Game Thread: Pirates at Braves, Apr. 3

First off, I’m writing a paper and was hoping someone out there can help me. Does anyone have access to copies of the original, self-published Baseball Abstracts? A reprint would be fine.

Anyway, the basic problem with the Pirates is that they’re stupid and cheap. You can be stupid, and you can be cheap, or you can be both, and be the Pirates.

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  1. The Phillies made errors in each of the first 4 innings. That’s a pretty good way to lose a game.

    And Cy Bergmann is on the mound for the Nationals, pitching shutdown baseball again. I don’t know what it is about this kid, but he’s occasionally a hell of a pitcher. Right now: 5.1 innings, 3 hits, 6 strikeouts, 1 walk, 1 run.

  2. well. Bergman apparently hit the 5th inning wall and let a few guys on, and a few guys in, and then the bullpen came in and let more guys on and in and the Nats have given up 6 runs in this inning and are now down 7-6…. *sigh* I was hoping for an 0-3 start from the Phils.

  3. This has been mentioned before, I realize but I thought I’d bring it up.

    Brent Lillibridge (24)

    1169 AB
    30 HR
    258 K
    105 SB

    Martin Prado (24) one month older

    1901 AB
    15 HR
    246 K
    44 SB

    Lillibridge is a touted prospect; Prado is never given any recognition

    Lillibridge does three main things better than Prado:
    1. ability to play SS (for an extended period of time)
    2. hit for power
    3. speed

    If the Braves think Escobar is the long-term answer at SS, then I would think about selling Lillibridge while his stock is still relatively high.

    Between Infante (when he returns), Prado, and Gotay the Braves have plenty of options as backup infielders, definitely an above-average bench and far cry from Orr, Woodward, and Thorman.

    I’m sure a few teams out there (Giants, Reds, Orioles, etc.) that would be interested in Lillibridge, who could pass for a 16-year old, I might add.

    And a change of the subject: I’m still annoyed by the series of trades in which we essentially traded Macay McBride, Wilfredo Ledezma, Will Startup for Royce Ring in return…then again it’s mainly due to the fact that Startup (and McBride) was a local.

  4. I’ll be there for the Final Four so yea I’m definitely thinking about the sports book.

  5. Forgot to mention this on here last night, but I am currently in Chicago at a conference (so sadly, had to miss my internet broadcast of the first Braves win) and last night, I met up with a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a long time for dinner at Gibson’s Steakhouse, apparently, a famous and popular hang out here in Chi-town.

    When we went to the bar for drinks (while awaiting our table) I happened to see one Eric Gagne in the back corner at a table with what looked like a Brewers teammate (he was bald, muscled) but couldn’t tell who the other guy was.

    (I had forgotten for a sec that Gagne was now a Brewer, but it came back to me slowly as to why he’d be in Chicago last night…)

    Anyway, my comment was that he wasn’t that BIG in person. He must be off the juice because he was very “mortal” sized. But the messy dark hair and chin bear were unmistakeable.

    I told a friend of mine this morning about seeing Gagne and he asked if Gagne was wearing the goggles…um, no.

  6. Re: Vegas
    For casinos, I like the Hard Rock.

    Clubs: Jet Lounge is hot and Tabu is a cool DJ lounge. Mandalay Bay is a younger crowd for all kinds of action.

    If you like crazy all-night house & techno action (like me) , try the Empire Ballroom on the strip.

  7. Dix,

    I’ll throw in endorsements of the sports books at The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay. The Caesar’s pool area is pretty sweet as well.

    As for moderately priced food options, try the deli in New York New York, Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay or the food court area in The Venetian. For better food, just hit any of the restaurants around, but it will take from your gambling roll.

    If you’re looking for interesting sights to see, the Hard Rock is something–must be dispatch, but only look ;)

    Enjoy. I was there last weekend and had a blast.

  8. I second Cary big time on The Bellagio & Mandalay Bay, their sports books, of course.

  9. I can’t remember what they call these things on the standardized tests I took in high school and college, but right now I’m thinking something like this:

    Royals being undefeated after playing Tigers : Hampton not getting injured in his first start

  10. I believe that is a syllogism, but I may be wrong.

    I propose a game of nostalgia:

    Where were you/what was your life like when:

    (1) Mike Hampton last pitched in August 2005, or

    (2) When Hampton last beat the Pirates in September of 2003

  11. I think it’s just analogies — they have actually been taken off the SAT, though.

    So, you could say…

    Kansas City Royals : sweeping the Tigers and going 3-0 to start the season :: Mike Hampton : not being injured at the start of the season

  12. AAR — I think that’s it. Makes me pretty sure I screwed them up on those tests too! Phils just won on a bases loaded walk. Ouch.

  13. Alex, the bald guy was probably Gabe Kapler, who is certainly muscular and it attempting a comeback with the Brew Crew.

  14. 19 — wow, I knew it had been a while since Hampton had been on the mound, but that’s crazy:

    Sep 2003 — I moved back home to Virginia to start grad school

    Aug 2005 — I got married and moved to Wisconsin (more grad school)

  15. September of 2003 — Began my final year at Vanderbilt, having just proposed marriage to my then-girlfriend the month prior.

    August of 2005 — Began my second year of law school at UGA, having gotten used to regular sexual intercourse.

    Nashville/Vanderbilt/undergrad were about eleventy billion times more enjoyable than Athens/UGA/law school…but the clear nod goes to 2005.

  16. 9/2003 –I met the woman who will bear my children and plant me in the ground.

    8/2005–I boarded up my house as Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. (I lived in Pensacola, Florida.)

  17. Lineups are up-
    McLouth cf
    Wilson ss
    Sanchez 2b
    Bay lf
    LaRoche 1b
    Nady rf
    Bautista 3b
    Paulino c
    Duke p

    Prado 2b
    Escobar ss
    Jones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    Francoeur rf
    Diaz lf
    Kotsay cf
    Miller “c”
    Van Winkle p

  18. In August of ’05 I was laboring in sales in Georgia; I have since almost finished the requirements for the CPA exam in Louisiana.

  19. Yay for for Dire Straits. The live version of this song on Alchemy is fantastic. Actually everything in Alchemy is amazing. A must for classic rock junkies.

  20. Alright, Braves Journal, I need your expert advice and opinion. I am a high school senior who’s just been accepted at vanderbilt, emory, and BYU. Where should I go?

  21. Where can I listen to the Braves online (besides MLB.TV, which I might resort to eventually)? No Braves game being shown on TV for me today.

  22. Man, if he was just taken out because of the weather, I hope hes not just pushed back tomorrow. Im going to the game and was excited to watch Huddy pitch.

  23. and some of you thought Hampton would pitch tonight …

    No matter how good his spring was, I won’t believe it until I see him on the mound.

  24. Science and Math are my best and favorite, although I have enough AP credit to get rid of math… I’m looking to go into Medicine, majoring in Biology or something like that

  25. desert,

    Have you made visits to each of the schools? Look at which school offers the best financial aid (scholarships, fellowships, grants, etc.). Emory has some excellent collections and holdings, and it’s always had plenty of Coca-Cola money to offer its students.

  26. Boomer – Almost all cable services are giving a free week of MLB Extra Innings if you have a digital cable box.

  27. No cable box for me. I’m in the dorms for one more month, so I’m going to have to manage with a radio broadcast somehow.

  28. just showed Hamptons warmup and they saw him grimmace and hold the left side of his lower back/hip. Didnt look like he was in that much pain, Sciambi is trying to reassure everyone its because of the weather

  29. I was offered a full-ride (plus a BMW from my mom) to BYU, and I’m going to be in town next week to visit Emory and talk finances. I’ll visit Vanderbilt right after that, do the same and head home. I’ve lived in Atlanta before (Duluth, Norcross), and love the area, but being from the west, don’t really have a great feeling for either Nashville or “true” Atlanta.

  30. Some friends back home were grilling out tonight and having a “Welcome Back Mike Hampton” party… put that on hold now.

  31. Chucky’s 5 innings per outing is pretty good compared to Hampton’s avg over the past 2 years.

  32. vandy – my wife went there and she had an amazing college experience. emory from my perspective doestn much charm. It just feels cold driving through there. go to vandy and you will be driving bmw soon enough, if those things are important to you. for me i would rather take the $35k for bmw, buy a junk car for college & invest the $35k.

  33. Mac deserves credit. While most everyone else (including me) was gullible enough to believe Hampton was actually going to pitch for the Atlanta Braves this year, Mac knew better and held firm despite the illusion of Hampton’s spring training.

  34. Thats true… I really want to go to a good university for medical school, though, so it would be better to attend a large-name university. I’m still hoping that the Harvard-wait list will pay off, then there will be no question what so ever- but I was hoping some of you could tell me a bit about Vandy and Emory.

  35. I think this finally silences his critics — I am speechless. I do feel a little sorry for the guy though.

  36. Hampton. Amazing. It never ends. Cue up another video, Mac.

    I wouldn’t exactly call the Emory area “true Atlanta” anymore. It’s old Atlanta, like “Driving Miss Daisy” era. It’s suburbia inside the perimeter.

    One of my best friends went to Emory & he loved it. Awesome facilities & not a bad medical school either.

    Up to you & what you’re most comfortable with. I think Atlanta’s a great town for college because there’s more to do there than most towns, but that may not be what you want.

  37. Ahaha. I come home, turn on the “radio” (gameday audio) and the first words out of Skip’s mouth: “When we have the word on Hampton, we’ll pass it along.”


    I like the guy, and I really hope he’s able to contribute double-digit starts for this team, but this is just too much, especially after the “silencing his critics” thing.

  38. I think Gameday audio is actually playing slower than real time — everything’s pitched too low, and the commercials are really weird — but it makes Skip sound even worse than normal.

    Skip, I hope your body can heal for you.

  39. Thank you very much everybody, I needed an insider’s perspective towards the town itself. It makes choosing a lot less stressful.

  40. I am a pre med (waiting to hear back from some med schools I interviewed for) and I can tell you that it does not matter what undergrad you go to if you intend on applying to med schools. Just keep a 3.6-4.0 and you’ll be fine. With you options I would probably go to Vandy. Great academics. SEC football. SEC women.

  41. The problem with the BMW at BYU is that I’m not LDS, which means that there are no women in the side seat.

  42. According to Pete, Hampton pulled a muscle in his upper chest. He’s listed as day to day.

  43. Because then she won’t have to pay for college (an Indian tradition, pay for your kid’s college, they pay for their kid’s, etc). So then she would have enough to buy me a car… but seriously, Mike, thats a great idea

  44. I don’t think Hampton’s been shirking or faking over the past two years but I’m wondering if it’s time for a Smoltz quote like last summer’s comments on Chipper.

  45. By way of complimenting Kotsay’s single, Skip just said that “When all is said and done,” he might wind up as the leadoff hitter, because he’s a “smart” hitter who hits to all fields.

    I’m not sure which I should be more worried about: Skip’s sanity, or the possibility that the Braves might agree.

  46. Kotsay (no longer kraptrade for nickname… maybe krapforcraptrade… kfcay?) got a hit?

  47. Why is McCann not playing today? He’s had three starts and an off day this week already, hardly seems like an onerous workload.

  48. Beat me to it, Another Alex R. I can’t believe he was advocating for Kotsay as the leadoff hitter just because “he hits the ball to all fields”.

  49. 109–I’m sure they just don’t want to wear McCann down as the season goes on.

  50. Not so fast there, Mac. That’s why God gave us two armpits.

    Also, one thing the Pirates might want to consider, if they ever want to be the opposite of atrocious, would be to bat Freddy Sanchez 2nd, Nady 3rd, and Jack Wilson 11th.

  51. Well, he can’t bunt, and Dusty isn’t real fond of players who can’t do the little things, even if they do the big things.

  52. It wasn’t, but assuming the trade was 1-for-1, I *still* think the Braves win the LaRoche for Gonzalez deal..

  53. Not just losing, but losing to Zach Duke. Opponents his something like .330 against him last year.

  54. It’s kind of amazing how high and low, and how quickly, the offense for this team goes. Odalis Perez? Zach Duke? Really?

  55. Well, look at our lineup. With KJ and McCann out, and Teixeira struggling, it’s Chipper, Escobar, and whichever Francoeur shows up. Kotsay, at .250, actually has the fourth-best batting average in the lineup.

  56. If Duke had come up in the Braves system, he’d be at least as good as Chuck James (league average or better, and probably go deeper into games). But the Pirates break young pitching. You see Gorzelanny was throwing high 80s against us? He was a 93-95 kinda guy as recently as last year.

  57. Just caught a few minutes of the good Caray kid on the radio–not nitwit Chip, but Josh. The Rome Braves are losing 3-1 in the 5th. Locke started; I don’t know how they scored the run.

  58. tell me this is not correct…10th inning of the Phils-Nats game

    Rollins reached on infield single
    Victorino sacrifices and Rollins reaches third on the bunt
    Utley int. walked
    Howard int. walked
    Werth walked and Rollins scores

    why would you let a reliever intentionally walk two batters and then expect him to throw strikes, I could have predicted the next walk

  59. haha i just got on here and the first thing i read was:

    Catz // Apr 3, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    I bet Hampton will re-injure himself warming up or something

    I’d say you jinxed him, but who am I kidding? There was like a 90% chance you’d be right.

  60. I see the reasoning, but only if you have a groundball specialist who can come in after the two walks. Your playing with fire either way

  61. Prado = Willie Harris last year = extremely fast start then fades to be who he really is

  62. Oh, I think Prado is probably better than Harris. I don’t think he’s better than KJ.

    How are the Braves like a grounder to the pitcher? They’re going to be 1-3!

  63. Josh, look at Prado’s minor league #’s. Don’t think you can put him in the same category as Harris.

  64. Johnson is definitely better than Prado. I really hope Cox doesn’t start a platoon based on Prado 10ABs this season.

  65. Lando, that would make lots of sense, if Harris’ minor league stats (.283 .363 .415) weren’t better than Prado’s (.300 .352 .393).

  66. Really? You don’t want a hot bat in the lineup? I’ll take any hot bat while it lasts. Use em up and spit em back out.

  67. Someone asked earlier why McCann was out, given that we had an off-day a couple days back.

    The reason (in my estimation) is that we’re playing the Mets this weekend, and Cox wants McCann to play all of ’em.

    Of course, Sunday is a day-game-after-an-evening game, so we may not see him play Sunday. In which case… why isn’t McCann in tonight?!

  68. Can’t believe I was late to this game. I assume all the good Hampton jokes have already been made.

    Looks like we are ralling at least.

  69. Yeah. This is the kind of thing the previous Pirates manager was doing last year with Gorz in an attempt to get Gorz his 15th win; having him throw 115-120 pitches in utterly meaningless games. The Pirates break young pitchers.

  70. Mac, Corky has hit all three balls on the nose tonight, I wouldn’t pinch hit for him.

  71. And I wasn’t comparing Prado to Harris. I was saying he is playing over his head right now. But even if he isn’t – he isn’t the potential 20-25 HR power that KJ has.

  72. I think I’ve seen that bullpen tape more times than the Zabruder film.

  73. Any news on KJ’s knee? Just wondering if he might be in the running to go on the DL to make room for Smoltz. Of course, it seems like Hampton has just volunteered to make room for Smoltz.

  74. That’s what they say. What that means is that he can’t hit, or hasn’t in his major league trials. When Brayan Pena hit .220 last year, he suddenly became a much better defensive catcher.

  75. But I don’t know that I blame him too much for that one. He was sliding his body over to block it like he is supposed to – just didn’t get it squared up in time. Not really supposed to glove those.

  76. You know a catcher is a bad offensive player when the announcers talk about his defense while he is batting.

  77. You know Tex said he wasn’t worried about his slump in spring training but maybe he should have been?

  78. I just don’t remember it being this maddening watching Braves games a few years back. We rely on the HR wayyyyyy too much – no situation hitting (minus Chipper) to speak of.

  79. I don’t have a confidence our bullpen. Except Hudson, no one can pitch 6ip over. Do I stare at the braves pitchers in utter disbelief? I hope my apprehensions aren’t realized.

  80. Tex has always heated up through the year; his career splits get better as the year progresses. Consider this repayment for his hot streak when we got him.

  81. I’m all for patience, but in that inning the Braves swung at three pitches (one strike, one foul, one groundout) and took at least twelve. That’s probably too much.

  82. Wow, Bobby isn’t going with someone other than Soriano in a tie game in the ninth….. What’s going on?

  83. @237…I dunno if you’re being sarcastic, but if a home game is tied in the 9th or later there can’t be a save situation.

  84. I was being extremely sarcastic. Bobby always plays for the long haul except tonight for some reason.

  85. Russell doesn’t seem to know how to manage a starting rotation, but maybe he knows enough to give Yates days off in between pitching.

  86. Bobby probably would have saved Soriano for later if not for the fact that every guy in the bullpen has been used in every game except him.

  87. I’m not by any means a Kali fan, but you can do worse with the last guy in your bullpen. I’d bet that he has a better year than Resop, but call me crazy.

  88. I have no faith whatsoever in Resop. I don’t want to ever see him pitching a full inning in a late-and-close game.

  89. Day off, he’s pitched all of them…though I forgot him when I said Ring was the last one

  90. RESOP PITCHING SOME MORE? WHY BOBBY, WHY? Did you not see Ring just strikeout LaRoche? Enough with the lefty-righty obsession.

  91. Does anyone have the game on TV? I’d like to think we don’t have to forcibly commit Bobby to a mental hospital.

  92. So to answer the previous Blanco question — apparently he is on the roster to replace a pitcher in the outfield whenever necessary.

  93. Oh, man, if Cox does this 9 more times, Resop will be fantasy-eligible at RP and LF!

  94. lol, wow. I’ve never seen anything like this. You know this is going to be all over baseball tonight.

  95. I see nothing wrong with it, besides the fact he didn’t want Ring to pitch to a righty. LaRoche was most likely to not hit anything near Resop.

    Hopefully Resop doesn’t suck during his second go around.

  96. I agree with Robert. Nice to see Bobby actually go something totally unpredictable!

  97. I’m glad I was wrong, but damn I’m getting sick of Nady. I almost dislike him as much as a Met…oh wait.

  98. And you wanted Resop in the game *why*, Bobby?

    The men in the white coats are your friends, let them help you with your new jersey…

  99. Yeah. Wasn’t Moylan leadin the Aussie league in homers before the WBC? Platoon him with Diaz!

  100. what is the Braves’ record in extras over the last two years? seems like they’ve lost 8 of every 10

  101. braves14, that’s ok. You didn’t catch my sarcasm about bobby using Soriano in the 9th either.

  102. The situation wasn’t right in this game, but I wonder if the Resop to LF move could have created a situation where he could have gotten both a hold and a save or maybe even a win and a save?

    Wins, holds, and saves are worthless stats of course.

  103. If you don’t swing, you surely won’t get a hit. At least Kotsay knows to swing at a strike.

  104. I think that ball was a mistake through the middle. Nady didn’t miss a ball. The Pirets did 3 errors. On the other hand the Braves made 10 hits. Loosing game. What a crap!!!

  105. Did that strike call on Francoeur in the left handed batter’s box just cost us the game?

  106. I would say that Resop’s inability to throw strikes, the offense, and Miller’s errors cost us this one

  107. Most frustrating team ever.

    0-3 in one run games. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  108. I blame everybody. No matter how many .300 hitters, 25 home run and 100 RBI guys we have, this team is getting nowhere near October

  109. So much for the bullpen being a strength. Acosta and Resop are the new Cormier and Reitsma

  110. Just looked at the box score…. 11 hits + 3 errors on them vs. 6 hits + one error on us = lose?


    Let’s all stay optimistic; chant with me: “We Will Regress To The Mean!”

  111. No, we lost this game b/c Prado, Resop, and Corky Miller all player major roles in the game.
    Someone needs to tell Bobby that spring training ended last week. Get some major league players, please.

  112. I might have to look this up for myself, but it never seems like the Braves come out of the box strong. I would like during the Cox era, the Braves can’t be that much over .500 for some reason.

  113. 1 positive from this series – we’ve learned Royce Ring can get Adam LaRoche out – Royce has recorded 3 outs, all of which were Adam. (Other batters are hitting 1.000 against him)

  114. Anyone else think we got rid of the wrong reliever when we kept Resop and traded Kali.

  115. I’m sick of losing one run games. We’ve played well below our Pythagorean expectation since 2005. This is really, really pissing me off.

  116. By David O’Brien

    April 3, 2008 11:11 PM | Link to this

    THIS JUST IN: Hampton on DL, Jo-Jo Reyes comes up to fill spot in bullpen temporarily (Carlyle pitched tonight, so he can’t do it) and CHUCK JAMES will be brought up to replace Hampton in rotation for his next start.

    They don’t think Hampton will be out more than a few weeks, but too early to tell.

  117. They don’t think Hampton will be out more than a few weeks, but too early to tell.

    I can tell. It will be longer. It’s always longer.

  118. Mac, I have a 1982 Abstract somewhere, but I don’t believe it’s self published…

  119. Okay here we go, as of May 1st:

    ’91 9-10
    ’92 11-12
    ’93 12-14
    ’94 15-9
    ’95 4-1 (20-14 after 6/1)
    ’96 16-12
    ’97 20-6
    ’98 19-9
    ’99 16-7
    ’00 19-6
    ’01 12-15
    ’02 13-15
    ’03 18-10
    ’04 12-11
    ’05 15-10
    ’06 11-14
    ’07 16-10

    So basically, there you go, I’m not sure I have a conclusion there.

  120. who’s getting released or sent down to make room for both guys. I would rather see Stockman over Reyes.

    I’m getting even more tired of watching our clean up hitters for the last two seasons. Tex, after 4 games, a cool .105. Two games combined against the Pirates 0-11

  121. csg: I think that Reyes is replacing Hampton for now. When Hampton’s turn in the rotation comes, Reyes will be demoted and James promoted.

  122. “Hampton understands this latest injury will only incite his critics even more”

  123. It’s not Hampton’s fault, Peanut. My only criticism about Hampton concerns the ridiculous contract he was given. And he certainly had no control over that. As far as I can tell, the guy has gone above and beyond to try to fulfill that contract. He deserves no blame.

  124. “”I feel deep in my heart that it’s going to be a short-term thing,” Hampton said.”

    Thank God. Now I am not worried anymore.

  125. Happily, I missed the game, but the real story, of course, is Hampton. I am really looking forward to Mac’s next video….Also, it looks like we are going to get Jo Jo up from RIchmond.

    What a night: Richmond and Rome were as ugly as the parent club, with Cody Johnson striking out 4 times….

  126. After last year, I thought it was just impossible that this team could produce even more frustration.

    It took them 4 games to prove me wrong.

  127. Why frustrated? Only four games into the season! The team started off great last year and see where we ended up. We have a great team everybody. I have confidence this Braves team will turn things around very quickly.

    Hey, Kotsay is not too bad after all!!!

  128. Hey, the 1998 Yankees started off 1-3 and look how well they did!

    Um…maybe not the best comparison.

    Go Braves!

  129. anybody else wondering if the reason Mac doesn’t have a new thread up yet is because he’s working on the next video?

  130. AJC is reporting Hampton’s on the DL, and James is filling his place in the roster. Welcome back, Chucky.

  131. Carl Pavano and Mike Hampton separated at birth?

    I didn’t watch the last 2 innings. How ridiculous did Bobby put Resop in left field come across?

  132. Glad to see that James back. Jo Jo needs a good bit more work at AAA.

    The expectations for Mac’s next video have never been higher…..

  133. Hampton is a free loader.

    John Russell should be shot for leaving Duke in to throw 120 pitches in his first start.

    We should have found a way to win last night.

    Glad to see our plate discipline.

  134. Just well enough to lose. Just like last year.

    And, Bobby? Next time you have a flash of inspiration, please take a cold shower.

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