Diamondbacks 12, Braves 0

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 16, 2009 – ESPN

Well, that’s one way to rest your good relievers.

Didn’t start off so badly. In the bottom of the first, Escobar and Chipper singled with one out, first and third. But then Chipper, inexplicably, fell for the stupid fake-throw-to-third-throw-back-to-first play and got picked off. Yunel, inexplicably except that this is Yunel, figured, “Hey, I’ve got to get some of that,” and took off too, and both were out. Seriously, how often do you see a double play with no pitch? The game thread guy didn’t even know how to record it.

And then things pretty much fell apart. Kawakami’s line doesn’t look so bad — five innings, three runs on five hits, one walk, four strikeouts. But 1) four of the five hits were for extra bases, three doubles and a triple; 2) the D-Backs are an extremely poor offensive team (though you wouldn’t have known it tonight); and 3) Kawakami was throwing slop, rarely topping 88.

The offense rarely threatened, but it was still only 3-0 when the bullpen struck. Parr, after getting through the sixth easily, walked the first two in the seventh, and when he seemed likely to get out of it gave up a triple to make it 5-0 and put the game away. The indescribably awful Jeff Bennett pitched the eighth with his specialty of walking everybody, or at least four of the seven men he faced. And Buddy Carlyle, who can only be described as “even worse than Bennett,” came up with his specialty of giving up a grand slam — a Devinian second in as many outings — after having already walked in a run and allowed another on a single.

Make no mistake, this is a really bad offensive team that just scored twelve runs against us. Batting average is overrated, yes, but they had a cleanup hitter who came into the game hitting .231, a #5 hitter at .241, and the next three guys at .200, .206, and .200. The last three without any power. Playing their home games in an extreme hitter’s park. It’s pathetic.

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  1. Well again I say we gambled / wasted 7 mil a year on a [deleted — MT] pitcher who just doesnt have it .. we have the least power of any team in ML and one of the worst power teams in Atl history and we could have used that 7 Mil on a hitter. We have no power from LF, CF, RF, 1B,2B,SS .. got a 3rd baseman who we can count on to miss 40 games a year and a catcher who cant see well as our only power hitters so its looks like a long year for Bravos … I suggest if they aint gonna get a hitter to platoon Kotch / Prado .. Garrett / Diaz and Infante / Shaefer-Johnson

  2. Why did we intentionally walk Chad Tracy, a guy who’s hitting .196, with Bennett on the mound?? Horrendous.

  3. we have the least power of any team in ML

    We’re not good, that’s for sure, but this statement is false. Just look at the Giants.

  4. Alright, a total disaster for one night.

    Let’s hope Lowe does have it tomorrow, so we can squeeze out another series.

  5. You can’t win if you don’t score any runs. You also can’t win if you allow twelve runs. What a horrid night. When is our next road trip?

  6. saying the kawakami signing was a bad move is a little premature. we’re not even 1/4 into his first year. there’s a ton of adjustment he must make, but give it a little more time.

    not trading buddy carlyle when teams were knocking down our door for him was a mistake. buddy carlyle’s stock was as high as it could possibly go and we had a surplus of long relief pitchers (campillo, bennett). now, we couldnt get anything for him. i do believe it has to be time to make a few middle relief moves. bobby does not trust carlyle, bennett, or parr, and that is going to wear down o’flaherty, soriano, gonzo, and moylan. with jo jo making a trip to the pen, medlen coming, to start, and glavine almost back, it looks like 2 of the untrusted will be gone.

    on a positive note, hanson went 7 innings and only allowed 2 hits with no runs. heyward also jacked another homerun. that’s 7 in 107 official at-bats.

  7. When is Cox going to get KJ out of the leadoff spot? He was 0-4.

    Francoeur also had his obligatory 0-4.

  8. I’m amazed that Kawakami got through the first three innings. Just about every curve was a hanging curve. If he pitched like that against the Phillies, they would still be playing.

  9. Bobby is so stubborn and it continues to cost the Braves. Take KJ out of the leadoff spot already.

  10. To me, this is just one of those games that happens to every team periodically. Big deal. It’s amazing how everyone jumps on and off the bandwagon every day depending on what happens in the game that day. So, the D’backs are a lousy hitting team-every team has its day. I just don’t see the reason to despair.

    As for Kawakami, he has shown at times he can pitch; he certainly did well against the Phillies. The starting pitching has generally been excellent. The Braves clearly have significant problems but I don’t see that this one game effects that any more or less.

    Chill and take a step back.

  11. Well I guess that I am glad that I missed it. This loss is not by itself alarming–even great teams have games like this one. That said, it will be pretty sad if we can’t take two of three from Arizona….

  12. I was browsing through the Braves Journal archives and was amused by this quote in an entry from April 1998:

    Meanwhile, rumors are floating around about the Angels trading an outfielder, probably either Jim Edmonds or Garret Anderson, for pitching. I bring this up because though the Braves don’t actually have an excess of pitching, they could afford to deal if they really needed an outfielder. Also, the Mets might be interested, and they definitely do need outfield help. Anderson’s as bad as you can be and still hit .300 with 10-15 HR — he really doesn’t do anything BUT that, no defense, no walks, no doubles — and Edmonds is injury prone, though he really is a good player.

  13. Who thinks Turner Field needs some updating? I’m about sick and tired of the blue vinyl. I dunno, I just kinda find our stadium ugly on TV.

  14. Turner Field, minus the huge TV, is probably about as old-school a new(er) ballpark as you are going to see. In a way, I like it like that, but in a way I tend to agree with you too.

  15. Some good pitching on the farm–J.J. Hoover had it going and Hanson won with a brief and ineffective relief stint–from you guessed it Kris Medlen. Kyle Cofield has got to get some command: 6 BBs in 5 innings are not going to cut it….

  16. Frenchy and Kelly Johnson. What the hell…what the hell.

    Jeff Bennett. Same thing.

    One regular season game rarely means all that much…but I’d like to win this damn series tomorrow.

  17. But then Chipper, inexplicably, fell for the stupid fake-throw-to-third-throw-back-to-first play and got picked off.

  18. But then Chipper, inexplicably, fell for the stupid fake-throw-to-third-throw-back-to-first play and got picked off.

    That’s hilarious. Do you think he’ll talk about it the next time he calls a team meeting and reminds everyone to stay focused?

  19. Once Chipper gets his head out of his ass, yes.

    BTW, Columbus, Ohio…not so SEC-hospitable. In fact, not so reality-hospitable.

    Nonetheless, the Tip Top Cafe is pretty great.

  20. #19–At least with KJ we have the possibility that he will go through one of his 8-10 games Chase Utley imitation; with Frenchy I am afraid that we may soon conclude that he was at his best in April….A morning glory in the making….

  21. Kammi was actually fine in the fourth and the fifth. I still think he will be fine. At the end of the day, it is the offense which scored ZERO run tonight.

    Also, KJ and Frenchy fit perfectly into the d’backs lineup.

  22. Too bad we can’t make a trade….

    I am not worried about Kawakami either….

  23. What needs to be mentioned is that the Mets won and the Phillies won twice. Even if we win the rubber game, a 2-1 home series against one of the worst teams in baseball is not good when your rivals go 3-0 on the road.

    I’m not worried about Kawakami or KJ, btw. KJ is just like Andruw, extremely streaky but very predictable over the course of a season. And a pitcher with lifelong success can’t be a bust. What really worries me is our outfield. Schafer could be the next Andy Marte. Peanut raving his defense and dropping lines like “anything offense is a plus from him” is an alarming sign. And Frenchy is back to his sucking ways. We are just not competative with these holes in our lineup.

  24. Agreed–especialy about Schafer. The Braves should have let him have a couple of months at Gwinnett County. That said, he may yet develop into a good and consistent hitter, but at present he is on the wrong side of the learning curve….

  25. I don’t get how they think Schafer can learn better getting struck out all the time in the majors, as opposed to being able to make adjustments in the minors. His confidence must be at rock bottom at the moment.

    We’ve got Infante or Blanco that can play center field and leadoff as well, which would also get KJ back where he’s comfortable.

  26. Get this stat: as a team, the Braves had ZERO Runs Produced. You can’t win if the team doesn’t directly produce runs.

  27. Bill James Online Skill Assessment of Jeffy.

    Skill: Percentile among RF

    Power: 26th percentile
    Running: 24th
    Average: 26th
    Plate Discipline: 2nd

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