183 thoughts on “Schedule makers on acid game thread: Aug. 12, Nats at Braves”

  1. From previous thread. I think it won’t matter who represents Escobar. Wren has shown himself to be very pragmatic.

  2. @2

    There is also a very good chance that by the time Escobar hits free agency that he will be priced out of the Braves’ plans. If he continues to hit like he is currently hitting and plays great D at SS you’re looking at a “bigger than Chipper” contract. Not sure if the Braves pony up for that.

  3. Last season I said the most important thing we could do in the offseason was to lock up Escobar long term, and I still believe it…

    We accomplished just about everything else I wanted us to (namely, not tying up a lot of money beyond 2010, and not trading prospects that were projected to contribute by 2011).

    I don’t know that extending Escobar was even an option, but we had a lot of cash. I wish we had gotten something done for him. He and Jurrjens need to be signed to 6 year deals.

  4. @ c. shorter on the previous thread:


    I’ve been doing that all season. Works beautifully.

    To be honest, I don’t really know what the Roku is (past the general description), but if it’s not broke…

  5. “There is also a very good chance that by the time Escobar hits free agency that he will be priced out of the Braves’ plans.”

    We are not a small market team, and the notion that we can’t pay the guys who grow up in our system once they hit stardom (like KC) just makes no sense to me. I understand if we decide we don’t want to pay him because we have someone else younger and just as good in the pipeline, and we want to put our money elsewhere, but we are the 8th biggest city in the US in a vibrant economic climate (relative to the rest of the US), and have the southeast all to ourselves. We cannot become a farm team to NY,LA and Chicago.

  6. 6 — I guess if you don’t have an internet connection, then the Roku box would be an option (but how many people have a digital streaming video box and not an internet connection?). I also guess the most people would get the box for the Netflix and Amazon access, but what do I know? Kinda why I’m asking to see if anyone has any experience with it.

  7. One of my lifelong dreams is to be involved in a benches-clearing brawl. I don’t know how I’ll ever accomplish it.

  8. From Carroll:

    Lineup, as we know it now anyway:

    1. Church CF
    2. Prado 2B
    3. Jones 3B
    4. McCann C
    5. Anderson LF
    6. Escobar SS
    7. LaRoche 1B
    8. Diaz RF
    9. Lowe P

  9. I’m watching the Giants-Dodgers game on MLB.TV, and I feel obliged to point out here what a great, great announcer Vin Scully is. One can’t say it enough in my opinion. What a contrast between him and what we have, especially Chip.

    Miss you, Skip.

  10. Seems to me the Braves have no problem paying one of their homegrown or semi-homegrown stars (Chipper, Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine) pretty close to big market level contracts. Having said that, I would not want to get into a bidding war with BOS/NYY/LAA/LAD for Escobar. It would seem prudent, presuming the organization is convinced of his long term skills, to lock him up now. It’s not like we have a ton, or even any, bad contracts going forward. Pay real money for superstars, let averagish guys walk.

  11. This Giants-Dodgers game should make an appearance on your bad umpiring site. Two misses calls in one inning and an overturned call.

  12. Lock him up now I say. JJ too. Please.

    On another note, the ’91 WS game 7 was on again just now as I got home from work and I started to wonder – when Smoltz goes into the Hall, does that at all help the HoF case for Morris?

  13. @15 I like JJ, but he needs to get with Smoltz on his conditioning, then we can try to lock him up.

  14. Frenchy just walked in the Mets’ game against Arizona. Did any of you see any other signs of the apocalypse, just out of curiosity?

    I agree with locking up JJ long-term- I’m glad we’ve already done it for McCann. That just might have been the best long-term deal Schuerholz ever negotiated (except maybe landing Maddux as a free agent).

  15. I have taken the time out of my busy schedule to provide you all with an incomplete list of things this board needs less of lately, in no particular order:

    1) Vin Scully fellatio

    2) Sensitivity

    3) Nonsense related to Hardy and Smoltz’s conditioning

    I will update this list as needed. Please do not feel free to contribute your own suggestions on my list (for numbering purposes). Do feel free to make your own lists, and keep them to yourselves to compare to my own. The longer it takes me to get to something that is on your list, the more wrong you are.

  16. @9,

    Richard Pryor had a phrase for it:

    “If you get your ass kicked, you know you made it.”

  17. Dignify away the guy sounds like a sick cat behind the mic. I’ll give him his kudos for song writing but I’d rather stab my ears with a pencil than listen to his voice. Thank you Bob dylan for bringing us “knocking on heavens door”. Please don’t sing it… leave that to Axl Rose and GNR

  18. I love how Church bats either a) 1st when McLouth isn’t in the line-up or b) 8th when he is. How does this make sense?

    On the schedule makers. As crazy as this weeks’ schedule may be, the guys who do it are absolute geniuses. One of them gave a guest lecture in a logistics class I took sophomore year and I came away amazed. They’re all industrial engineers.

  19. Will someone please tell Derek Lowe that batting practice is over? Only catching Nyjer Morgan stealing is keeping this inning from being worse.

    Edit: Thank goodness for double plays. The Nats are going to regret not scoring more.

  20. Just three. He’ll still be a decent long man out of the pen by year three. Maybe.

    Walking Uncle Ronnie to clear the pitcher’s spot was a nice touch.

  21. So Dylan should leave his songs to Guns ‘N Roses? Jesus christ you have to be kidding me. Jon K, go find a nice quiet space and listen to the remastered Blonde on Blonde from beginning to end. I bet you will say far fewer inane things in the future.

  22. From some Angels Board, on ACHE’s Jim Rome appearance:

    I didn’t get to catch all of it, but I did hear him talking about how he likes Bobby Cox as a manager. He said something along the lines of “Bobby’s coached a lot of veteran players and he knows how to let guys do their own thing.” He added that Scioscia is also a very good manager, “They’re both great, but they have very different styles.” He mentioned something about someone with the Braves helping his approach at the plate v. LHP.

    He said a little about the league change/team change “I had the whole offseason to prepare myself for a different situation than I’d been in.” and that it’s “different…not in a good or bad way…just different.”

    GA gives a good interview. I should have listened more closely, sorry.

  23. i was thinking of taking a roadtrip to this weekend’s series from raleigh nc. anyone got the best way to get fare/hotel/tix package?


  24. With ACHE’s homer, the Braves have six players with double-digit home runs this year (four of them with the team). Prado, KJ, and Diaz all have shots.

  25. Diaz’s plate discipline makes me want to vomit.


    Hook his ass up to electrodes in the off season.

  26. Diaz should not be playing vs RHP. He is only in there because McLouth is hurting. It will be okay.

  27. Dylan sounds like a sick cat? Hilarious.

    You might want to listen to this:

    Not to mention Axl’s get up…

  28. Huh? I have a friend who’s talked to O’Flaherty’s girlfriend, so that seems a bit unlikely, Mac.

  29. Lowe seems to be getting more fly balls than you want to see from him.

    Will someone please alert the Braves’ offense that 2 runs will not be enough?

  30. That inning was better. Could it be because it did not contain Adam Dunn and Elijah Dukes?

  31. Random question here but I figured if anybody would know, it’d be someone on this site: Anybody know where I can find one of those Skip Carey tribute t-shirts? I remember seeing them right after he died but not since. The camera guy was wearing one a few innings ago on the telecast…

  32. 77 through 6 is pretty good, no?

    I think I remember Leo saying the Braves goal was to average 13 pitches per inning.

  33. 63,
    One time Greg Maddux threw an 87 pitch complete game.

    EDIT: Yes, 77 through 6 is very good. If you’re pitching well, of course.

  34. Okay, I was less than thrilled about picking up LaRoche, but if he keeps doing that, he can stay as long as he’d like.

  35. That’s why you need power in your line-up…

    Astros pounding Florida 13-3 in the fourth. I wonder if they can keep the lead tonite?

  36. OK, I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure Bobby is about to pinch-hit for the pinch-hitter. Yes, I know Kelly hits lefties better than righties, but we’ve long been aware of the fact that Bobby doesn’t understand this. So we sort of expect this. I will flip out if he uses Greg Norton.

  37. God, I wish Wren knew what the heck he was doing when he traded for LaRoche. I mean, we gave up so much with Kotchman. Rediculous.

  38. Is this announcer really that impressed that Joe said “fruition”? Does that make Joe smart?

  39. Why in the hell do you bunt with 1 out in the bttm of the 7th? Giving out an out in the situation is dumb. As Dibble stated, Derek Lowe could have bunted.

  40. 102,
    No. I just thought he was about to because it looked like Bobby was pulling Kelly back. Instead, he would have Kelly–who murders left-handed pitching–sacrifice the runner to 2nd and let Church–who is hopeless against LHP–hit with a RISP.

  41. 101,

    He was joking that Vazquez said it in Spanish to McClouth, which made him make a confused face.

  42. Ricky Nolasco the man who shut down the Braves a couple of weeks ago, gave up 10 earned runs tonite.

  43. Are Braves fans paralyzed from the waist down?

    I mean really, could they not stand and cheer for that last pitch by Moylan?


  44. They’re intentionally walking Escobar to pitch to the guy with 2 HR tonight. Is Bobby managing the Nationals tonight as well?

  45. So, wait, there are going to be SEC games on Fox Sports South this year ? Just found that out, they really should advertise that more.

  46. If the pitcher were capable of throwing strikes, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad move. Escobar is a killer with runners on, while LaRoche is a strong DP candidate. That he hit 2 HRs today doesn’t really tell you anything about what he will do in his next AB, which is the one that matters.

    But it doesn’t much matter when your pitcher isn’t near the plate.

    @140 Yes, it’s an RBI.

  47. The one situation where his only “talent” (not putting the bat on the ball) comes in handy…

  48. Gonzo coming in. Hopefully that’s due to the four-run lead and not because Soriano is hurt…

  49. As a pitcher, that is scary as all hell. His heart will be pounding the rest of this inning.

  50. Look what Peanut just tweeted:

    “Greg Norton’s .138 batting average is ugly. But he has reached safely in five of his past 10 plate appearances. Two hits and three walks.”

  51. Bring on the Phillies! Do your worst! You don’t scare us- especially not Gonzo, who’s apparently just had his near-death experience for the week.

  52. ok now I’m disappointed. If he catches those last two he has the greatest defensive inning of all time.

  53. So the braves just won, and i go over to mlb.com to see how the phillies are doing… and it’s 12-1. WOW.

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