263 thoughts on “Melancholy game thread: June 18, Braves at Rangers”

  1. Yay I get to go see Charlie Morton tomorrow. 10 rows behind the plate. Awesome!

  2. “I don’t think Hank done ’em this way,” or whatever is the actual title of that song, is a particular favorite of mine. I love me some Waylon.

  3. Honestly, Texas offense scares me. To be fair they are not the Angels or even the Rockies…and in Texas, where the ball flies out…I hope Reyes and Morton bring their A game.

  4. I wouldn’t give much for Crisp. His career ops is .737; Blanco’s minor league career ops was .747 (.698 this year in the bigs). Crisp is even with or only slightly better than Blanco, but Crisp is owed 5.75 mill next year plus 0.5 mill to buy out an option for 2010. Blanco, by contrast, isn’t even arbitration eligible for 3 years.

    A Tex for prospects deal might be interesting but the RSox can keep Crisp.

  5. Rufino,
    “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” That’s a good one. I think he hooked up with Hank Jr. on that.

    I wore out the 8-track tape of “Waylon Jennings Greatest Hits.” Reminds me of high school, bad habits like chewing tobacco & an era of bad baseball from the Atlanta Braves.

  6. Ububba,

    Unfairly to Waylon, listening to him for some reason reminds me of listening to David Allan Coe- talk about your bad habits, that’s a moment of my past I am really not thrilled about, and I never even heard some of the really awful stuff he put out- I’m just talking about his 17 greatest hits CD!

    I just cranked up “Railroad Worksong” by the Notting Hillbillies, I’m not sure if they ever gained any notoriety but I truly love that entire album.

  7. I agree Rissa. Although he is feeling in nicely for Ellsbury and he has a little spunk.

    I hope the Braves give this Jones kid a little more time to show what he can do. However, Winn would be the perfect leadoff guy.

  8. The point of getting Crisp would be that he’s very, very good defensively out there, not that his bat is particularly great.

    Regarding Winn, he’s a fine backup OF. But a solution to LF? No, not in the least. I’d rather take my chances with Brandon Jones than deal him for Randy Winn. You make a deal for Winn if you’re worried Kotsay won’t be coming back and you want a 4th OF who can play center.

    Also, trading Tex in the middle of a slump is stupid. Either you think he’ll get better (in which case, why trade him?) or you don’t. (in which case, why would anyone else think he will and why would they give you anything of value for him?) Either way, it’s a bad move.

    More importantly, what do you replace him with? Greg Norton? Or are we going to try out Thorman again?

  9. I am fine with moving Tex for Crisp, if we get back a pitching prospect of a first base prospect.

  10. Also, Escobar would be an inferior leadoff hitter to Yunel Escobar in just about every way.

  11. wouldn’t you rather have two top picks in the draft? Especially if the yankees don’t turn it around, two very high picks?

  12. yeah Im tired of trading younger guys for older “MORE EXPERIENCED” ones and the team still hovering aroung .500. I was wrong on the Jones call up and he’s given our lineup a much needed spark. I dont see how you could justify trading him for Winn. I could see Blanco or maybe even Anderson for him though

  13. Actually, I was considering “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” for this spot, Rufino. That was the song for about two months when I was in college, if nothing else for the first line in the “added” verse.

  14. Sorry about that Spike….I enjoyed my summer of being laid off in 2004. The best summer ever, but bills kept coming so I had to get back to work.

    No against trading Tex. The baseball season is too long..and eventually this guy will hit.

    Yes to sticking with Jones in LF. Nothing better out there. As far Winn coming off the bench…go for it. But all that will be useless if the man in right is getting worse everyday. When his avg drops below .250, will Bobby move him down? Sit him for some games?

    I predict right here right now…Jeff Francouer will go on a tear starting tonite.

  15. Mac, that is a great song- I don’t apologize for enjoying some of his music, but it sure is hard to separate that from his very backward views that he made no excuses for. Still- “I was drunk, the day my mom, got out of prison” is definitely a lyric worthy of note!

  16. I just put in my 25 votes for McCann and Chipper. I suggest if you haven’t already to go vote!

  17. You know who kinda sucks numberswise, but whom I have more faith in than Frenchy and whose team is probably getting a little tired of him already…
    Delmon Young, RF, Minnesota Twins.

    How about a Change Of Scenery trade?

  18. Rufino/Mac,
    Yeah, there was nothing ironic about Coe. For good or ill, he was the real deal—but he definitely wrote some great songs.

    Jerry Manuel on WFAN, discussing his older regulars like Carlos Delgado:
    “When I see his bat dragging through the zone, when I see him missing pitches he should hit, when I see that he needs a rest, I’ll sit him.”

  19. @13, so that would be Tex for 1B prospect Lars Anderson, SP prospect, umm, Justin Masterson and CF Coco Crisp.

    Anderson and Masterson are better than the draft pick guys we’d get and closer to the Majors.

    I’d pull that trigger.

  20. Right now, I think we’ll have 3 Braves on the All-Star team. Chipper, McCann, and Hudson. Jurrjens has an outside shot, and may make it if some people don’t want to/can pitch.

  21. That would be a white flag trade for 2008 so move Diaz to 1B or, good god, recall Stormin’ Thorman. I believe Diaz has experience there (wrong, he has 2 games, none started).

  22. To be fair, I thought you were making a dead horsey joke. (I still think you were)

    Sure, give that dude a shot.

  23. what the hell would the red ox want with Tex?? they already have a firstbaseman who is more versatile and actually plays the game hard. Tex is WAY too unconcerned to go to Boston.

  24. and Mac, good choice of video today………….it happens i was listening to Texas music(which i love) all afternoon but i never got Waylon in the mix. it was Robert Earl Keen day around here.

  25. Tex would be an upgrade to almost any team that adds him.

    And I’ve seen him busting it out of the box plenty of times. He’s been somewhat disappointing this year, but I don’t knock his effort.

    I just figured he’d kick total ass this year & he hasn’t done that.

  26. barrycuda,
    “The road goes on forever & the party never ends…”

    Everytime I’m in Miami Beach, that song runs thru my head.

  27. ububba……………i figured you’d get it. if you ever get the chance to see him and his band live, dont miss it. i guess everybody passes through New Yawk sometime.

  28. It was Texas music day around here too. I picked up a boot of Waylon at Wembley recently that is pretty awesome (and hilarious). Throw in some TVZ and Guy Clark and it’s a good mix for working around the homestead.

    Let’s go get ’em early tonight. GO BRAVES!

  29. urlhix……………..amen……. some Pat Green, Cory Morrow, and Honey Browne was working for me today too.

  30. If the Braves get two of the Red Sox top prospects, then sure, make the deal, but there’s no way they give up Masterson, Anderson, and Coco for half a year of Tex and two draft picks.

  31. Did we really send Stockman down to carry 4 fucking lefties in the bullpen? I guess it’s back to all Blaine Boyer all the time. Why does our team have to be run by morons? Do you think if I go on a tri state killing spree and blame the Braves management it would get their attention?

  32. I have voted many times for the All-Star game as well. These damn Cubs fans are pissing me off by voting for players who don’t deserve it. Fukudome? Are you kidding?

  33. Well, at least we should have Gonzalez set for the 9th soon (after he gets his feet wet presumably).

  34. Ryan Theriot is 3rd, which is a joke.

    Lineup is the same as last night for the Braves.

  35. too fuuny mrswings the only thing between you and a tri-state killing spree is reliable transportation.

  36. The all-star game is a popularity contest now, not rewarding best season play. It takes something gawdy (like Chipper’s .400 average) to reverse the trend.

    Look at the AL. Every non-outfield starter leading in votes is either a Red Sox or a Yankee.

    In the NL, Fukudome and his .836 OPS and five homeruns is over a million votes (more than Chipper last I saw) and second behind only Alfonso Soriano. The Cubs are spamming the voting.

    McCann’s stats (.310/.383/.573, .956 OBP and 13 homeruns) are better than leading NL catcher all-star vote-getter (and Cub) Geovany Soto’s stats (.283/.368/.517, 11 homeruns)…plus McCann has a longer track record.

  37. the all-star game is a joke. i’d rather see the Braves’ guys get three days off to rest and heal………… of course they’d probably spend the time traipsing around a golf course.

  38. “The reason I sent Stockman down is he’s a young kid. He wasn’t pitching much and he needs to be pitching. He’s missed a lot in his career with his knee problems. He needs to get back down there and throw. He’s the one that needs to pitch.”

    -Bobby Cox

    Stockman’s a 28 year old kid.

  39. url,
    Speaking of Texas Music…
    I was away on business this past weekend, so I missed Centro-Matic at the Bowery Ballroom. Still bummed about that.

    Did catch that Friday night Braves game in Anaheim, though…

  40. Why did it say in the last game recap that Blanco can’t hit much? Could I kindly point out the .375 OBP? If that’s not hitting I don’t know what is.

  41. Well, MS@E, he hasn’t been hitting much and has no power, which is a concern when you represent the tying run in the ninth inning. At the same time, Norton sucks.

  42. This pitcher doesn’t look like he’ll handle baserunners that well.

    Already 4 or 5 pitches to the backstop.

  43. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with his performance and again… .375 OBP that’s hitting. I don’t think there is any rule that says the tying run must score via the HR in the 9th. Plus, him getting on base would have virtually guaranteed that Chipper would come to the plate with men on. It’s over now but I consider it another obviously stupid move by Bobby.

  44. Chipper was fooled on all 3 strikes, Mac. He check-swing-fouled the first one, watched a changeup go right down the middle for the second, and then had that weak check-swing to end it.

  45. Prediction: Brian McCann won’t make the All-Star team.

    Soto will be voted in and I have a feeling Martin will be selected as the back-up. They don’t normally take 3 catchers, do they?

  46. Fun fact: Chipper is hitting .238 (5-21) against the AL this season. He’s hitting .416 against the NL.

  47. Martin would make it over McCann because the Dodgers suck and don’t have many worthy candidates.

    I think McCann will make it.

  48. Well, there’s that, and there’s the fact that, for whatever reason, Martin has the reputation as the best young catcher in the NL. He was last year’s starter, he’s batting .311 with decent power and a few stolen bases.

    You and I know McCann’s been clearly better—clearly the best catcher in the majors, actually— but with Martin’s rep and the fact that McCann didn’t really “deserve” his spot on the team last year (not to mention the one-per-team thing), I just think there’s a strong possibility Brian’s gonna get screwed.

  49. That was some pretty awesome music they were playing when they were showing clips of Kotsay there.

  50. Another reason that Martin might get picked over McCann would be that Clint Hurdle, an NL West manager, is picking hte players.

  51. I like this Hurley kid, fast pitcher, goes after the hitter, works quick. lets trade Tex for him.

  52. Rangers announcers saying Reyes reminds them of Lester. I think Lester’s fastball is a lot better than Jo Jo’s.

  53. McCann has been given alot of rest lately, Smitty. But I will agree he played ALOT early on.

  54. #95 +96–Baseball is beginning to discover Jo Jo….I am not sure about Lester though

  55. McCann hasn’t played much more than any of the other top catchers in baseball. Coming into the day, he had 239 ABs. Martin had 238, Molina had 232, Sota 230, Mauer 228.

  56. Heh. Rangers’ coach:

    “Okay kid, just go out there and get Chipper Jones and we’ll come and get ‘ya!”

    Chipper’s awesome.

  57. Nice to see Chipper’s average beginning to recover from the Anaheim part of this road trip

  58. I remain concerned about this team’s speed. I know Chipper hit that hard, but it seems to me that even KJ and Escobar, the fastest of the good hitters, have trouble getting from first to third on a single.

  59. The only thing more pathetic than Francoeur is the fact that Bobby won’t move him down in the order.

  60. was it someone on the last thread who predicted Francoeur would go on a tear starting tonight?

  61. I am officially off the Tex bandwagon. I wanted nothing more than to sign him long term, now I hate him.

    Trade him, get one top prospect and I will be happy.
    Maybe we can throw in Frenchy too.

  62. 118–Cox doesn’t need to move him down in the order, he needs to move him OUT of the order

  63. So strange that Frenchy actually took 2 of those strikes. If ever we needed contact, even one of those “productive outs,” that was the time.

  64. Pete actually predicted that Frenchy would strikeout after he took the first pitch down the middle.

  65. Pete actually predicted that Frenchy would strikeout after he took the first pitch down the middle.

    Not exactly going out on a limb there…

  66. I really feel for our SP’s. This team cant hit and cant field and we have a moron for a manager now.

  67. Is it just me or does Kelly take the throw from catcher way too far in front of the base?

  68. Between our top of the 6th and the Rangers’ 6th, it is easy to see why we are a sub-.500 team…

  69. And how in the world can that be an earned run? Are they saying the runner would have scored from second on an “infield single”? Who’s the official scorer, Jessica Simpson?

  70. Our lineup looked GOOD at the beginning of the season too. How did this crap happen?

  71. I don’t understand how Jo Jo gets an earned run out of that inning. The runner should have never been further that 2B and threfore should not have scored on that laat ‘hit’….

  72. We’ll win this game, csg. We still have Chipper coming up again – he’ll hit a homer in his next at bat.

  73. I am really happy to see that swing from Yunel. It seems like it has been a while since he’s poked one to right like that.

  74. Bobby Cox reminds me of Fred Flintstone when someone said “bet”.

    “B-b-b-bu-bunt bunt bunt bunt bunt!”

  75. The Dbacks put up a 5 spot on Blanton in the first. I bet Beane wishes he traded him when he had the chance.

  76. DP! I think that will be Jo Jo’s last inning.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Braves get him a run or two so that he could have a chance for the win….

    Go Chipper!!

  77. 100 pitches through 7, what should be 0ER, and only 5 hits – I havent watched the whole game, but it sounds very sharp

  78. Pete was talking yesterday about writing a book. He said something about setting the fans straight on their reactions to certain players and implied it would involve something about Glavine. Too bad none of the knuckle dragging boo Glavine crowd will read it.

  79. csg- 4 walks in 7 innings is never sharp, especially when it comes with just 3 strikeouts. There was a pickoff, a caugh stealing, and two (crucial) double plays.

    And Chipper just struck out. That does not bode well….

  80. You ever think Thorman and Canizares watch these games and think, “You know, one of us could do that, and we aren’t asking for $20 million a year. We must be underpaid.”

  81. I take that back, it was an 8-8 FB/GB ratio. He just got the GB DPs when he needed them.

  82. The thing I hate the most about listening to Chip is how, based on his inflection and descriptions, I’m always being mis-lead. Like on that last out, we have, “And a TOWERING fly ball to center! But it’s playable, and there are two outs.”

    My thoughts are: “Sweet, a HR maybe?” and then “WTF? He’s out.”

    And earlier.
    Chip: “And Escobar pops it up….”
    Me: “Crap, he’s out!”
    Chip: “And a good play there by a fan who brought his glove!”
    Me: “WTF?! Foul ball??”

    To be clear, there are many things I hate about listening to Chip. But his utter inadequacy at describing the game (you know, the job description of a play-by-play guy?) is the thing I hate the most.

  83. Tex has looked so bad lately that I was almost relieved when he put the ball in play–something I would not count on him to do with a runner on thrid and less than two outs.

  84. The only way this does not go into extra innings is if the Braves give up a run in the eighth or the ninth innings.

  85. Stockman would have been a nice play in this inning … oh, wait … never mind.

  86. Braves journal site’s connection is too slow… Probably people try to have Internet access at the same time?

  87. Why do you hate Bennett so much, Dan? I remember your whining about him even in the offseason. He’s actually been pretty great for the Braves this year.

  88. Bobby doesnt want to give Bennet too many nights off, he might get stiff or rusty, so he will just pitch him every other night to stay loose, Poor Bastard.
    We will go up by one now and then Acosta should come in,

  89. Even Peanut seems baffled by the Stockman/Ridgway decision:

    After being optioned to Richmond on June 2 and then recalled to the Atlanta roster two days later, Stockman made just three appearances, during which he worked three scoreless innings, allowed one hit and issued two walks.

    As for Ridgway, he doesn’t have a statistical strength. While at Richmond, right-handed hitters batted .333 against him and left-handers hit .293.

  90. I don’t hate Bennett. I just don’t think he’s great.

    Jeff Bennett: 0-4, 4.56 ERA, 42K, 28BB, 1.44 WHIP in 53 and 1/3 innings.

  91. Chip’s talking about hitting to the right side. That’s the cue for a homer or long XBH.

  92. Mac, will you consider changing the page’s subtitle from “I hate this team” to “We hate Frenchy”?

  93. So, apparently Frenchy’s strategy for the past few games has been “take the first pitch, then keep doing what you’ve been doing”. I’m guessing this is an attempt to be more “selective” at the plate. Well, evidently the scouts have caught on (probably about two games after he started doing it), so now pitchers just groove him one every time out. So then it’s back to regular Frenchy, except the count starts 0-1.

    Sooooo ridiculous.

    But hopefully we’ll get something out of this error.

  94. Mac, don’t you have to be hit by the ball in that instance to be called out for interference???

  95. this team drives me nuts….God forbid some of tehm work a count, execute a bunt, or move a runner along in a clutch situation. Some of these players seem to lack any baseball savvy whatsoever.

  96. Mac, don’t you have to be hit by the ball in that instance to be called out for interference???

    Does anybody know the ruling on that?

  97. Frenchy executed a swinging bunt ROE that got him all the way to second. Now that’s some small ball.

  98. Snitker is stupid – a good throw nails Frenchy there. With 1 out, I might hold him up.

  99. So, will Bobby throw Gonzalez right into the fire, or will he go with Boyer?

    Another run!

  100. Infante has been so much better than I expected him to be…I guess I am so used to Woodward…

  101. Whew. If it was one, I’d have been pretty worried.

    Now I’m just kinda worried! :-D

  102. Much better listening to the 9th on the radio than watching the middle innings on TV.

  103. I didn’t think Gonzo looked very sharp in Richmond on Sunday. Hopefully he’s sharper here…

  104. Welcome back, Mike Gonzalez!

    Good win for the boys. Gettin up off the deck after they had pissed one away and taking it back…haven’t seen that a lot this year.

  105. Good to have that guy back. I’d love to have had a season with Soriano Gonzalez and Moylan healthy.

  106. 0-3 in chicago
    2-1 in la of a
    1-0 in colorado
    1-1 so far in texas
    4-5 total. win tomorrow is 5-5. loss is 4-6

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