Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 14, 2009 – ESPN

Sometimes, it’s just not your night. The Braves hit the ball, hard, all over the ballpark, but unfortunately not out of the ballpark, and the Phillie outfielders kept catching them. The Phillies generally didn’t hit the ball as well — but hit two homers, accounting for all three runs. Bobby didn’t help with the bunting and the bizarre managing. In the eighth inning, tied at two, he brought in Gonzalez to pitch to the righthanded portion of the Phillies’ order. He got out of a leadoff double, retiring Utley on a popup to end it with Howard on deck. He had thrown 14 pitches — but Bobby brought in Soriano to pitch to Howard in the ninth, and he hit a solo homer, the game-winner. Why don’t you use Gonzalez to pitch to Howard? I don’t know.

Jair Jurrjens really had one bad inning, the fourth, in which he allowed a two-run homer to Utley, two other hits, and a walk, though he got a double play to end the threat. He allowed only one baserunner after that. Mostly, he got a lot of weak fly balls. The Braves didn’t give him much to work with, though.

In the first, McLouth led off with a double. Bobby decided to have Prado bunt, because that’s what you do with a .313 hitter. Prado couldn’t get the bunt down, and then Chipper singled in McLouth. I hate bunts. Their only other run came on a Church double to left, scoring Yunel from first. The rest of the night was dedicated to line drives right at the infielders and long fly balls that the outfielders tracked down. I think at one point, Shane Victorino shot down a fly ball using a missile launcher. Drives you nuts. Get them tomorrow, guys.