San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 08, 2010 – ESPN.

Remarkably, the Braves put out one of the Sundayest of their Sunday lineups (Chipper, McCann and Heyward all on the bench, though Jason did come in for defense late) and yet they scored five runs and won the game anyway. Go figure. They did still manage to leave nine men on base, so some things don’t change.

Derek Lowe started the game looking like it wouldn’t have mattered if the 1927 Yankees were hitting for him, as four of the first seven Giants reached base, including a double, but somehow only one of them scored. A line drive with one out and a runner on second in the first looked like it would surely score a run, but AAG caught it. The Giants got a single and a double to start the second, making it 1-0, and then Gonzalez lost a pop fly in the sun (it was originally ruled an error, then changed to a single on the Prado Principle that if you completely screw up and don’t even touch the ball that should be an easy out, it’s a hit). But AAG came back and turned a nice double play to get out of the inning.

Brooks Conrad, batting sixth (see what I mean about the Sunday Lineup?) doubled down the third base line leading off the bottom of the inning, then Ross hit a homer to make it 2-1. Walks to Lowe and Infante and an infield single by Melky loaded the bases, and Gonzalez, hitting third (Sunday Lineup!) just missed a knockout blow, turning into a sac fly to score Lowe and make it 3-1.

Lowe, unusually after all that baserunning on a hot day, pitched much better after getting the lead, retiring nine of the next ten batters. Omar hit a solo homer with two out in the fourth to make it 4-1, then in the fifth four consecutive singles by Gonzalez, Diaz, Glaus, and Conrad plated one run, which is taking station-to-station baseball to extremes, I feel, and the Braves then left the bases loaded after having another chance to blow it open.

Lowe apparently cramped up in the sixth, after allowing a leadoff double then a run on a double-error (Glaus misplayed a grounder, which Infante then threw away trying to get the out, allowing the runner to score). Lowe got one out, then gave way to Moylan, who got the last two on three pitches. Moylan then allowed a solo homer to Braves-killer Travis Ishikawa leading off the seventh, and after a popup and a HBP gave way to Venters. Venters allowed a single, but then got a GIDP. Diaz singled, stole second, and went to third on a throwing error to start the seventh, then was typically stranded there after Glaus stood there like an idiot on a fastball down the middle of the plate for strike three, Conrad struck out swinging on a pitch about a foot outside in the dirt, and Ankiel popped up. Venters got the first two in the eighth easily anyway, then Bobby for some reason brought in Farnsworth to face Pat Burrell. Farnsworth got a strikeout, surprising the heck out of me.

Ross walked leading off the eighth, then the infamous pinch-bunt (Diory) got him to second. Infante popped out, but Melky (Melky!) singled him home to get the insurance run. Saito got the easy save situation this time, striking out the side around an Ishikawa double.