Not really paying attention game thread: Sept. 19, Mets at Braves

It is the Mets, right? [Checks] Yeah, the Mets. SEC picks, home teams in Italics

Alabama 33, Arkansas 12
LSU 14, Auburn 9
Georgia 21, Arizona St. 9
Georgia Tech 21, Miss St. 15
South Carolina 21, Wofford 0
Vanderbilt 27, Ole Miss 24
Florida 47, Tennessee 6

31 thoughts on “Not really paying attention game thread: Sept. 19, Mets at Braves”

  1. A world class sandbagging job by Dennis Erickson last week – at least until he actually lost the game. Arizona St is better than whatever they were trying last week (not showing Georgia anything). Home game, unfamiliar environment for the visitors, night game, I like their chances.

    I’ll take ASU 27, Georgia 20.

    Any word on the final decision from Georgia? Did they go with a trail of breadcrumbs or tying a string to the tail of the plane? They haven’t crossed the Mississippi in almost 50 years, everyone’s a little concerned if they’ll find their way back.

  2. Even though I like Cox and am probably in the minority here that is glad he’ll be back next season, I also like the ‘Baghdad Bobby’ stuff from the previous thread.

  3. Right, Ericksen actually threw a game to set Georgia up.

    Well no, I didn’t say that. I think he tried to win without using his A material. Apparently they are not good enough to pull that off. He’s got an easy sales job this week though: “As embarrassing as it is to lose to UNLV, if you beat Georgia on national TV, no one will mention Vegas again”.

  4. Man, Mac’s Tennessee hate is definitely a 10/10 on the Hey Jenny Slater scale (1 being Marissa Miller’s boobs, 10 being Phil Fulmer’s)

    re:7 – beating UGA won’t take the focus off losing in Vegas. The only thing that gets the focus off the UNLV loss for ASU is their next loss, because that effectively takes them out of any possible shot at the title game. Beating UGA just leaves them in a position where if they don’t lose again, all anyone will focus on is how they lost to UNLV.

  5. #8 – I see what your saying but, realistically, ASU is not going to be anywhere near the National Championship game. If they won this weekend at least they would get the “Thank you for shutting up the SEC homers for a half hour” hero treatment that UCLA enjoyed for a while.

    I mean after last weekend’s massacre at the hands of the mighty Mountain West, the conference needs a pick-me-up. USC is willing to lend them The Song Girls to cheer at inappropriate times if that would help.

  6. Phils up 2-0 in the top of the 1st, on an error and a wild pitch. Seems like everyone is wetting the bed against the Phils right now. I guess I’d be paranoid as a Met fan, too.

    And Pujols ended up 1-for-4, now hitting .353.

  7. It is weird watching the game start with J. Reyes pitching to J. Reyes. Hopefully, this matchup will occur at least one more time this game.

  8. There’s a fine line between Operation Screw The Mets and Operation Suck Large, Heavy Rocks, and Jo-Jo Reyes seems to think that we’re working on the latter.

  9. Chip Caray: “The Braves need a power hitter for 2009 and Frank Wren told me he thinks Francoeur is that power hitter.”

    I hate this team.

  10. Chip held off as long as he could with the “Baseball is changing and becoming quicker!” rubbish.

    Less than 2 innings this time.

  11. Me from the last game thread on September 18th:

    Chip Caray and Joe Simpson.

    Every time I’ve seen this pair this year, Chip Caray has talked about a “more exciting” form of baseball with a bigger emphasis on speed and less fascination with the long ball now that the steroid era is dead. Every. Single. Time.

    Every time…

  12. Jeffy just caught a fly ball on the track and Joe and Chip couldn’t stop gushing. Jeffy’s current Plus/Minus is -17.

  13. Usually the problem that young pitchers with “good stuff” face in the Majors is finding consistency. Well, Jo-Jo has been consistent, at least.

  14. KJ sucked the proverbial arse tonight. Stupid mistakes, yet again. GAH.

    Can’t really blame him, though.

    The most telling camera shot was ‘bridge yawning in the dugout during the top of the 9th. We’ve all been there. Game over, let’s go home.

    Is it over yet?

  15. Mac–I really like your pics….I also like Robert’s baiting….to be fair I think UGA may find it to be their second hard game in a row. Given their schedule, they had better learn to live with it.

    Otherwise, Chipper’s injury–even if minor–sucks, because he was hitting much better than he did in July and August: like many on this list I would be thrilled to see him win the Batting Crown by hitting over .365 and setting a new record for switch hitters….

  16. I think the Braves are in for a bad next few years. Everybody talks about all the young arms in the farm system but people were saying the same things about Davies and Reyes. They both suck; the Braves seem incapable of producing quality pitchers. If Wren isn’t just bullshitting, he is so completely clueless that it’s scary. Their lack of interest in statistical analysis is blinding the organization to reality. This just seems to be an organization that thinks that because our way worked in the 90s, it will keep working.

    I’m not even sure the Braves should try to contend next year. It may be time to just try to rebuild instead of taking stopgaps for the next year. This is becoming a very difficult division; the Mets have lots of money, the Phillies have a good base and the Marlins may have the most talent of anyone. Last winter, we all thought the division was so weak that all the Braves needed to do was make a few treaks. I don’t think that’s the case anymore, especially with losing Hudson and (probably) Smoltz. I sure don’t see any reason to think Jo Jo Reyes is suddenly going to “get it.”

  17. Seven and a half?

    Florida is only getting 7 1/2 over UT. If I had a follicle on my gluteus, I’d bet everything I had on the Gators.

    But I don’t. And I won’t.


    OT: Sure was overjoyed to read that this entire band of genii known as the Braves coaching staff will return. Oh. What. A. Relief. It. Is.

    If Wren actually said that about Francouer then we’re going to have to find another team. That statement is Carteresque in its’ ability to totally misread a situation.

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