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  1. I know I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, but I’m not sure George Harrison was a superstar. He could do everything well, but I’m not sure he was ever truly at the level of a Tom Glavine or a Lou Gehrig, a born collaborator who was clearly one of the finest people in the profession in his own right. I think Harrison was more of a Mark McLemore: a spectacular sideman who was behind the Lennon/McCartney first string for a reason.

  2. All Things Must Pass > Lennon and McCartney’s post-Beatles bodies of work combined

  3. @1
    Maybe you had to be there, AAR.

    Tell me; consider Eddie Matthews. Never the best player on his team. Never the best player in his league.


  4. They also serve who stand and let Clapton play their solos for them.

    Seriously, George was probably a glue guy keeping John and Paul from killing each other. And when on his own proved to be a fine songwriter.

    How could I be so blind? Wren’s genius is finally being revealed to me:

    Trade our best starter to the Yankees for “hot minor league prospects” and watch him struggle as he did before. Then, trade him straight up for Jo-Jo. Genius, I tellya.

    You could almost hear DLowe’s agent guffawing “what a maroon” as Wren signed the last of the stupid money contracts.

    Can you imagine how far the ball will go when Heyward starts hitting the ball on the sweet spot instead of the label. And did you see how fast he got from second to home on the ONE-HOP LINE DRIVE TO LEFT?

    I think soon (though it will be difficult) the Braves need to move Heyward to #3 and Chipper to #5 (or #6). The difference in speed at the top of the order is too pronounced to be ignored.

  5. I like “FEAR THE PRADO” way more than “It’s Melky-licious.” Especially since it’s not at all these days.

    @6, I would love to see Heyward move to the #3 spot. The next time Chipper gets hurt, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bobby “experiment” with putting him there.

  6. Eddie Matthews was probably the second or third greatest 3b of all time, depending on how you rate that sort of thing. The fact that he did so at a time when there were a lot of inner circle hof’s playing doesn’t change that. Harrison, who ihave a on of respect for just ain’t in that class for me, as a guitarist or writer

  7. I have Harrison ahead of Winwood, Burdon, Townshend, but behind Lennon and McCartney, and Brian Jones, Keith Richards.

    I even have Harrison ahead of Clapton. All on the strength of All Things Must Pass.

  8. Great record. That comes to a matter of taste. I can’t say anything of the ‘artistic or technical merits’ of ATMP that would put it ahead of Derek and the Dominos.. Just that I like it better. Point WELL taken though.

  9. “I’d put the Derek & The Dominos record ahead of ATMP. But that’s just me.”

    No, it’s not just you–I’m right there with you.

    But–and I know this might ruffle some feathers, start some arguments, etc.–Harrison’s “If I Needed Someone” might be my favorite Beatles’ song. “You Like Me Too Much” is also really swell–an adult love song in a time when adolescence ruled.

  10. My fave Harrison songs: “Don’t Bother Me” and “Love You To.”

    On the other hand, “Tomorrow Never Knows” is basically a John Lennon version of a George Harrison song, and that’s my favorite Beatles song ever.

  11. Trivia: Harrison made the first Beatles’ solo record. Anyone heard it? Here’s a pretty representative track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQbbiNoDUo8

    Far out, man.

    Plastic Ono Band is far and away the best post-Beatles solo record. I might even put Ram ahead of All Things Must Pass if we’re counting the third LP.

  12. Harrison was always my favorite Beatle, and I agree with those who put All Things Must Pass above the others solo efforts.

    Don’t forget the Traveling Wilbury’s either.

  13. I’ll always be grateful to George Harrison for his incorporating sitar and other instruments from Indian classical music into rock, though Brian Jones probably got there first (“Paint It Black”).

  14. 18,
    There’s a street in Atlanta off Piedmont, just north of 14th street, called “The Prado”. I looked at a house on the street a few weeks ago, but it was out of our price range. It would’ve been pretty awesome to be able to say I live on The Prado.

  15. I should add that while I’m unabashedly a Beatles guy, “Paint It, Black” is almost certainly my favorite sitar-driven pop track. I tend to like the Stones best when they’re at their most ominous.

  16. Backup day!

    1. Nate McLouth CF
    2. Martin Prado 2B
    3. Chipper Jones 3B
    4. Eric Hinske 1B
    5. Yunel Escobar SS
    6. Jason Heyward RF
    7. Melky Cabrera LF
    8. David Ross C
    9. Derek Lowe P

    Though I’m not sure why Ross is hitting 8th.

  17. Because Cox is a creature of habit and puts the backups at the lower end of the lineup, no matter how they’re performing.

  18. Well, Ross should probably hit 7th in front of Melky, who should hit 10th.

    The team must be tired after the cross country flight.

  19. Nice comeback by Lowe- looks like he’s got good movement tonight. And the usual great throw by Ross.

  20. Ross is impressive behind the dish. If we didn’t have McCann, I really think I’d rather have Ross than almost any other catcher in the NL.

  21. This is an impressive at-bat by Yunel. I’m glad to see that; he’s looked bad some.

  22. I don’t know how on earth Yunel Escobar can hit so many groundballs. Even when he’s batting .300, he leads the club in GIDP. It makes no sense to me.

  23. Why is Dave Ross hitting behind Melky Cabrera?
    Honestly, Cabrera is kind of a good example of somebody who maybe should hit ninth, right now. I know Bobby doesn’t do that; it’s just a thought.

  24. Random question, but does anyone ave the MLB app for their iPad or iPhone?

    Great to sees the team be more patient and beat up on a pitcher.

  25. Man, our bench is pretty awesome so far. Between Hinske and Ross, we haven’t lost a lot of punch between our first and second-string.

  26. Lowe and his run support. Shit, I bet even the Hamster would go 5/5 if he were in the lineup

  27. Wasn’t Corpas their closer some last year? He’s gone from closer to 2nd inning guy? (Or was it the high leverage situation? heh heh)

  28. Wow! I go for a walk after Jay-Hey’s first hit, I come back and we score SEVEN, and Melky gets two hits. And BTW—-All Things Must Pass was really good, but would have been better off as a double album, not a triple, and Paint It Black is the greatest pop song ever!

  29. An ealk to get to our first baseman? Won’t work this time- we’re not playing Glaus!

  30. Oh well that wasn’t all that bad, I have Hawpe in fantasy. Speaking of fantasy who on here told me that Prado wouldn’t be a good fantasy middle infielder?

  31. @88, There’s a major delay woth the audio feed (45-60 seconds for me), but otherwise I’ve had no problems. It’s good to hear Don Sutton’s voice again for nostalgic reasons.

  32. For those of us stuck without a chance to see or hear the game…

    what the heck just happened? ESPN Gamecast doesn’t say how Chipper scored.

  33. We have to hope Lowe retires after this year, he just blows.
    I was all for the signing of him too, good thing I am not a GM.

    Chipper hit a HR.

  34. Well, that’s certainly different from the HBP game Cast is claiming for Mr. Jones.

  35. @106

    I agree. With a 5 run lead, I don’t mind burning Lowe for 115-120 pitches. His arm won’t fall off and this is the game to do it.

    You’d figure Medlen/Chavez/Dunn rounds this one out though

  36. dont we have an off day between Lowe’s next start? extra day of rest, Id extend his outing

  37. Well, as I just checked Melky’s Hot/Cold Zone (to see nothing but ice blue squares) he grounds into a dp.



  38. Why the hell do you hit for Hinske there? He’s a much better defensive first baseman than Glaus, and you should want your best defensive team on the field in the ninth.

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