39 thoughts on “What’s true is that we suck game thread: Sept. 5, Nats at Braves”

  1. I should point out that play after tonight will be largely predicated upon what Tropical Storm Hanna does, and that this is a supremely unpredictable storm that has already done one complete loop around.

  2. Response to Marc, #28 on the last thread:

    Campillo isn’t really a retread. He was good in the Mexican League and good in the minors, and considering that basically all of his ML service time has come this year, he has been good in the majors. Essentially, he’s succeeded at every level. Jorge Sosa had demonstrated at the major league level that his success wouldn’t hold. Jorge Campillo, while not as good as he’s been in 2008, has nothing but a track record of success. His performance this season is fluky, but not nearly as fluky as Sosa’s.

  3. there has been talk of us going after Lowe this offseason, I find this interesting

    Lowe – 11-11 180IP 177H 39BB 128K 3.69ERA 1.28WHIP .259BAA

    Campillo – 7-7 139IP 133H 32BB 99K 3.67ERA 1.18WHIP .253BAA

    Im not really saying there is anything to this, but if Lowe is the answer at the price he’ll get on the market…geez

    Campillo may not be this good and may not be anything better than a #4 or #5 , but at least his cost is minimal.

  4. great link mac……..i had to keep looking up to make sure he was still talking about Petrino instead of another well known ratbastard coach whom i wont name here in the intrest of keeping the peace. come to think of it, theres a few coaches that story could have been about(insert name here kinda thing). …………….i’m keeping quiet about football until tomorrow when i see if the local unruly mob looks like a football team. when a senior QB who has started 33 games finds himself a third stringer, what does that say about your offense the last 3 years?

  5. 40-50 million to spend and three needs: ace pitcher, power left fielder and good left-handed relief pitcher according to Bowman.

    How about Sheets, Burrell and Fuentes?

  6. That was a brilliantly written rant about the Falcons that pretty much echoes my own sentiments. The best line was the one about Matt Ryan being the type of QB you’d want to build your organization around if your organization was some kind of Christian folk group.

    I, however, the eternal optimist, think we will avoid the NFL cellar somehow. I predict 5-11. Although if one of those five isn’t the truly wretched Lions in the Dome this weekend, I may start to backpedal pretty quickly, and if we don’t get at least one between that game and the Chiefs game in Week 3 at home, we’ll be lucky to win two all year.

  7. csg,

    Your comment illustrates the maxim which I have proposed.

    Free agents signed by this organization should only be premium free agents. Say, the top 20% of their position available in free agency and top 35% or so overall by their position

    We have lots of mediocrities with some topside (but less than star topside). We have some slightly better than medicrities that have fairly high topsides.

    Going into next year, we only have three players that fit the above premium player definition: (the kind of players winning teams would like to have). Chipper, McCann, and Gonzo.

  8. I can’t stand this season, but whenever I think about 1991-2005, I’m set adrift on memory bliss.

    Also, Cliff, I’d add Jurrjens to your list, and I’d say Yunel’s borderline based on his defense.

  9. I think Escobar has star ability. He’s the best defensive shortstop in the majors — meaning, most years, the best defensive player — and when healthy has shown an ability to get on base and hit for a little power. KJ, obviously, is incredibly frustrating, but keeps running off these stretches where for a week to ten days he looks like Chase Utley. Jurrjens could have made the All-Star team this year.

  10. I know these lineups are true:

    Harris lf
    Guzman ss
    Zimmerman 3b
    Casto 1b
    Langerhans rf
    Bernadina cf
    Nieves c
    Bonifacio 2b
    Bergmann p

    Good Guys:
    Anderson cf
    Johnson 2b
    CJones 3b
    McCann c
    Escobar ss
    Kotchman 1b
    Francoeur rf
    BJones lf
    Jurrjens p

  11. Yeah, I like Chipper, McCann, Gonzalez, Jurrjens, Kelly Johnson and Escobar.

    The rest of the team can be abducted by space aliens tomorrow and I would not miss them.

  12. What about trading for Mahay this offseason to fill the LOOGY role? 1yr./$4MM leaves a lot left in the piggy bank.

    An added bonus could be fulfilling Jeff Francoeur’s destiny: becoming a Kansas City Royal.

  13. $4MM for a LOOGY seems kind of rich, especially since Ohman already fills that role pretty well.

    As for Frenchy, I make him a deal after this season- we’re going to send you to Richmond next year to learn how to hit, and we’re going to keep you there through Memorial Day. If your approach hasn’t seen significant and measurable improvement (power, walk rate), you’ll be released; if you have improved, you’ll be back in Atlanta.

    If you don’t agree, you’ll be released immediately. There’s no market for outfielders with a 231/289/353 line.

  14. It’ll be interesting to see how Escobar does at the plate next year. He started out the year hitting for decent power, but by June, he was basically a singles-only hitter. I’m not sure how much of that was the shoulder or whatever, but it’s something Ill be looking for.

    Frankly, if he never gets that power back, he’ll still be an adeqate glove-first SS. But he’s got the potential to be a real plus back there if he can get that SLG up in the .430-.460 range.

  15. Is anyone else surprised that Chipper only has 68 RBI this year?

    He’s hit the tar out of the ball when he’s been healthy, but the guys in front of him don’t get on base and those behind him usually wouldn’t scare a good Little League team.

  16. Part of that is that the 2-hole has been an offensive black hole. Hasn’t mattered who’s hit there, they’ve all sucked in that spot.

  17. It’s mostly the #2 hitters, who have been, well, #2:


    Excluding the pitcher, only the #8 spot has been worse. You don’t have to be a big believer in lineup order to think that getting some of the worst production out of the spot in the order that gets the second-most PA is a problem. It might, just might, have something to do with all the bunts and the “productive outs” psychosis.

  18. Welcome to the bigs, Mr. Estrada. Walking Frenchy as your first batter in the majors. That deserves some sort of award, doesn’t it?

  19. He threw him 6 straight balls, luckily Jeff could lay off 4 of them.

    Tommy Hanson has retired the first 12 in the AA playoffs.

  20. Nice to see Jair has some offense tonight.

    Think we can hang on?

    BTW, been listening/watching a little Pha/NYM action tonight. Brett Myers has been unreal. He’s breaking off hooks that look like Whiffle Ball pitches.

  21. I find the latest poll on the Braves website to be fairly funny:

    What is the Braves’ most intriguing September storyline?

    A. Avoiding last place.
    B. Chipper in bat race.
    C. Francoeur Finish.
    D. Rookie Starters.

  22. I’d like to believe that even our pen can’t blow this lead against Washington, but I also thought this could be a 90-win team this season, so what do I know?

    I honestly didn’t know the Braves had that sense of humor, Mike. I find it oddly reassuring. I’d say, in order, B, D, A, C.

  23. #35–That is about the best explanation for the way the Braves have favored Corky this season…

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