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  1. My favorite Skynard song:

    Hick walks into a bar, starts dancin with some chick and gets a gun pulled on him. AWESOME!

  2. nice video mac…………i just wonder where that show was because that has to be the calmest crowd ever for a skynyrd show……………not even one whiskey-drunk idiot waving the stars and bars.

  3. barrycuda,

    Just cause you didn’t see them doesn’t mean they weren’t there. I mean, the camera work wouldn’t win an Oscar. The camera focuses on the crash cymbal for a few bars, and Pyle’s working the snare. Some nice shots of the backdrop, however.

    Of all the Skynard songs, I like “Simple Man” the best, though I’ll take the Allman Brothers over Skynard any day.

  4. If you somehow ever get the idea that the MLB powers that be have any idea what they are doing, just remember that in the non-wildcard era – when the only teams you were really competing with for a playoff spot were the team in your division – baseball had a balanced schedule, which of course made you play the teams you aren’t really in competition with more. Then when they switched to a wild card system and the balanced schedule actually made sense because now you really are competing with non-division teams for a playoff spot, baseball immediately switched to a unbalanced schedule. Of course interleague play never made any sense.

    The Bud Selig Era: Willfully smiting the game since 1992

  5. We’ve got a weekend series against a 7 game in a row losing Nats team.

    We’re sending Hudson to the mound tonight and maybe the warmer weather will get the bats hot again. CO was dreadful, as we know.

    Plus, the last time we came off a “rain out” we got a good little weekend sweep on the Mets.

    I think we’re poised to get things in order again.

    Love the Skynard video, Mac. I hope the three steps are three wins over the weekend. Make it 10 in a row for the DC boys.

    JB in ATL

  6. The pessimist in me notes that the Braves seem to always play down to (umm… below) the level of the division mates that they *should* beat (Nats, Fish). But you’ve got to like going into DC against a Nats team that’s lost 7 in a row and we’re starting out with Huddy.

    Go Braves!

  7. Robert,

    I think you are incorrect, at least partly. Prior to the wildcard era (1995), there were two divisions and I believe each team played teams in its division more than in the other division. After the wildcard, they had an unbalanced schedule until, I think, sometime in the 2000s. I think two things happened: (1) expansion and interleague play made it difficult to do unbalanced schedules, and (2) TV wanted to set up more “rivalry games”, ie, they wanted to have the Yankees and Red Sox play a lot. I agree with you about the stupidity of the unbalanced schedule in terms of the game itself (no reason for the Braves to play the Mets 18 times), but it made perfect sense in terms of business. In other words, MLB knew exactly what it was doing, although we may not like why they did it.

  8. Prior to the wildcard era (1995), there were two divisions and I believe each team played teams in its division more than in the other division.

    In 1993 when we were in the NL West we played each Western team (term used loosely) 13 times (going a nifty 13-0 against the Rockies). We played each NL East team 12 times. That’s a balanced schedule. You actually end up playing more games against the East (seven teams versus six). This type of schedule would make sense now for competitive reasons. But of course competitive reasons are way down the list of Bud Selig priorities and are always trumped by the financial ones you mention.

  9. OK, Robert, I’m wrong. I did not remember that about 1993. I know that at one point, there was an unbalanced schedule. I didn’t realize the balanced schedule began that early. I know at one point, there was an unbalanced schedule.

  10. 1993 was a one-off because of expansion. The 14-team AL had played that schedule, but the 12-team NL had not. In 1992, they played each team in the West (remember, stupid division alignment) 18 times, each in the East 12.

  11. Being a traditionalist, I should hate interleague play but it’s among my favorite parts of the season. (My favorite part of the season is watching the Mets collapse, but I digress …)

    Eighteen games against the Mets is bad enough, but 18 games against the Marlins is ridiculous.

  12. #10 remy………..i agree, i’m sure ther was some shirtless freak there somewhere waving the flag……………back in the day, skynyrd used to play local beer joints around here and it was always a good party, after they hit the big time, i’d generally rather baste myself in garlic butter and hang out with cannibles than a skynyrd crowd…………and yes, they dont really compare to the allmans( at least to the originals). i was listening to Live at the Filmore the other day and the thought that these guys were all 22-24 yrs. old blew me away.

  13. yep. which is why I don’t particularly like catching a team on an extended losing streak — especially the Nats or Marlins. Seems like they always break out of the doldrums when the Braves come to town.

  14. In 1992, they played each team in the West (remember, stupid division alignment) 18 times, each in the East 12.

    True. I would still argue that’s a balanced schedule. In the early days of the wild card era we had a 13 games against divisional, 12 games against non divisional opponents setup. That was perfect for the wild card setup. But of course not enough Sox-Yankees for ESPN.

  15. Tim Hudson: 136-70, 3.51 ERA
    Matt Chico: 7-10, 4.69 ERA

    Odds we lose this game and score less than 3 runs: Extremely high

  16. That was nice — bat slipped out of Brian McCann’s hands, the usher took it away from the fan who was closest (fortunately, it didn’t hit anyone), but McCann got a new bat from the dugout and waved for them to give the bat to the fan.

  17. I like Diaz alot better when he was hitting .330. That’s now 37 plate appearances without a walk.

  18. I liked Diaz a lot better when he was a platooner. He’s in over his head as an everyday player.

  19. Our corner outfielders have made 76 PAs and drawn one walk. That’s amazing and, of course, a problem.

  20. did anyone else just hear sutton say that KJ is not a normal leadoff man because he doesn’t walk much? i mean cmon…if he does one thing

  21. I heard that. Don Sutton, ladies and gentleman! Still waiting on a ‘not every out is on a good pitch and not every hit is on a bad pitch’.

  22. yeah i was actually sitting here waiting to hear the same thing Robert…and I also love how they take every chance to mention how good Chico is in comparison to Hudson, they seriosuly need to realize that the braves just suck against mediocre pitching (well, all pitching really these days) and that Chico is awful

  23. Nice pitch Timmy. Please get the third out here. I hit my Wuhl maximum about five minutes ago.

  24. Nice play by Kelly and Tex there. A little shaky but they got it done. And Wuhl has called it a night thank God.

  25. Scott Boras’ clients update;

    Tex is hitting .162, 2 HR’s en route to his $18 million contract.

    Andruw Jones is on pace to get 180 K’s after starting the season with 10 of them and getting paid $15 mill. to do it. Looks like he’s putting up his 2007 numbers again but in Dodger blue this time.

    Kotsay is not only hitting much better than Andruw but also has more PO’s (28 to his 21 in LA) Assists (2 to Andruw’s 0) and a double play to boot. Woulda thunk?

    Just in case you were wondering.

  26. Wuhl is in D.C. because he’s taking his thirteen-year-old goddaughter, a big baseball fan, to some of the parks in the east. He said they’re visiting something like seven parks in eight days. Not a bad way to spend your time if you’re out of work.

  27. I’ll make sure to tune into his new radio show, which I believe is on Westwood One.

  28. “They talk about guys developing their man-strength. I think Yunel Escobar’s that kind of guy, trying to develop that power” – Jon Sciambi


  29. Can someone with TIVO go back and actually see if Sciambi just said that? I feel like I need to wash..

  30. Sorry, Fulton, I’m stuck with the MASN feed. Of course, due to the greatness that is Comcast, it’s not even in HD.

  31. Chief Nocahoma, add something other than “this is a .500 team” to your message repertoire, it’s getting old already.

  32. OK Repeat Van Wieren, its a 5 games over .500 team. Is that better? Or should I say we’ll win 110 games and that will make it so?

  33. Well, we certainly know it wasn’t his lack of “man-strength.”

    Where do people come up with this stuff?

  34. Mac if Huddy goes eight by some weird reason Moylan can shut the door in the ninth.

    As long as Acosta or Boyer don’t come out I think it’ll be ok.

  35. we get Tim in the 8th! I’m a little surprised but I guess he’s feeling good. He’s def. looking like he’s got man-strength tonight.

  36. Once again, though, scant run support for Huddy. Does he not pick up his share of the bill when they go out for dinner?

  37. What would the odds be of tacking the base-out situation at time of posting on the end of everypost along with the time? For extra credit add the ball/strike situation as well.

  38. I think Bobby will let Hudson start the ninth for sure, then bring in Moylan if he gets into trouble. Some insurance would be nice, either way.

  39. Bases loaded, no outs for the Braves. Hudson pitching the ninth inning may not be needed.

  40. I remember a start last year where Huddy was brilliant through 8, then came in to start the 9th and just didn’t have it, then Wickman came in and blew it… my heart says let him start the inning, my head says I’m not so sure.

    Damn it. Please, Matt. Please.

  41. Frenchy has officially taken the baton from Andruw as “the most frustrating offensive player to watch,” at least for me.

  42. Damn, Kotsay nearly took that for a ride, but Willie Harris made a nice catch. Anyway, I feel better about 3-0 than 1-0. Please don’t blow this, guys.

  43. Wow, the Nats very nearly got out of that one unscathed. Please guys, let’s just get three quick outs without giving up any runs…

  44. I’m astonished Chipper didn’t come out of the game. He was grimacing big time in the dugout after running the bases.

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