85 thoughts on “I love the Astros game thread: May 2, Astros at Braves”

  1. glaus’s ops is still horrible, however his obp is .326 and his defense at first has been, at the least, acceptable.

  2. I wouldn’t be in favor of any rule change that would lessen the impact of speed on the game. The NL is on pace to have its most SBs since 1999 and its fewest HRs since 1997. To me, this is a great development — thanks to the combined effects of steroids and the stats revolution in the prior decade, baseball was becoming less exciting to watch.

    Before anyone accuses me of being Chip Caray, I don’t necessarily consider the speed game to be “the right way to play” and all that. I just like a balance. The Three True Outcomes guys might represent a more efficient way to score runs, but a creeping dullness had been the unintended consequence of too many teams actually realizing this.

  3. Baseball would be better if the umpires just called the game by the rules. Any move to decieve the runner, or not stepping off the rubber to throw to a base, or not coming set, is a balk.

    On that note, when did blocking a base become legal? How about calling the strike zone by the definition?

    The umpires have butchered the game. I feel like the game would be more fun and more free flowing all the rules were enforced correctly.

  4. I really need to get to know this Bethany person.

    After I clean up my spit-take, of course.

  5. 3 – Well done, Bethany.

    For a city that seems to have trouble supporting it’s professional sports, do we have to schedule the Hawks and Braves at exactly the same time?

    Of course, I will be at the Gwinnett game as those other two are playing out.

  6. Braves lineup: 1. McLouth CF, 2. Prado 2B, 3. Jones 3B; 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B; 6. Heyward RF; 7. Cabrera LF, 8. Infante SS, 9. Lowe RH

    per twitter

  7. #1 – ryan c, yeah its still pretty ugly stat wise, but when lookinf at all factors (offense, defense, and cost) is he a better value than our other corner infielder? Chipper, I think, is done folks

  8. DOB says Schafer to A ball for rehab Monday. Our long national nightmelk may soon be over…

  9. How are my fellow Nashville and Middle Tennessee peeps doing? It’s insane out there. We’re in a little bubble in South Davidson (right next to Brentwood) that’s stayed relatively dry, but I know there’s a lot of havok elsewhere. Stay safe!

  10. The Astros’ entire team is batting 231/ 281/ 325. Think of an entire TEAM of Troy Glauses, minus half the walks.

  11. Depressing paragraphs abound in DOB’s little blogs:

    “Cox also said that if Escobar was placed on the disabled list that Brandon Hicks could be promoted from Class AAA Gwinnett.

    “Hicks is a great infielder and he can really catch it,” Cox said.

    Hicks is hitting .163 (13-for-80) in 24 games for the G-Braves this season. He has two doubles, a home run, five RBIs and four stolen bases.”

  12. The “resurgence of Troy Glaus”? He had one good game yesterday, Chip.

    Hope he is right though.

  13. Wow. I hates me some Chip Caray. He made that one sound like a no-doubter.

  14. so, if heyward played in philly, he might have 11 hrs at this point.

    and chip caray is some kinda stupid.

  15. His grandfather used to do the same (on pop ups barely hitting the outfield grass). My brother and I used to make fun of him for it. Yet, with Harry it was endearing… because he was Harry. With Chip? Just annoying.

  16. you can blame him b/c he shouldnt be sexually climaxing on every braves fly ball no matter if he thinks its got a chance or not. it’s not a requirement.

  17. It was a well-hit ball and looked good coming off the bat. But by the way he sounded, I thought we were talking 20 rows up or something. It’s the man’s job. He should be able to figure this stuff out.

  18. Yea, I thought he got under it from the get go, and Chip’s enthusiasm just confused me. It’s one thing to be excited because it looked like it might have been gone, but it’s another to make a warning track shot sound like a no-doubter. He’d really be terrible on radio.

  19. As a lifelong Hawks fan (back to the Hudson/Maravich Era), I’m hopelessly conditioned for shocking post-season calamity.

    Atlanta should win this game by 30, but a big part of me is still kinda nervous.

  20. Wow. The infield fly rule is really supposed to take care of that. The whole point of that rule is to prevent exactly that play.

  21. #37
    Agree, but have you ever seen the Infield Fly Rule called on a pop-up bunt? I’m not sure I ever have.

  22. #39, no, I haven’t. The rule needs a clarification point. What’s the point of the infield fly rule if it doesn’t cover situations like that?

  23. Did the Astros drop it/not attempt to catch it on purpose to get the DP?

  24. Great article, #43. I guess the rule needs an actual amendment, not a clarification.

  25. 43

    Nice post with good info Ryan. There was stuff on there I did not know, or had misinterpreted.

    Edit: My favorite parts of braves games are when Heyward bats.

  26. OK, how did McCann think he was going to score from second on an infield single?

  27. If the ball had hit the pad instead of the bottom, McCann would have scored.

    One of about a zillion things I love about Heyward, he can score from 1st on a double. Not many on this team can do that.

  28. Back to the DP, did the Astros have the presence of mind to drop/not catch the ball on purpose?

  29. Spike,
    Yeah, they did. It was a pretty good play, actually; Lowe didn’t run, and if they’d tried, they might’ve had a triple play.

  30. On the double play, Lowe popped a bunt up good and Berkman let it fall, fired to 2nd for the force and threw to 3rd to tag out Melky.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with Mac trying to score there. Norris threw the ball way away, and on a different carome, he scores easily.

  31. pretty sure that even on the bunt an infield fly shoudlve been called, runners couldnt move and Berkman had time to get under the bunt and even decide to let it fall

  32. From the official MLB rules, available at: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/definition_terms_2.jsp

    An INFIELD FLY is a fair fly ball (NOT INCLUDING A LINE DRIVE NOR AN ATTEMPTED BUNT) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied, before two are out. The pitcher, catcher and any outfielder who stations himself in the infield on the play shall be considered infielders for the purpose of this rule.
    (emphasis added)

  33. I like pulling Lowe here. Let him come out with a solid performance and gain some confidence. No reason to push your luck with a guy that has been pretty inconsistent and could easily give up a big inning and throw the game back into play.

  34. @63


    He’s only at 84 pitches and Medlen threw a lot on Thursday.

    I’m guessing Bobby wants to make sure Lowe doesn’t mess up his own day. He got through five and was able to trim a lot of points off his ERA. Maybe Bobby wants him to take that and use it to build confidence for the next start, rather than risk it with another inning.

  35. I think, regarding the the DP play by Berkman, that ‘ordinary effort’ is probably not defined as charging in on a bunt. He made the play, only after charging in.

    The ordinary effort clause in the rule probably refers to the fact that the IFs can drift a couple of steps onto the OF grass to catch the ball.

    Youth baseball coaches tend to have a hard time with that rule, especially when you call it against them. :)

    Also Maddux used to that alot when he was with the Braves, except he had a really bad habit of overthrowing second base.

  36. look at what houston can do for some averages

    Glaus from .190 to .241
    Heyward from .239 to .275
    Melky from .189 to .215

    Chipper missed the memo from .241 to .209

  37. This might be a good opportunity to get Medlen stretched out in case he has to start for JJ next weekend.

    Chipper looks done.

  38. I got a sneaking idea that as soon as escobar comes back, Chipper is going to miss a couple of games. I think that hip is bothering him pretty good. Yunnel being out hamstrings the club a little.

  39. I was wondering when Proctor would get the call – so far the results aren’t good. 1-2, 11.25 ERA, 2.50 WHIP. Obviously it’s a small sample size, but still it doesn’t look promising so far.

  40. 79,

    good that means schafer can come up and melky can get sent down…

    would melky even start in gwinnett? or would a trade or DFA make more sense

  41. Can’t really expect anything like this from Melky over the long haul, but in his last 6 games he’s 8 for 20 with 3 walks.

  42. Under what circumstances do you think Schafer will be brought to the big leagues? Could he possibly be brought up to replace Nate if he continues to struggle? This is all assuming Jordan does well when his rehab is finished, or that he’s even ready this year.

  43. 80,
    Melky is out of options.

    Schafer will be the every day center fielder (at least against right handed pitching) as soon as he’s ready.

  44. 82, for that to happen someone has to go. Who are you suggesting?

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