212 thoughts on “Monday NEVER HAPPENED game thread: April 14, Braves at Padres”

  1. I hope the boys enjoyed themselves at Legoland yesterday and I hope they brought their bats tonight.

  2. DOB says Michael Dunn.

    (Edit: Which sort of ruins my “Chipper-to-DL, Reyes-to-KC, Dunn to ATL” prediction of yesterday, but I’ll still claim, oh, 1/4 credit.)

  3. Caroll Rogers has a nice piece up about the shenanigans Jurrjens, Hanson, Heyward and Kawakami (?) got into during the two off days in San Diego. Monday night Kawakami treated them to sushi and karaoke, and yesterday apparently involved an impromptu roadtrip to “tear up channel nine’s lawn” according to Heyward.

  4. Chip and Joe talking about how important it is to get the lead off man on base… so you can then give away outs. heh heh.

  5. Wait, are they now making the case that the number of errors don’t always indicate the quality of the defense? hmmm…

  6. im watching, two of the pitches to Eckstein looked like strike’s to me.

    thought Adrian got all of that one also

  7. #21 – not really.

    Gonzalez nearly took that one out. In a normal park, that’s gone.

  8. i have mlbtv and i just switched to the padres broadcast. i really cant take the shitcast.

  9. Robert and Csg,

    Yeah, it seems like two of the pitches that were called for balls should have been strikes on Gamecast, too.

  10. I’ve been watching the other team’s broadcast on mlb.tv since the season started.

    I dunno, I kinda like Dick Enberg; maybe because he’s perfectly cromulent as a tennis broadcaster, which is what I normally know him from.

  11. Enberg has already screwed up 2 calls, now he’s blathering about green sleeves and Monday (which never happened) he called an obvious ground rule double a homer.

  12. 32- Is it Jerry Coleman? He’s one of their color guys, and kinda known for being, shall we say, Yogi-esque in his pronouncements.

  13. Man, that slider against Headley down and in to get him is just sick, particularly at 86-87 when he’d just seen a nice curve at 75.

  14. Robert and Csg,

    Yeah, it seems like two of the pitches that were called for balls should have been strikes on Gamecast, too.

    Could be.

    I find watching Hanson frustrating. Dude is throwing 95 with great movement but spends half his time try to loop breaking balls on the black driving his pitch count up. I wish he would just attack more like a guy with great stuff should.

    That slider was nasty though.

  15. Robert, I like watching him pitch. He pretty much throws what BMAC calls for so I dont know who you blame

  16. Sportsouth’s cutaway shows Nasty Nate up next, but it’s Smelky, right?

    Yes, that’s right.

  17. And another weak ground ball from Melky…I’m beginning to worry that he and Javy V. are in a race to the bottom to see who got the worst of that deal.

  18. Robert,

    If you’re watching live, I guess it looks different on Gamecast for me. On the subject of breaking balls, it frustrates me too; but, I think that if Hanson can start locating those properly, he’s going to become elite pitcher for a long time. No hurt trying, especially when you’re at the age you can get away with misplaced pitches by hurling 95+.

  19. Chip is a moron. His last statement….”I havent bought appliances lately, how do you know what is energy star?”

    that cant be a hit can it?

  20. @49,

    So Chip and his fellow broadcaster are talking about Chuck James, huh?

    Count me as a person who is very glad that Hanson is not pitching against us with Yunel backing him at SS, from all of those Peavy rumors.

  21. Of course, the Braves now have a lot more players in the lineup that can hurt… the Braves.

  22. I guess it is time for the Chipper to first stuff to start. He should have caught that ball.

  23. its sad that Martin prado is the 2nd best defensive guy in the field (Heyward may be better also)

  24. I’m fairly sure that an infield with Chipper at first, Prado at third, and Infante at second would be much stronger than the current version.

  25. Chipper Jones has done a remarkable amount of damage in this inning.

    What was Hanson’s pitch count when Chipper dropped that ball?

  26. Who is the best defensive third baseman on the team? (sounds like a poll question)

    A Chipper
    B Glaus
    C Prado
    D Infante
    E Smitty

  27. Prado is actually really good at third. (Suggesting that he may be overthinking things at second.) If Chipper were to be half-decent at first, the alignment I suggested would be one of the stronger defensive units in the league.

  28. I keep hoping Glaus could get hot, but the more I watch, the more discouraged I become.

    My bet was the conversation between the pitcher and the catcher went like this:

    Pitcher: “What do I throw?”
    Catcher: “Anything low and fast. It’s Mr. Auto-Out.”

  29. How many pitches will the Braves see this inning?

    A 4
    B 6
    C 7
    D They will just forfeit their AB and go back out on “defense”

  30. I still maintain that signing Chipper to his last contract was a mistake and that we should have traded him to the Rays two years ago when they were looking for a good DH bat*, we were going nowhere fast, and he was hiting the crap out of the ball–sell high. Who could’ve forseen his breaking down though?

    *I believe there’s a Braves Journal post to this effect in the archives that suggests Chipper for SP-Jeremy Hellickson and OF-Desmond Jennings back when they were in A-ball. Damnit.

  31. 84 — Chipper has been a 10/5 man for a long time and can’t be traded without his consent.

  32. Melky’s lucky he didn’t break his foot on that swing. Break his foot with his own bat that is.

  33. But you can’t assume a double play. I think he’s credited with getting to second on the grounder — if the shortstop had cut the ball off before it got to the outfield, there would have been no error.

  34. Cabrera has to know he won’t get anything to hit there, right? By my count he swung at 2 balls and let a fastball down the middle go by. I guess i shouldn’t expect that much from a sub .100 hitter.

  35. But there’s an error since he made it to 3rd on the throw going to the outfield, right?

  36. I already want to change my vote. I was giving Melky credit for being passable in the field.

  37. Does it bother anybody else that Chip sounds like a homer for the other team? If I’m in another room and hear him start using his excited voice, I just assume the Braves have given up another run.

  38. He swung at it and he didn’t try to get out of the way. But the umpires don’t like to make “judgment calls” and the pussy in the commissioner’s office refuses to force them to.

  39. #109 – i agree…in a couple of years we’ll have Schafer, Freeman, some younger 3B and a rotation without Lowe

  40. I want to be Baseball Commissioner. I put it on my facebook. Let’s start a grass roots campaign!

    Smitty for Commish!

  41. I keep telling myself it’s too soon to give up on Glaus and Melky…but my god, they’ve been bad tonight.

    @117 – You and Chip are on the same page.

  42. eventually Adrian Gonzalez will hurt you

    Glaus at least hit a ball hard in his 1st AB, Melky hasnt squared one up this season

  43. I think we have a front runner for Most Repeated Broadcast Phrase We’ll Hear All Year Long

    “Over the head of Glaus”

  44. What is up with all the fawning that Simpson and Caray are doing over David Eckstein? I don’t remember Eckstein being a particularly good player. And his OPS this season, coming into today’s game, is .511.

  45. “Eckstein not afraid to lean into a pitched ball, either.”

    What’s the first kind of ball into which he’s not afraid to lean, Chip?

    Also, why not just “pitch”?

  46. I just got home, the first batter I saw was Prado, now Chipper and Mac, I’ve got your backs guys!

  47. Chip, it sure is amazing that the Braves’ 3-4-5 hitters are the ones that have hit best in this ballpark. Who would have guessed that?

  48. That McCann fella might have some potential.

    Seeing how empty the park is I really should have stayed on the trolley and gone to the game.

  49. alright guys – how many softball players do we have here? Im about to order some softball pants – any recommendations?

    easton, boombah, or titan

  50. csg
    I play, but I wear shorts and long socks. However, I know a bunch of guys who play a couple of classes above me and they like Boombah.

    I wear Boombah shoes and won’t ever go back to anything else.

  51. Every year I get closer and closer to ordering pants. I like the Boombah Beam style running about $55-58 off of their website.

    Someday, I won’t buy another bat and will buy pants instead.

  52. good grief Chip – worst line ever

    “Some would say that the Braves were latos intolerant last year.”

  53. Hansen appears to be under-utilizing his fastball. It’s pretty good tonight and he’s bailing out some of these hitters with soft stuff.

  54. People say first base defense isn’t all that important, but Glaus is doing his best to disprove that.

  55. When dick enberg is criticizing your bunting strategy you know you’re doing something wrong.

  56. Well, that was a blast.

    Some runs for Hanson. How ’bout that?

    Went to Yankee Stadium today. Was waiting for my pals in the plaza when I saw a nearby sign—“Autograph Signing Today, 2:30-4:00, Stan’s Sports World: Jim Leyritz.”

    He’s really been exiled. Can’t say I feel sorry for the guy, but it is kinda sad.

    Vazquez got touched up today & took some heat. (Didn’t get smacked like his first game, but he deserved his L.) One Yankee fan asked me how Melky was doing for Atlanta and I said, “I don’t think we’ll ever really appreciate him… Want him back?”

  57. Listen, Moylan’s arm isn’t going to fall off if he’s sitting around not using it.

  58. How hard do you think it would be to convince the Yankees to just swap Melky/Javy back and we give them Lowe?

  59. 207: His fastball doesn’t look all that lively (in general), but he sure gets a lot of swings and misses on it.

  60. It took 4 tries for dick enberg to correctly identify McClouth. Even though he bats lefty and Diaz bats righty. Just embarrassing.

  61. 210: And it might become one for Jesse Chavez, the way Billy’s throwing so far.

    UPDATE: Okay, never mind.

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