Atlanta Braves vs. San Diego Padres – Box Score – April 12, 2010 – ESPN.

Yes, it’s the old “The Braves played like minor leaguers” trope. They couldn’t even get three runs so I could break out “Chargers 17, Falcons 3”. I suppose they could have gotten a safety.

Where to begin… Well, Jesse Chavez faced five men and struck out four of them, allowing the other one to get a hit. And that is the only thing that went well tonight.

It was 1-0 Padres through three, when the roof caved in. Jair Jurrjens completely fell apart in the fourth, and it was 6-0 by the time Bobby got him out of there. Since it was 6-0, he decided that he might as well bring in Jo-Jo, but you can imagine how much help he was. After allowing a double to score two more of Jurrjens’ runners, he gave up three more runs in the inning, two on a homer, then gave up a three-run homer in the fifth and three more runs in the seventh before Bobby finally brought in Chavez, presumably on the basis that the game could, technically, last forever if Reyes couldn’t get the third out in the inning and showed no signs of doing so.

The Braves’ only two runs came in the sixth — yes, already down 14-0 — and even then they left the bases loaded. They had only four hits for the game, one of them, inevitably, by Prado. Chipper was back but he didn’t do anything, not that anybody did anything much.