Braves 7, Astros 1

Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 02, 2010 – ESPN.

It’s only the Astros, but that felt good. Derek Lowe didn’t really look that good, but didn’t have to, and since this time he didn’t allow any homers or many walks, he got through five innings with only one run allowed. The outfield tag team of Jason Heyward and, yes, Melky Cabrera, provided most of the offense.

Heyward just missed a three-run homer in the second, settling for a sac fly RBI to make it 1-0. In the fourth, he hit a sharp grounder past short that he hustled into a double to score a run. Melky made it 3-0 with a single up the middle, then Heyward came in on an Infante single.

The Astros got their lone run on back-to-back doubles in the fifth, but luckily the next double found its way into Melky’s glove in left field instead. In the bottom of the inning, the Braves had the bases loaded, none out for Heyward, who hit a little bleeder on a 3-2 pitch, the ball dropping to the right of the mound; when nobody covered third, the pitcher tried to throw home and threw it away, which worked for the Astros when the ball bounced back and McCann was thrown out trying to score on the error-that-wasn’t. Melky followed with a two-run double to make it 7-1.

The Braves’ offense was all at the back of the order. The 1-3 spots were 0-11 with a walk. The 4-8 spots were 9-15 with three walks, six runs scored and seven RBI… Medlen pitched the sixth and seventh, allowing two hits. Saito pitched a perfect eighth, while Wagner allowed one hit in the ninth.

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  1. Jason Lowe didn’t really look that good…

    Out of all the names to accidently attach to Lowe.

  2. as for the Schafer conversation, Im guessing when he’s ready Nate will shift to LF and Schafer goes to CF. Im also thinking it could be something more like a sept callup. He hasnt been playing for a long period of time and is well behind at this point in the season. Im hoping he can surprise me and make that sooner, so in the meantime Im hoping Melky and Diaz get hot so whoever gets moved we can get a decent value for them

  3. I wont complain about Lowe going 5IP with 1 ER ever again. His pitch count, which wasnt bad anyways, wouldve been a little lower if Chipper hadnt of missed a liner in the 1st.

  4. Took in a G-Braves game on Wednesday — the day after they were no-hit, and they brought home a 6-1 victory. So I’m going to claim credit for the organization-wide turnaround the last few days.

    Mitch Jones hit a tape-measure shot, and the Norfolk Tides made Chris Resop look like Roger Clemens. But then, when you have a lineup that features Joey Gathright (4 Ks and a weak groundout) and Corey Patterson (pretty sure the hot prospect status is kaput by now), that will happen….

  5. did anyone notice McCann’s new batting stance?
    he’s abandoned the toe tap and he’s doing a regular leg kick instead….

  6. #10 – yeah I noticed that also, he’s also stepping towards the SS/3B side of the box too. Hopefully it’ll get him going and Chipper will follow suit

  7. @9: I know. I’m not one to let facts get in the way of a potential joke.

  8. I’m not sure how good the Braves are, but I’m positive that the Astros suck. Wow, that’s going to be a long season.

    Braves RBI leaderboard:
    Heyward 23
    Glaus 13
    Hinske, Yunie, McCann 8

    As many have joked, Heyward is awaiting his next callup. He’s too good for these guys.

  9. Jamie Moyer looks like he sleeps in his uniform. In other Mets-Phillies news, Santana lit up for 10 runs in 3 2/3.

  10. In 8 games, Chipper has dropped his avg from .295 to .209. Is that bad luck on some hits not falling or just him not squaring anything up?

  11. 8 – Good work Sansho. I was happy to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the 11-2 drubbing of the PawSox today in Gwinnett.

    Pertinent to the conversation a couple of threads ago, Brandon Hicks looked great today at the plate and in the field. I know he has a lot of Ks behind him, but hopefully he is turning his year around, especially if he is next in line for a callup.

  12. @14 You only started to worry about Chipper now? His lefthanded stroke is still as bad it was last year. Honestly, if we are saying Glaus’s swing is at slider bat speed, Chipper’s must be at curveball speed level.

  13. Escobar to the DL. Brandon Hicks is up.

    BTW, the Braves are paying for Lowe’s salary by charging $6.75 for a 16 oz. beer. Experienced it first-hand yesterday.

  14. Yankee Stadium, 16 oz. draft of Beck’s, Stella or Guinness: $11.00.

    A 12 oz. bottle of anything decent? Only $8.50.

    One of the guys in my season-ticket group—a lifelong Yankee fan from the days when they played at Shea—finally had enough of it last year (when the beer prices got really obscene). He either flasks it or walks into the place with a spiked Vitamin Water bottle.

    He loves that the Yankees are baseball’s plutocrats. He just doesn’t like paying for it at the beer line.

  15. Javy V. is right on his usual, good one year (actually great last year), one miserable year alternating thing he seems to do. Maybe letting him go this year was not such a bad idea, but I would still rather see him pitch than KK or Lowe.

    Diory Hernandez called, he says Brandon Hicks is a terrible hitter.

  16. Hicks is batting .179 with a .520 OPS in 84 ABs at Gwinnett. With those numbers he should fit in perfectly with the rest of the team in Atlanta.

  17. Better listen to Diory – now there’s a guy who knows bad hitting.

  18. The Brandon Hicks call-up doesn’t show up on, yahoo, or espn. Well, Yahoo has it as a link to Talking Chop… The site says they’ll evaluate him on Monday and then decide (though it’s a piece by Bowman from yesterday afternoon, so maybe the decision has been made?).

  19. I have not seen anything offical about the call up either, Bowman’s blog does mention it being a possibility.

    Anything that allows me to reference Diory Hernandez, thus leading to the rest of the blog ripping on him in a hillarious fashion, is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing.

  20. It’s a good thing that the Braves will see the Nats the first time before Strasberg comes up. I could just see Strasberg vs. Derek Lowe.

  21. Hicks is just in case something happens to Omar. He might get in the game as a pinch runner or something.

  22. I think someone at TC may have jumped the gun. I’m sure that Hicks is with the team, but they aren’t going to make a move until tomorrow.

  23. yeah doesnt seem like the Braves would make that move just yet. Bobby likes holding onto the injured for a few days first

  24. #34 – still early, remember two weeks ago Jeff was in the top 5 in avg/slg/ops.

    Im much more impressed with what Andruw and KJ are doing

  25. Jeff Francoeur – through 05/03/2009

    .284/.307/.453 and by the time he he reached his 82nd game ATL .250/.282/.352

  26. Actually, my point was that Francouer’s numbers were going down in a hurry.

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