151 thoughts on “It must be the shoes game thread: May 20, Reds at Braves”

  1. Good signs, 2 RBI a piece for Chipper and McCann. McLouth above the Mendoza line and trending up.

    Bad sign: Escobar .198

    Ominous Sign, it is hard for a 40 yr old and a 38 yr reliever to pitch 3 consecutive nights.

    Jason Heyward is my man crush, and I don’t care who knows it.

  2. Going around the majors and looking at what 2009 Braves are doing with their new teams:

    Casey Kotchman, Mariners: .197 / .285 / .346 / 3 HRs, 16 RBI

    Garret Anderson, Dodgers: .131 / .156 / .230 / 1 HR, 6 RBI

    Ryan Church, Pirates: .211 / .250 / .382 / 2 HR, 9 RBI

    Mike Gonzalez, O’s: 0-2, 2 IP, 18.00 ERA

    Rafael Soriano, Rays: 2-0, 10 Svs, 1.59 ERA

    We’ve seen Kelly Johnson, Adam LaRoche, and ATrosta’s numbers here recently.

  3. Today’s lineup: Prado, 4; Heyward, 9; Chipper, 5; McCann, 2: Glaus, 3; Hinske, 7;Escobar, 6; McLouth, 8; Hanson, 1

  4. I think our ace from last year is now having a start or two skipped. We got the Yanks worst player, gave them their worst player, took two of their top prospects, and shed $8mil.

    Some people hate it because Melky is here, but Im pretty sure we got Hinske and Glaus with that money saved

  5. It’ll be interesting to see Soriano in the playoffs, provided he’s not injured or peeved at some perceived slight by then….

  6. They’re talking about moving him into the bullpen, I believe. Fair to say, I dropped him from my fantasy team.

  7. Only 2.5 out of the division and the wild card. That’s after a massive nine game losing streak, and it’s only May 20.

    The team’s in good shape.

  8. They’re 4.5 out of the division but I do agree that they’re right where they need to be.

  9. Question: Is it possible that the Super Two for Heyward won’t even matter as I’ve seen that it may be altered or eliminated in the next CBA? If they did change it or get rid of it, would it affect people like Heyward who are already in the bigs? Just wondering.

  10. Oh yeah. Forgot about that part. Thanks.

    Also, I think it was you who asked about Saito remaining under team control after this year. Best I can tell, he would be subject to arbitration, the only reason he was a free agent that we could sign was that Boston outrighted him after the season last year. KK has it written into his contract that he becomes a Free agent if not given a contract by 10-15-11, so I guess that’s how it works with International signings-you have to have it written into the contract to avoid the six-year team control.

  11. Later in that Olney article, he links to this great story about what happened before Hanley Ramirez’s apology. Basically, Andre Dawson took him into a room. Tony Perez stood guard at the door. And then Dawson looked him in the eye, and said the following:

    I’m not going to say a lot, because if you say the wrong the thing to me, then you might wind up on the floor on your rear end…

    Look, I’m going to level with you. You either hear me or you don’t. For one, you’re not bigger than the game. You don’t show a manager up. The way you’re going about this is literally the wrong way. It’s an immature act … and this could come back to bite you in the rear end in the worst way…

    You really have stepped across the line. You owe that manager a sincere apology. And if you think your teammates have your back with this, you’ve got another thing coming because the mind-set, and this is from me to you, the mind-set is these guys are laughing at you.

    You don’t mess with the Hawk.

  12. @15, I think it’s exactly what should have happened, but it’s a bit disturbing that the principals would go to the press about it. I thought he-man stuff stayed in the clubhouse.

  13. Great stuff by Dawson, but the quote “… because the mind-set, and this is from me to you” looks like it should be changed to “from me to you and then to the press”. I have a feeling Ramirez will struggle to trust Dawson (or most likely anyone else) after this.

  14. if we were right where we needed to be, we’d be 40-0. i’ve never understood that expression.

  15. Well, with our 9 game skid, to be 20-20 at the 40 game mark, with a lineup that is showing signs of life, is about as good an outcome as we could expect.

  16. I want the entire Marlins coaching staff next year.

    Or the Rays’. Joe Maddon, anyone? Love that style of baseball.

  17. And clutch exists and its name is Jason.

    Congrats to the Dawgs on Marcus Thornton. Great get. I’m tellin’ ya, Fox is going to be a problem for the rest of the SEC.

    So Floyd Landis came clean. I think what this means is that everyone in sports in the 90s was into better competing through chemistry. Everyone. Hell, Paul Byrd was probably juicing.

  18. So on the way home from last night’s game I had a thought… I wonder if there is a stat in baseball similar to the +/- stat in Hockey. Every time a player is on the ice when their team scores they get a +1 and when the other team scores they get a -1. I was thinking something like this might be useful for pitchers (and maybe even position players) if it was done right. Maybe something like a +1 for every inning pitched where the other team doesn’t score and a -1 for every run scored while pitching or scored by someone who got on while pitching. So last night KK would have had a +6 and Moylan would have gotten a +1 but Wagner would have gotten a -1. I don’t know if something like this would be useful but on my drive home I was just thinking I hate ERA (because of how an earned run is defined) and I hate counting wins and there had to be some better indicator.

  19. High praise from Badler at BA on Teheran:

    “It will be hard for hitters at any level to hit Teheran once he gains additional polish, and what he showed last night—a 93-96 mph fastball, an outstanding changeup and a slow curveball that could be an above-average pitch—is just about the best stuff you’ll see from any pitcher in the minors.”

    The guy that does the prospect list at Hardball Times updated his top 100 and moved Teheran up to #22, Freeman down 3 spots to #40, Minor up to #41 and Delgado debuting on the list at #58. Heyward’s still #1.

  20. I’m tellin’ ya, Fox is going to be a problem for the rest of the SEC.

    Yup. It’s funny how unbalanced the divisions are in hoops right now, too. It’s like the (Big) East vs. the (Mountain) West.

    And UGA is ought to be soooo good next year. Adding Robinson, Jr. and Thornton to Leslie and Thompkins? Yikes.

    24—Yep, they do have it in hoops. One of my favorite stats.

  21. no such thing as clutch. You just have players who always perform at high levels. They are just good at what they do in all situations

  22. Is there anywhere that you can listen to the radio broadcast of this game online?

  23. Tommy isnt afraid to hit a batter or two is he? 10 pitch 1st inning to 5 batters

    does hitting a batter hurt any numbers for a pitcher? it doesnt affect WHIP at all

  24. Wow, that Landis story is pretty sad. Becoming the Canseco of the cycling set is probably not what Floyd’s mama hoped for him.

  25. Chip just referred to Prado as “the league’s number one hits possessor.” He continues to brutalize the English language.

  26. @31, When it comes to providing an indication of utility with the English language, it can be safely assumed that I also have never been favorably compared to Ernest Hemingway, the American modernist fiction and non-fiction writer and journalist known for terse sentence construction who won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction the previous year in 1953, but sadly committed suicide in 1961.

  27. Yeah, not too sharp.

    It’s hard to win when you don’t throw many strikes and, when you do, they hit it really hard.

  28. .500 for a day at least….this is what happens when you try to nit pick the corners against the bottom of the order, esp against the pitcher

  29. i think tommy needs to really work on the location of pitches when he’s way ahead in the count. he catches quite a lot of the plate in situations where he shouldnt be catching any.

    obviously not relevant in the votto ab.

  30. this was suppose to be a pitching matchup today….Leake can breeze through this game now

  31. Need to get him out for health reasons. He’s thrown way too many pitches this inning.

    Brutal. Thought we’d take this one.

  32. 6-0 wtf? guess this game might be over before I really tuned in

    edit–I guess Heyward’s heroics created a bunch of pissed off Reds

  33. what Bobby, does he need to give up 10 before you can get him?

    era from 2.38 to 4.18 in less than two innings, unreal

  34. Anyone watching? I’m only following on gameday, and it doesn’t look like Tommy is missing my much. Is he getting squeezed?

  35. while i do understand that its an 8-0 deficit, forfeiting the game in the 2nd inning would infuriate me. pulling everybody better not be an option this early.

  36. @59–I expect we’ll see both Venters and Kimbrel this game–Venters probably after a PH for Chavez

  37. so can I get a ruling on the strike zone? was hanson being squeezed? I would really make my day go better if I can blame the ump for this.

  38. Orel Hershiser said Tommy Hanson shows all his pitches way too early in ballgames. He also said he gets too much of the plate on a lot of his pitches. I haven’t seen Hanson pitch this year, so can anyone tell if this is correct?

  39. Always feel like you’ve got a chance when Hanson’s out there. Not today, I guess.

    Give us one back, Cincy. Thanks, we’ll take it.

  40. And to think I was excited about a long lunch that allowed me to go to a sports bar and catch most of the game.

    In the plus column, I did get Dale Murphy’s autograph on Tuesday after being dragged to the Nashville Sounds game (instead of staying home and watching the Braves).

  41. This is the 0.96 ERA Chavez we had through April 28 (as opposed to the 19.50 ERA version we’ve had since).

  42. At least Chavez is going after hitters and throwing strikes. He hasn’t allowed a hit and has thrown 23 pitches in 2-1/3 innings. Hanson threw over 60 pitches in 1-2/3 innings, in addition to allowing 8 hits and 8 runs.

  43. Melky actually hit the crap out of that pitch. Of course, it was a meatball right down the pipe.

  44. We must be destined to win this game if even the Melk Dud gets a pinch hit single.

  45. The Reds have tried their best to let us back into this game, but we refuse to oblige!

  46. The great thing about baseball is that any team can beat any other team on a given day. That’s the great thing about baseball. According to Chip.

  47. With 3 quick Ks in 3 at bats, I think we can officially say that Hinske is cooling off.

  48. Well this explains it:


  49. until the team gets some steady production out of chipper and bmac, we’ll once again be a hovercraft. .500 baseball here we come.

  50. 7 1/3 innings from the bullpen, 5 hits, and one run. It wasn’t their fault.

  51. Well, on the bright side, we got 7-1/3 innings from our bullpen and only allowed 1 run.

  52. Is there an over/under on Yesco GDPing again here? (assuming he hasn’t already done it and the score online just hasn’t been updated yet)

  53. Oppo field Granny for Brooks (Captain Caveman) Conrad.

    See ball Club ball!!!!!!!!

  54. Did that really Happen?? I was watching it on Yahoos gamechannel. I still can’t believe it

  55. That replay is priceless. Brooks Conrad grabs his head in agony after he reaches first base, thinking the ball’s been caught. Then he sees people leaping and looks back and sees that it went over the fence, and starts leaping around the bases. Hilarious.

  56. Great, now MLB Gameday is having the same glitch as the minor league version. Brooks Conrad with a bottom-of-the-ninth grand slam?!? Honestly, someone needs to debug.

  57. Holy Crap!

    (I saw one pitch that whole game…the last one to Brooks. Gotta love having cable in the break room sometimes, even if my boss did catch me in there…)

  58. Whoa. Just checked back in on gameday to see the box score . . . and whoa.

    Chills from watching gameday. Whoa.

  59. I just forced my dog to high-five me, since she’s the only other being home right now.

  60. WOW…I probably will have a block on my computer here at work now. I’ve been on gameday for 3hrs straight.

  61. I think Chip just called him “Books” Conrad.

    Have fun with that recap, Mac. =)

  62. That was the most amazing Gamecast I’ve ever watched… Gripping waiting on the refresh on that 2-2 count because it froze right then. I only saw this thread explode but no one would say what happened for a few seconds.

  63. Are you kidding me?? I had something to do so I left when it was 8-0!! Wow!

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