Joke of a game thread: May 31, Braves at D-Backs

Time for a contest. I’m looking for a joke. The beginning of this joke must be:

“What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and ________?” The blank may be filled by a person, place, thing, concept — whatever.

The winner will receive absolutely nothing of any value. Which lends itself to a Jeffy joke, doesn’t it?

103 thoughts on “Joke of a game thread: May 31, Braves at D-Backs”

  1. what does jeff francoeur and a black hole have in common? they both suck severely.

  2. What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and a Delorean being used as time machine?

    Nothing – they both have imaginary power numbers.

  3. Could always roll out the old “What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and Oscar Wilde? One was a shining wit, and the other a …”

    Or the convoluted, “What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and Le Chiffre (Bond villain in Casino Royale)? When Le Chiffre swings at balls, he hits.”

  4. What’s the difference between Jeff and Gadfly? At this point, even Jeff is willing to admit he sucks.

  5. What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and Budweiser? One is all-American, bland, ubiquitous, annoying, impossible to avoid in commercials, and soul-crushingly bad, and the other plays right field for the Braves.

  6. What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and Catie McCoy Francoeur?

    Nothing, they both make their living taking fastballs and sliders down the middle.

  7. You guys think there will be any changes when they get back to Atlanta tomorrow? What if they lose today?

  8. Could go with the old standby-

    Whats the difference between Jeff and a bucket of crap? The bucket.

  9. What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur and his mother?

    Jeff never compared himself to Socrates.

  10. What’s the difference between Jeff Francouer and herpes?

    Both ruin your life, but herpes take a week off here and there.

  11. I will boldly speculate that they don’t want him to get hurt while Wren’s putting the finishing touches on a trade. That must be what’s going on.

  12. Is this old news? I’ve never heard this Francoeur story (from Nick Cafardo in today’s Boston Globe): “One thing that makes sense about Boston scouting the struggling Francoeur is that he’s a big Red Sox fan (he used to carry a Red Sox Mastercard until his Braves teammates made him get rid of it).”

  13. What’s the difference between Jeff Francoeur ánd herpes?

    Nothing. Neither goes away.

  14. best lineup of the year.
    what’s the difference in a lineup with francoeur and a lineup without francoeur?
    A win.

  15. Jeez, Yunel, you’re supposed to hit to the opposite field so the runner can get to third! Bobby better tell him to bunt next time.

  16. medlen needed that. i can foresee a good outing from medlen today. he needs to work on his “throw away” pitches. they arent even close.

    medlen is getting squeezed.

  17. i dont use it (unless there are blackout days like yesterday) because i have mlbtv, but here is a place that streams all the games. you have to download “tvants” to get it to work. i’m sure it’s highly illegal. use at your own risk.

  18. Did I just hear correctly that Young has an obp of something like .219? They makes the Braves OF look Ruthian.

  19. Young is the only sub-Francoeurian outfielder in the major leagues.

    About that 2001 D-Backs team… Their backups included Lyle Overbay, Rod Barajas, and Jack Cust, so it wasn’t like they didn’t have any good young players, it’s just that they wouldn’t use them.


  20. Joe “loves” Schafer hitting a foul ball down the left field line. I can’t imagine what he’d do if Jordan hit one into the third base dugout.

  21. That last AB by Diaz produced a ball that was probably hit harder than any Frenchy has hit all year. Too bad it was an out.

  22. I liked that last inning from Medlin! Although, he looks like a 15 year old in that uni. It looks two sizes too big for him!

  23. Personally, I agree with Joe. I’d like to see Shafer put some of those ‘show-me’ outside pitches in play. His swing does look awfully pull happy, and they do keep jamming him inside to get him out.

  24. i hope this is not medlen’s last outing. he is looking on track. let’s hope he doesnt have his breakdown inning like his last 2 outings.

  25. “Handling yourself and handling Scherzer are two different things”, are these guys listening to themselves!

  26. GAnderson’s homer … just under the wire before June. Puts him on a torrid 3-HR pace.

  27. 911–come quickly–there’s a braves fan in cardiac arrest

    cheap shit there from Scherzer

    edit–Mac, don’t expect payback.

  28. Would it be asking too much to just roll this lineup out for a while, and you know, see what happens ?

    I am almost more surprised that ACHE showed some emotion, than the fact he actually hit a home run.

  29. If you’re going to drill someone because you’re made about a homerun, you don’t usually go with the slider…. Or to the ankle, for that matter.

  30. How did Prado not score from second on a ground ball single to right (per game day) with 2 out?

  31. i have been a supporter for schafer since day one, but he just looks overmatched.

  32. I like Schafer. i still think he has potential. But he needs to go down and hit in Gwinnett.

  33. #66, it was hit pretty hard to right, and I don’t think Prado is especially quick.

  34. I don’t understand how Kelly Johnson is not a .300 hitter like Chipper and Yunel. No explanation.

  35. Because the cold streaks drag him down so much. If Johnson could just be slightly below average during them, instead of totally hopeless, he’d be a .300 hitter.

  36. Medlen will probably get one more start with Glavine not on rotation to pitch until next Sunday.

    What’s it going to take for Bobby to give Norton some time in the OF corners?

  37. ACHE hit a home run? They had the game playing in the casino but I must have missed that. I did see him lollygag on a few plays.

  38. So much for Diaz having no arm. Too bad McCann can’t hold on the ball when tagging.

    For a guy who throws so hard, Acosta sure doesn’t get any Ks.

  39. just glanced at the game log. the internet must be broken because it said something about ACHE hitting a home run. i’ve been hacked right?

  40. And Diaz in RF? Ok now I know something is wrong. If its true has his arm cost us the game yet?

  41. 94 – We have a pool on whether Diaz will get injured before his right arm costs us the game. So far everybody but one has taken the “under”

  42. I want to see what Gadfly comes back with after this game. Diaz just showed that he can handle right field with no problem. But more importantly, he can hit the ball with some authority (something Frenchy couldn’t do in his dreams).

  43. The last time I remember a bench player hitting instead of an available position player on this team was back in July 2007 when Moylan hit in a blowout game with Saltalamacchia still on the bench. ‘Salty’ was traded within a day or two I recall.

    Here we got Kawakami instead of Francoeur and an off-day tomorrow….

  44. Well, Moylan hit instead of McCann in a game earlier this year because Bobby moronically wanted to save him for extra innings against the Mets instead of getting insurance in regulation.

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