Capps makes it over Wagner, when they have Zimmerman and Dunn who could represent them? What the hell is going on here?

    EDIT: Wagner is a Final Vote candidate, so there’s hope.

  8. The relievers seem to be Capps, Broxton, Brian Wilson, Evan Meek, and Arthur Rhodes. I’m fine with Wagner having the time off. The Infante thing is weird. I know he’s been hurt but if you are that far down the list just pick Jimmy Rollins and be done with it.

  9. First time for Rhodes after a 20-year career. That’s pretty cool, I’ve always liked him.

  10. Does anyone know if the game will be on Extra Innings today? It’s not showing on their schedule with the 5PM Start.

  11. Infante as a pinch hit threat maybe?

    McCutchen didn’t make the team but Evan Meek did?

  12. Per Bradley:

    “To be precise, Infante is going to the new Yankee Stadium for the Midsummer Classic because he doesn’t have a position. Baseball changed its rules this season, allowing each All-Star manager to designate one player who can re-enter the game after leaving, which essentially means “utility man” is now an All-Star slot.”

  13. Did anyone see Uncle Charlie’s interview on TBS? How did anyone hire him?

    I think he meant to pick Glaus not Infante, but oh well. Go Infante!

  14. Glaus deserves to be there, but 1B is always deep. Good for Infante, I like that the rule change gives utility players some All-Star value.

  15. Glaus needs the rest and Wagner has work on farm. Any chance Wagner might agree to half year contract. Find a catcher/ranch hand so he can be ready in June.

  16. 22 — Didn’t see the interview, but have heard him talk before. It’s like if Donkey Kong had a voice.

  17. I probably would have picked Juan Uribe as the supersub. But, again, not complaining.

  18. @6 Glaus also had a short spring and was coming back from an injury. Take out his slow start and he’s right up there with any of them. Regardless, I already said 1b was deep, so I’m not sure what repeating that point was supposed to convince me of.

  19. I guess Omar’s going to have to change his plans for the few days off he had lined up.

  20. Grst you did say he deserved to be there. He doesn’t. If he were still a 3b, that would be a different story.

  21. In light of that new rule, Infante makes perfect sense. That’s not to say the rule make sense.


  22. 33 – I kind of like the Infante pick. It’s as if Manuel is constructing a roster to win the game.

  23. I don’t really like the way they do the All-Star game, but it’s cool Infante’s in. He may very well be a valuable part of the game.

    I’m glad Glaus, Heyward, and Wagner aren’t playing. Hang out at home, get rest, get healthy, and get ready for a sweet August, September, and hopefully October!

  24. Different year, same story. Everyone’s ALWAYS pissed about the All-Star roster.

    I’m just glad the Braves are gonna be rolling five deep. :)

    DOB Tweet: “When Frank Wren called Omar Infante at 8:30 a.m. this morning to tell him he was an All-Star, Infante at first thought he’d been traded.

    I’ll say.

  25. 1. Prado 2B, 2. Blanco CF, 3. Conrad 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Hinske 1B, 6. Cabrera RF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Diaz LF, 9. Hudson RHP

  26. K-Rud is in for the Mess, after Parnell started the 9th by allowing a walk to Guzman and a single to Zimmerman.

  27. Do you think the SP ever gets upset with Bobby’s Sunday lineups? heh heh. Here’s to hoping they make it happen. Looks like a good opportunity in the 1st…

  28. I had turned away and Chip made me think Hinske had hit that one out of the stadium.

  29. I’ve learned to never base my emotional response to a play upon a Chip Caray call.

  30. I’m immune to Chip’s call of balls like that. You can usually tell off the bat whether it’s gone or not. For Chip Caray, if it’s in the air, “it’s got a chance”.

  31. Chip would think a bouncer off the plate would have a chance for a ground rule double.

  32. McCann’s K killed what could have been a big inning. Maybe he should rest during the all-star break

  33. I guess Diaz can hit righties. They just have to be playing for the Marlins. :-)

  34. My god, I am sick of the crying about the shadows.

    See? Uggla doesn’t mind the shadows.

  35. Less recently than the Marlins, now.

    Seriously, the Braves’ last HR was Chipper’s 3-run shot against the Tigers, a week ago yesterday.

  36. Bunting with your 3rd spot in the lineup. That’s not even NL baseball, is it?

  37. Well that was a pretty obvious walk, don’t you think? Now Chipper’s burnt and it’s in Melky’s lap.

  38. Thank God this is Bobby’s last year….6 outs left, you are behind and you are giving away an out?

  39. Oh come on, Tony. You’re down a run at home, in the eighth inning, and the out you gave away was a back-up infielder, and got the best hitter in your lineup to the plate with a man in scoring position.

    I suppose the other 29 managers in MLB would say he’s senile, bunting there?

  40. My only complaint there was I would have pinch hit Glaus for Hinske, rather than Chipper. It’s an auto-walk situation, sending a power righty in against a lefty with 1B open. Might aswell let your gimpy guy help you somehow.

    Then I’d have double switched my pitcher to get Chipper to 3b and hitting 9th, and move Conrad, Prado over to 2b and 1b, just like Bobby did.

  41. I understand that. But I think they’d have walked him, anyway. Then you’d pinch run for him at 1B. And if they pitched to him, I think a gimpy Glaus is more likely to get a hit than Melky.

  42. @86: They’d be more likely if Diaz hadn’t just sat back and let himself get struck out.

    Hey now, our All-Star pinch hitter!

  43. JJ….if he is your back up infielder why bat him in the 3 hole if he is that bad? Put Prado in the 3 hole for the day.

  44. And bat Conrad in the 2 hole? Or leadoff? Or… Diaz can hit 2!… but he’s not even hitting .200. No, wait, Hinske leads off, Blanco 2, Prado in the three-hole! Problem solved.

    It was a Sunday: Day Of Rest game in a series that we’d already won. With Chipper and Glaus off for the day, and Heyward on the DL, everyone hit where they should have. The only plausible change is flip-flopping Melky and Conrad, and I like Conrad in the 3-hole better than Melky.

    And all things considered, you either bunt there to give McCann a shot, or you pinch hit Chipper for Conrad, and give him, and McCann each a shot with a man on first.

    But then you have to hit Infante for Hinske, or let Hinske face the lefty. And if you hit Infante there, you have only Hicks to hit for the pitcher in the 9th.

    Long story short: you’re searching for factual evidence to prove something you feel.

  45. Oh god there’s actually somebody on Mark Bradley’s blog that’s trying to argue that McCann is a bad catcher.

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