Phillie time game thread: May 31, Phillies at Braves

We do seem to be getting them at the right time — a huge slump and no Halladay. I’m still worried, but then I’m always worried.

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  1. let’s take first place today.

    1. Prado 2B 2. Heyward RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Hanson P

  2. Man, if Escobar and McLouth can hit like they’re capable, that’s a pretty solid line-up.

    @1, As always, I appreciate the line-up being posted.

  3. After yesterday’s game KK’s +/- is now up to 0.053. Lowe is 0.174. Looks like KK might be able to catch Lowe although Lowe has also been looking good lately (as far as +/- goes). Hudson at 0.563 is still way better than anyone else in the starting rotation.

  4. just in case anyone’s wondering, dlowe is on pace to win 22 games. kk is on pace for a 20 loss season. if anyone is still stupid enough to put stock in win/loss record, they should look at the braves bottom 2 starters and get a frickin’ clue.

  5. jason heyward’s new projected stats:
    33 hr 123 rbi 94 runs 94 walks 10sb 32 doubles 10 triples
    100% awesomeness!

  6. well Im in Destin and of course the only games I get to see now is FLA. Here’s hopig that Hanson can shut them down today. Theyve been shutout in of their last 8 I believe. Three more would be nice

  7. Loving our 1-2 spots in the line-up. Glaus’s long fly balls went from outs to sac flies. I’m sure he appreciates it.

  8. In the second inning of a game in Colorado on May 12, the Philadelphia Phillies’ bullpen coach was caught on video watching the Rockies bat using binoculars from the bullpen (stealing signs.)

    The Phillies team offense before May 12: 272/344/455
    The Phillies team offense after May 12: 240/311/362

  9. @11, Now I really want to go to a Braves-Philles game with a sign that says, “I brought a sign to the game. I hope the Phillies don’t steal it.”

  10. I love David Ross. .. but he seems like a terrific trade chip for a left field bat

  11. 14—I don’t see it. What team would be looking to deal a good major-league LF for a back-up-ish catcher in the last year of his contract?

  12. @14 And who do we have that is ML ready that could backup McCann?

    As for expectations on this series. My expectations are that we win 1 out of 3 and are 1.5 games back after the series ends. That way anything better than that is all the more special. There is no way I could be happy with us being swept, so here’s hoping for 1-2 (or better!).

  13. For an organization that had Ramirez, Salty and Pena at one point, that’s just sad.

  14. @18 – Any of those guys will be available for the league minimum if Ross isn’t resigned. It’s not like they turned into Joe Mauer.

  15. Don’t forget Tyler Flowers… Max R. is actually doing a pretty good job as the Rangers’ backup — he’s just hitting .229 but with lots of secondary offense. Actually, it’s a lot like some of the lines Ross has put up. Saltalamacchia is hitting in Oklahoma City, so if he can just get a hold of that “throwing back to the pitcher” thing he should be okay.

  16. I wonder if the Rangers would trade us Teagarden or M. Ramirez this off season.

    By the way, the fate of the season and quite possibly all of humanity obviously hinges on this three game series.

  17. The weird thing about the Rangers is that they had three big-time catching prospects and have wound up giving the regular job to Misty May’s husband.

  18. @19 Well sure, but they cut loose of those guys before they had Ross and wound up running Corky and Clint out there in 08. I like Ross fine, and said so when they signed him, but I’ll never understand what Bobby Cox hated about Pena.

  19. Brayan Pena *is* Corky Miller. Low average, low OBP, low slugging, bad defense. I fail to understand how anyone could be upset about “losing” Brayan Pena.

  20. GREAT throw by Glaus on that DP. Anywhere else and it either hits Utley or pulls Yunel off the bag. Nice play for our converted 3b.

  21. Why is every line drive over the infield a “FLY BALL!” for Chip? Seriously….dude, halve your coffee intake before the game.

  22. He needs to learn how to watch the outfielders and not rely on his terrible depth perception.

  23. Ball one to Chipper might be further inside the strikezone than any I’ve ever “seen” on Gameday.

  24. Hey! There’s a bomb by Hoss– nice to see him hit with some power again.

  25. Is it too much to ask that Chip call Chipper home runs something like “There’s a swing! Deep…track…wall…BRAINSSSS!”

  26. omg. so to recap the first inning, we’ve had a rocket single, a homer, and 3 balls hit to the wall.

  27. Brayan Pena *is* Corky Miller. Low average, low OBP,

    Sam, that’s just not so. Pena is a career .303/.353/.403 minor leaguer. Corky Miller isn’t even close. The only time Pena got more than a handful of AB’s in the show, he hit .273/.318/.442. I am not saying we gave away Berra, but come on. That’s extremely useful from a backup catcher, and way better than Sammons or Miller is capable of.

  28. He trusts his stuff, but the strike zone’s looked really untrustworthy so far.

  29. In 2002, as a 26 year old Corky Miller hit 254/328/421 in 114 at bats.

    In 2009, as a 27 year old Brayan Pena hit 273/318/442 in 165 at bats.

    You over-remember the horrific half season Miller had with Atlanta in 2008, as a washed up 32 year old back up. Miller and Pena are virtually identical players, with the exception that when Miller was young he was a reasonably good defensive catcher, while Pena has always been an absolute butcher behind the plate. (The fact that he got so many at bats as Kansas City’s DESIGNATED HITTER last year says a lot more about the Royals than his usefulness as a backup catcher.)

  30. @58 – Hanson isn’t getting squeezed. He has no idea where the ball is going when he releases it.

  31. Does have localized commercials? Does anyone else get the same annoying Worlds of Fun commercial between every half inning? I’m boycotting Worlds of Fun because of it.

  32. “That’s exactly what Charlie wanted. He wanted to get thrown out of this game.”
    Really, Chip?

  33. Sad to see Charlie Manuel is losing his front butt. It was up there with the best of them like Charlie Weis.

  34. There was a low pitch inside that Dobbs skipped out of the way, and the umpire ruled that it grazed him. To me, it looked like the ball changed directions after it hit McCann’s mitt and bounced to the backstop. Bobby went out, the umpires conferred, and changed the call. Manuel came out, argued, and was tossed.

  35. I think Charlie wanted to get tossed. Down a few runs, try to motivate the troops, and he has a nice excuse with an awkward bit of umpiring.

  36. It looked like the ball barely grazed his pants, but Dobbs reacted like he wasn’t hit.

  37. Greg Dobbs hitting with Joe Blanton on 1B. Wild pitch that Dobbs skipped the rope to avoid. Home plate umpire called a HBP, much to Dobbs’ surprise. Cox argued, got the ump to ask the rest of the crew. The base umpires (assume it was the 3B ump) called Dobbs back to the plate. Blanton kept 2B on the passed ball.

    Charlie Manuel counter-argued and got tossed. And yes, he was trying to get tossed, trying anything to jump start his club.

  38. What delay? They’re batting in the bottom of the 3rd, McCann just drew a 1 out walk. Maybe your Gamecast is messed up.

  39. There is no delay. Chipper rolled out to 1B. McCann walked. Glaus singled to LF, Mac to 3B on Ibanez’ arm. Hinske aboard on a two base error by Howard. Mac scores. 2nd and 3rd, no outs.

    Escobar batting.

  40. Missed the tag a little, but the ball beat him to the bag by a long time, and he slid too soon. No ump is going to give him that call unless he pulls his lead arm back and sneaks the bag with the left hand.

    And McLouth is out.


    6-0 Braves.

  41. CBS Sportsline isn’t any further along than GameDay, and it makes you watch (or at least listen to) commercials every half inning. Thanks, but no thanks.

  42. All of the live feeds on the ‘nets run off of the same live data feeds.

    Hanson K’s Howard. Victorino sharply lines to Glaus. Doesn’t even run out of the box. Two out.

  43. I’ve always wondered how the Gamecast stuff worked. Is there one guy whose job it is to input all that stuff? Because that would be a pretty cool job.

  44. Unless they’ve changed the format, there are one or two STATS guys feeding live play info into the system from every park.

  45. Thanks, Sam. I think they’re all caught up so that you don’t have to provide the play-by-play anymore, although we do appreciate it.

  46. Lol, Valdez got hit and they didn’t call it. I heard it on the microphone.

  47. Charlie Manuel should have saved it for that uncalled HBP. I don’t know how the ump missed it.

  48. Six runs on a day that Heyward has a collar (so far) is a really good sign.

  49. Six runs are six runs, and I know Mac is on a crusade to rid the world of “unearned runs” logic. But Ross Gload gave us a run in the first, and Ryan Howard gave us two later.

  50. 109 — With first place on the line I suspect the odds are pretty good.

    And especially with 4 doubles in a row now.

  51. Why did Cox take Hanson out to begin with? Because he gave up one hit after getting many consecutive batters out before that?

  52. Because he gave up a ringing double and was at 105-110 pitches on a horrificly humid day in Atlanta. Moylan had nothing, but you can’t question pulling Hanson.

  53. Needed to get Moylan some work. Plus it let him double switch and get Blanco in the game.

  54. Well that just bought the phillies a Wagner appearance, if not a Saito as well.

  55. Chipper didn’t really make a very big effort to knock down Valdez’ double. I suppose he didn’t want to break a hip, but still…

  56. Good god, if we are going to hit people, at least let’s try to hit the ones who are good and stuff

  57. Wow, so I haven’t seen much of Venters before today; a lefty throwing 93-94 with a pretty nice slider is a real asset, and I had basically no idea who he was before this season.

  58. I think O’Flaherty gets the 8th today with 2 lefties and a switch-hitter due up, and another lefty in the hole.

  59. Nice job Venters. Let’s hope that the 3 runs off Hanson/Moylan were just an aberration. The last thing we need to happen is for the Phillies’ bats to wake up.

  60. Bastardo would be a great name for a closer. Play the Good The Bad And The Ugly music as your intro theme.

  61. @86

    Again, what the hell has happened to Nate McLouth?

    Looking at his career, I propose a couple of things.

    1) His 2008 is an outlier. He’s not that good. His true talent level is closer to his 2009 production.

    2) He “looked” a lot better to us last year than he was, because while he wasn’t particularly good, he wasn’t Jordan Schafer or Jeff Francoeur.

    3) He is a player in the mold of Kelly Johnson and Casey Kotchman who loses significant value playing in Turner Field. He is a dead pull LH batter with only moderate power. If you look at his career home runs, about a third of them fall short of the power alley walls at the Ted. Balls that were HRs and doubles off the wall in Pittsburgh are fly ball outs to RCF and CF in Atlanta.

    4) He’s in a deep, deep funk at the plate.

    Combine it all together and you get Nate 2010.

  62. Before the breaking ball that walked him, there were three fastballs that looked like just the kind of pitch McCann should knock over the fence. I generally love any PA that’s not an out, but those feel like missed opportunities.

  63. Glaus saw the same thing. He knew what was coming, and he knew how to handle it.

  64. I wonder if Blanco could play ss. He hits just enough to stick around for a good while as a backup ss.

  65. Chipper is old. It is summer in Atlanta. This is the second straight day game, with an ESPN 8:00 PM game followed by another day game Wednesday. Chipper is old.

    Smart managers give their veterans rest during these stretches of the season.

  66. Again – great job by Venters. I guess Cox brings in Wagner even with a 6 run lead.

  67. @155

    It’s a six-run lead. Wagner has pitched in four of the last five games. I’d say it’s a virtual certainty he pitches today.

  68. I doubt Wagner will pitch in this game. Four runs, maybe, but he’s worked the 26th, 27th, 29th, and 30th. No way he comes in with a six run lead.

  69. Seeing “Atlanta” on the top of the division standings at the end of the game was like seeing an old friend.

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