Uninteresting game thread: May 29, Pirates at Braves

Maybe the Pirates would be more interesting if they had some more comically bad players. It seems like mostly they have a bunch of D players all around. Let’s see some Fs.

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  1. 1. Prado 2B
    2. Heyward RF
    3. Chipper 3B
    4. Glaus 1B
    5. Escobar SS
    6. Cabrera LF
    7. Ross C
    8. McLouth CF
    9. Medlen RHP

  2. Wow…controversy already– the 1st base umpire really blew that pickoff call at first. He missed that by two feet.

    And some (ahem!) nice camerawork by Sportsouth, focusing on the Braves’ dugout while the play was going on.

  3. And you gotta wonder what the ump was telling Bobby over there. “I know, I missed it. I meant to say out, but I said safe. And you know I can’t change the call now.”

  4. Boy, that change of Medlen’s is something else. It’s become a killer out pitch for him.

  5. Wow, clutch K by Medlen.

    Phillies are facing Josh Johnson in Florida tonight, so a good night to pick up another game.

  6. We and the umps tried to give the Pirates runs, but the Pirates just wouldn’t accept them.

  7. Chip’s link has Jerry Manuel saying, “Tune out all the voices with different recommendation about your swing and just do what you do.”

    What Jeffy does is hit .218 with a .278 OBP. I’m fine with that now. I can’t imagine Mets fans are.

  8. Screw you mlb.tv for not cutting off the feed before Chip’s pirate impression.

  9. That’s it.
    After that horrible “joke” by Chip, I will move to Atlanta and put in my resume with Sports South just to take Chip’s job. I have sports broadcasting experience, surely I can do better right?

  10. Coming into this game, Troy Glaus was hitting .319/.393/.468 in May. Not quite as much power as he used to have, but he’s quietly been one of our best hitters.

    And Escobar pulls another grounder to the shortstop.

  11. Wow. Kendry Morales hit a walk-off grand slam and broke his ankle at the home-plate celebration.

  12. Halladay has a perfect game working through 7 2/3 innings. I say again, Halladay has a perfect game going.

  13. @48 – Why wouldn’t we? This is the situation they are supposed to be used in.

  14. Well, congrats to Halladay – I’ve always liked him. But God, I hate the Phillies.

  15. And Saito does his part. Now, will Wagner get the save (or the Atlanta Save)?

  16. Interesting watching the end of Halladay’s perfecto on MLB Network– the Marlins fans were on their feet the entire 9th inning, cheering for Halladay, and they exploded when he got the last out. I remember being distinctly pissed off when Ubaldo no-hit the Braves, and even more so when Randy Johnson threw his perfect game against them. Let’s just say I’m not impressed by the Marlins’ “fans.”

  17. Oh, come on. He made a fine point about the Marlins fans. After all, it was a 1-0 game where one swing could tie the game and they just gave up…

    Oh, you mean the other Chip. You’re right. Carry on.

  18. @61: Fair enough– I wasn’t there, watched it on TV. This seemed different to me, though– it wasn’t respectful applause, it was like Halladay was pitching at home. I get being thrilled by history, but don’t you have to root for your own players? They cheered explosively when he got strike 3 on Helms.

  19. Ross hit 38 homers over a 2 year period for the Reds. (Yes, I know it was in a bandbox.)

  20. My friend who plays for the Jays thinks that Halladay is on par with Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, and Pedro Martinez. I vote false.


  21. Baseball-References has Tim Hudson as Halladay’s most similar pitcher, and vice versa. His career looks a bit like Maddux’s, but it’s less than half as long (2132 IP vs. 5008).

  22. @66: He may be close to as good as those guys, but he’s not in their league historically yet (IMHO). I’d say if he keeps this up for another 6-7 seasons, which would put him somewhere near 270 victories, then you can start putting him in their category. One thing he doesn’t have yet (though he might get this year) is that signature dominant season– Maddux in ’94/’95, Pedro in 2000, etc. Halladay’s best single-season ERA, for example, is 2.22, well above Maddux/Pedro’s best.

    Anyway– watching him reminds me of Maddux, though I think he might have better stuff. But I’m not ready to put him in that category yet.

  23. Rob, I’d say we don’t totally know just yet — he’s only 33, after all, and he has 155 wins, which means that if he pitches another ten years like Maddux there’s a good chance he’ll get to 300…

    I guess at this point I’d be with you. But my goodness, he pitched against the hardest competition in the world the last few years and he was still one of the top 5 pitchers in baseball every year. He may not be Maddux — almost no one in history ever has been– but he’s not far.

  24. I agree, but I think Maddux is one of the best pitchers ever. Halladay is 33, and could just as easily become Sandy Koufax. Let him do it as long as Maddux did, and we can talk.

  25. Got a question– anybody know this year’s interleague record, by league? (IE, which league has won more so far?)

  26. if they play half an inning, can they call it at end of the previous inning, taking away the top half?

  27. So the Braves have now outscored the Phillies for the season, 234-231. Hard to believe, especially remembering the 9-game losing streak.

    In fact, the Braves are now 5th in the NL in runs scored for the season.

  28. I think Halladay is in the maddux category as far as ability. But remember that Greg came to the majors at age 20 and had won a fair number of games before his first CY young. Halladay struggled for a few years. And maddux pitched in a non-dl league in a lesser offensive era on a better team. Don’t get me wrong-greg maddux was a truly great pitcher, but don’t sell halladay short.

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