Ball doesn’t carry here game thread: April 12, Braves at Padres

Over/under on “Belted!”/”It’s a drive!” calls by Chip on balls that don’t get within ten feet of the warning track: 6 1/2.

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  1. gotta like our chances today against correia. an update from dob says that chipper tweeked his back trying to test his oblique. could be a long year for chipper.

    on a side note, our rookie is hitting .292 .370 1.079. great start for the kid. however, he does have 9 ks. Youch!

    Here’s to a series win against the pads. Go Braves! AND GO MAC! You da man!

  2. How about an over/under on what inning The Chip does his daily impersonation of his dad (shudder).

  3. I really feel like this year is going to be it for Chipper. His body just isn’t holding up.

  4. Let’s be fair. It’s asking a lot to score many runs off Lincecum. When you get a couple of runs early, you almost have to win 2-0 or 2-1. I doubt they would have done much more even if Chipper had been in the lineup. The Friday game is the more galling lost; no way they should have lost that.

    Having said that, over the last few years, the Braves have developed a disturbing habit of finding ways to lose games. Unfortunately, I have gotten to the point when it’s a close game late that I expect them to lose somehow. The Braves seem to be a great seven-inning team.

  5. It’s still too early to tell what will happen with this team. 6 of our 9 regular players are batting .231 or below. Lincecum has a way of hurting batting averages this early in the season. I get the feeling that Prado won’t keep his .542 BA too long, but the others will recover. Glaus regaining his power is my biggest concern. I don’t think Chipper’s back is a big deal, so having him in the lineup again will help.

    The pitching staff is looking pretty good. The only guy who I have concerns about at this point is Lowe (even with his 2-0 record)! All in all I think we’ll be okay, but a WC run as opposed to a run at the Phillies seems slightly more likely at this point.

  6. What was odd about the game is that, at one point, Kawakami had thrown 51 pitches to Lincecum’s 90, yet Lincecum ended up being more successful. I guess that happens when you are a back-to-back Cy Young winner.

    The thing about baseball is that it is such a long season, the outlook changes week-to-week, sometimes game-to-game. If the Braves win four or five in a row, next week at this time and the Phillies lose a couple, we’ll be talking about how the Braves are a threat to the Phillies.

  7. Let’s not be reactionary. It’s still way too early to extrapolate anything about the remainder of this season. If we reason that we’re seeing the real competitiveness of this team six games into the season, do we also reason that Martin Prado will continue to hit .600 the rest of the way or that Jason Heyward will hit three homers every week? Of course not.

    By the way, the Braves cut Rudy Darrow loose over the weekend. He was the return in the Josh Anderson trade.

  8. Is watching the game on your PC palatable? I have a 13 inch Macbook. Just wondering what other’s experience has been with mlbtv.

  9. Has Melky Cabrera hit a ball hard yet?

    Maybe since Glavine and Smoltz are back with the Braves on the television team, they could give him some batting pointers.

  10. At least you didn’t include an O/U on “fisted.” You can thank me for that mental image later.

  11. Johnny @ # 10

    I watch it on my MacBook with MLB.TV, it is acceptable.
    I believe you can hook it up to your TV through your computer, I have not tried to do so yet.

    MLB.TV is always sluggish in the first couple of weeks, but then it clears up rather well and becomes reliable.

  12. #19 Thanks man. I was worried that watching games on such a small screen would suck.

    Well hell, somethings got to give. I guess I’ll have to cut off food to one of my kids so that Dad can watch the Braves.

  13. @17 – Absolutely correct. Just another $6.5M and Feliz’ll make as much, too. And, we don’t have to worry about Wagner hanging around for another 6 cheap years, since he is a free agent and all, so there’s that as well.

  14. Mac, I’d bet you they do pretty well with this gambit. I am surprised they are waiting until November to launch.

  15. @ 10
    I’m on my second year of MLBTV, if you have good bandwidth it looks great, if not it still looks decent and is totally worth it if you are a die hard fan that needs to watch the games. The “NEXDEF” program that MLB uses isn’t perfect, it has some bugs and problems, but for the most part I can’t complain.

  16. Does a proxy server work in avoiding the blackout? I live in ATL, but don’t get cable (because i don’t want it in the the house w/ kids) so mlb tv won’t work for me, unless I can beat the restrictions somehow.

  17. Couple of things. I wouldn’t go ahead and concede the division to the Phils just yet. Remember they just played the Nats and Stros while ATL played two teams that should at least contend for the W/C.

    The depressing thing is how much we are wasting Prado’s scorching start. He has 13 hits and has reached base 4 other times on 3bb and 1hbp. Yet he has scored 5 runs and driven in 1! Granted only 3 of his hits went for extra bases but it would be nice to get men on base in front on him (and not have Bobby use Prado to bunt).

    Oh, and fantastic news Mac.

  18. Remember, Conan had a no-compete clause in the settlement, for some months. I imagine the November date coincides with its expiration.

  19. Mac, I’m late, but I wanted to add to the chorus of excited comments about your most recent prognosis. Still praying.

    Also: Glad to see you’re still around, sansho.

  20. Let’s get through April with our head above water. The rest of this month’s schedule is mixed with good & bad clubs—@SD, Col, Pha, @NYM, @StL & Hou.

    May is more filled with teams that don’t expect to contend–18 games vs Hou, Was, NYM, Az, Cin & Pit. If we’re gonna be any good, we’ll beat ‘em up.

  21. Hey Stu, thanks. I’ve taken some oft-tendered advice and stepped away from the interwebs somewhat. Braves Journal having been my #1 time-waster for some time (that’s a backhanded compliment, Mac). But it’s always good to see familiar names. And since I’m currently unemployed, so much the better. Go Braves!

  22. Mac,

    Just saw the good medical news for you. Glad to hear it.

    re the Braves, they have never been a great April team, even during the title years. The only real good April I remember (other than 1982,which isn’t really germane to this discussion) was 2000 when they had a 15 game winning streak to end the month and even that was following a mediocre start.

  23. sansho,
    As of this past Friday, I’m right there with you. Glad to have you back, even if it’s only semi-regularly.

  24. Apparently Freeman has seen like 8 pitches all season. His approach is going to piss people off, especially this crowd.

    I voted Diaz/Hinske.

  25. I think Conan should give Bill Tush a role on the show, in honor of Tush’s status as the original TBS funnyman. Less than 100 people probably care about this….

  26. DOB tweets Chipper back in lineup:

    New lineup: 1. Cabrera LF, 2. Prado 2B, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Escobar SS, 7. Heyward RF, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Jurrjens

  27. the “belted” over/under is 6.5

    is it the same for number of innings before Chipper really hurts himself? (why is he playing if he just hurt his back while testing his oblique?)

  28. I just watched Neftali Feliz blow out the Indians 1-2-3 for a save. Elvis Andrus was 1-1 with 3 walks. MAN I HATE TEXIERA!

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Mark Texiera?

    Lousy,damn Texiera—I hope his average stays below .100 until Flag Day!

  29. Conan O’Brien never did anything funnier than Bill Tush on his old show.
    Man, I still have a thing for Jan Hooks, and the girl who did the news.
    Any help on her name? She was with TBS for about 2-3 years, as a real newsperson and a fake one. Something like Carol Selvy, I know that’s not it, someone on here will know, HELP!!

    Oh, yeah, I hate Texiera.

  30. Hey, I think I just remembered. I believe it was Tina Seldin, I know this is at least close.

    Lousy stinkin’ Texiera.

  31. It really is mind boggling how much of what Chip says annoys me. Even when he’s not saying something that’s “wrong” (which, granted, will happen several times every game), he still pisses me off.

  32. What the hell has happened to McLouth? Easiest out on the team all spring long.

    I said this the other night, but he really does look like he swings in slow motion most of the time. Just looks awful up there. I’m officially worried about him.

  33. True, Douglass. McLouth looks a lot like Schafer did last year, where all he can do is foul off pitches and hope to walk.

  34. Venable really does own us.

    After that triple, he’s hitting .384 with a 1.275 OPS against the Braves in his career.


  35. 52 — someone else suggested proxying in the comments to that rant. I have no idea if it will work, though.

  36. I’m glad I don’t have Chip tonight. Granted, I’ve got the Padres announcers on, but it’s not Chip!

  37. Get the fucking chicken off the screen! Jesus Christ, this is Chip’s fault. He just couldn’t help himself but mention it.

    Jair has been fighting it the whole game today. No control on any pitch. Not looking good.

  38. McClouth sucks and Melky sucks more. Braves outfield is still below average. Until it’s addressed, expect more of same.

  39. Two-run single by the opposing pitcher translates to “get the hook.” Kinda like San Diego translates as a whale’s… intimate parts.

  40. Seeing the Chicken reminded me of when the Padres owned an AA team in Wichita. Through some obligations, the Chicken had to come to Wichita and perform at a game. During one of the between innings, they did a race around the bases where a random kid started at home, while the Chicken started at second. The child could run, but the Chicken had to walk. Of course, the Chicken was walking as fast as possible, just smoking the kid, when Gumby came bounding out of the third base dugout, tackling the Chicken and allowing the kid to win.

    What I wouldn’t give for a Gumby to tackle the Chicken right now. And I’m talking a head first, unsportsmanlike conduct tackle.

  41. Joe was right about the play at the plate. McCann needs to block the dish.

    This is embarrassing.

  42. We’re like 7 games in to the season, and we’ve managed to lose just about every way you can lose.

  43. Oh, come on. There are lots of ways that we can lose that we haven’t yet. We haven’t had the “fall in a big hole and then almost come back” loss. We haven’t had a game we were winning before a rain delay made us pull our starter. We’ve yet to give up scads of dingers. There are all sorts of wonderful defeats left to be subjected to!

  44. so I wonder what our team would look like if Nate, Melky, Glaus, Yunel, and Chipper started hitting. Thank you Prado, Bmac, and Heyward for actually doing your part

  45. Word on the street is Blanks can’t time breaking balls. I’d imagine the Braves got the scouting report.

    EDIT: I guess all he needed was 12 in a row

  46. csg, don’t hold your breath on Nate, Melky and Glaus hitting at all much less at the same time.

  47. probably should pull Chipper and Mac at this point also. Oh and Im not holding my breath. Remember when Glaus and Nate could hit though? I still have a lot of faith in Yunel at least

    At least we get to see that Jo Jo (not joseph) still cant pitch at this level. Hows Proctor doing?

  48. Im nitpicking, but Bmac has to start blocking some of these short hopers. That wasnt a bad throw at all

    a 10 spot in the 4th to the Padres. A team hitting .219 before today

  49. Keep pitching to Venable. Bad offense, bad pitching, bad management. Trifecta.

  50. McCann has always been a subpar defensive catcher. Drops throws, misses tags, throws poorly.

  51. I worked a time-shortened game yesterday. I’ve got a couple of good innings left in my arm. Of course it was slowpitch softball, but that wouldn’t be much difference than what the staff is offering up tonight. Someone get me to SD!

  52. at least I have slowpitch softball in a bit….should be able to take out some frustration out there

    hey 3 outs

  53. what a shocker…
    chief stays gone the whole offseason and rears his ugly head to talk shit about everyone that’s not doing well after the 7th game. original.

  54. When is the last time we gave up 10+ runs in an inning? Even the debacle in Philly last Apri was only an 8-run inning.

  55. Frank Wren put together a bad team this offseason, Bobby Cox is still the manager, and we’re about to drop another game to the Phillies.

  56. I think Jo Jo pitches until his arm falls off, or until his defenders get too hungry to stand out there any longer. I really don’t think he’s going to be on the club tomorrow.

  57. Frankly, the good doctor could be useful in diagnosing this team’s problems. “You’ve got a center fielder with a pulled suck muscle, a first baseman who can’t tell a pine bat from maple, and a pitcher with lupus- which I plan to inject him with.”

  58. Just saw the score.

    I am clearly having more fun watching Gwinnett than you guys are watching the big club.

  59. andruw has 2 pokes tonight for the sox. he has looked very similar to the andruw of old this young season.

  60. I think you might be right jjschiller, JoJo may be gone. He simply can’t pitch at this level despite his “stuff”.

  61. The “” adds on the site are more entertaining than the game that’s on right now.

  62. Mac, time to break out the crappy music video punishments.

    I suggest, after this fiasco, a solid week of ABBA.

  63. I’m away since 2:30 and I come home to find this? Jurrjens has been golden the last two years. What are you gonna do?



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