Not as bad as some game thread: Reds at Braves, May 3

Yesterday’s complete-game shutout, while not a one-run win, was sufficiently impressive that I am posting a song that doesn’t want me to drive spikes through my eardrums.

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  1. I just watched the “Invisible Touch” video on YouTube, posted by a guy named “FrankGenesis” and somehow Phil Collins plays guitar AND drums.

    He is actually that good.

  2. I know people on here have referenced the Braves’ MLB article about Hampton pondering retirement. The first line in the article stikes me as directed almost exclusively at Mac. Here it is – I have to say, I love it!

    “Those who predicted that Mike Hampton wouldn’t throw a pitch for the Braves this season are moving closer to being correct.”

    Would you say that Mac is silencing his critics?

  3. Mac is much closer to silencing his critics than most of the other people that the phrase has been applied to.

  4. Stu,

    Ramar was looking at transfering becasue his playing time was going to be cut. THe West kid is going to be good. Duke is a bigger loss, but we have three post players coming in. I bet the Vols are better next year than they were this season.

  5. Back in February I bet a buddy of mine 10 bucks that Hampton wouldn’t pitch 40 innings this year. I’m thinking of asking for the money now.

    That was an easy one, though. I’m prouder of a similar wager I made in 1994 that Juan Gonzalez would not hit 500 HRs. Seems like a sucker bet in retrospect, but I was derided at the time. The problem with those sorts of bets is that you’re likely to lose touch with your opponent over so many years. If you’re out there, Tony Knudson, I’m still lookin for ya!

    Other bets — in 2001, I said Pedro would be retired by age 37, or “I’d eat my hat”. It’s coming down to the wire on that one….

  6. Its really nut funny, his poor tummy hurts, and his chest and his ear and he had a bad haircut.
    I hate to say this, but I HATE MIKE HAMPTON. he has managed to out carl pavano carl pavano, he is the worst brave ever, and i dont only fail him as a pitcher i fail him as a human being he should retire now! He is stealing from the braves.

    other than that you can put me down as undecided on the hampton situation!

    Great job by Huddy last night!

  7. Hey guys. I’m going to the game tomorrow, but will probably get there about 1/2 way through the game. Any suggestions on where to park and getting tickets? I’ll send my e-mail address if so.

  8. i’ve only been to Turner Field once (I live in Miami). I parked behind a BP gas station at a rims and tires place near the ramp to I-75. paid $10 and had a jolly ole time

  9. what channel is this on? It’s not on peachtree TV here…

  10. @12,

    I’m glad you are able to keep baseball in the proper perspective.

  11. Man, there used to be a Taco Bell right outside of the stadium that some friends of mine used to park there for free. But they shut that place down. Its a shame.

  12. Also, this is from yahoo fantasy baseball news about Moylan:

    May 3 – RHP Peter Moylan has begun throwing on flat ground and the results have been so good, he’s going to throw a bullpen session on Saturday. In the last two weeks, Moylan has gone from feeling “like my arm was going to explode” to cautiously optimistic that he can pitch again without elbow surgery.

  13. Wasn’t JoJo the pitcher who kept tripping over the mound last year? I remember Chip Caray saying something about it last year

  14. Mac–you should, but trading Belisle away for 17 innings of Kent Mercker wasn’t too bright. Belisle (ERA+ of 97, 130, and 88 for the last three seasons) would have been better than some of the dog chow that trotted out to mound last year.

  15. Well that was a missed opportunity. Tex has got to get that runner in from third with less than two out.

    His splits say he’s doing alright in these situations, but to me it feels like Tex has really not come through all that much.

  16. Just tuned in. Haven’t heard Skip in awhile, is he sick tonight or is this just how he sounds these days?

  17. Skip isn’t well, no. He sounds better than he did earlier this year.

    Frank, that’s why I would throw things. I hated that deal. Hated it.

  18. Maybe Joseph has turned the corner. (If this is the case, note that he had to get some success at AAA first.) Or maybe the Reds are just the worst hitting team in baseball, which considering their ballpark is quite likely.

  19. He’s throwing strikes, so at least there’s a chance that he’s turned the corner.

  20. 4 innings is an awfully small sample but if he’s truly improved his control McDowell deserves much of the credit. Supposedly he had Reyes adjust his heel so he’d get better leverage off the rubber.

    This isn’t to say that Mazzone isn’t better than McDowell, just to give the guy a bit of credit where it appears to be due.

  21. Reyes has done alright. But this is not the kind of pitching that results in a shut out. The Braves seriously might have to start bringing their bats to these games.

    Second walk of the inning. Was he pitching around the .182 hitter?

  22. I thought Reyes wouldn’t make it past 5 innings. I’d happily eat crow.

  23. Any cynical predictions here for Hannah Montana?

    THat she will turn down my invitation to the prom

  24. at home managers–cash your Jo Jo chips now or bring him back for the 6th? I think I’d ph.

  25. His pitch count is okay. Heck, it was great before last inning. But, Reyes is as jittery as a squirrel with runners on base.

  26. I hope our offense decides to wake up. This lead is too tenuous to maintain.

  27. I am okay with getting another inning out of him, but I am pretty nervous about it. It’s not so much that I think he will implode, but this looks like a game where the bats are going to lull us into a 2-1 loss.

  28. I’m listening on satellite radio, but if Escobar took third, would the SS have played further away from the hole, thus missing Chipper’s ground ball up the middle? Why didn’t Snitker have Escobar tag up?

  29. Parish @48–right feeling but wrong score–I’ll go with 3-2 instead of 2-1

  30. With 2 outs, Ohman in to face Dunn. (I think I’d prefer Ring in this situation)

  31. I’ll take that outing from Reyes pretty much anyday. That will earn him another start, I’d think.

  32. I guess Campillo is in line to pitch the 7th, Boyer the 8th, and Acosta the 9th.

  33. Actually, Chico, California, where I’ve been living since December, is the home of the Sierra Nevada brewery. Not a bad second choice.

  34. Gameday shows the Frenchy double coming off of his shoe tops. Is that right?

    Maybe he is not swinging at enough balls in the dirt.

  35. Sierra Nevada and Anchor are both fine breweries. Rogue in Oregon is also superb.

  36. Big fan of Anchor for sure. Probably my favorite American beer, esp. when I can get it on tap. Always enjoy those San Fran visits.

    How far is Chico from the Bay Area?

  37. Chico’s about four hours away from the Bay Area, depending upon how bad traffic is in Sacramento. Lots of almond and walnut orchards here. The Cascade mountains are on one side of the valley, and the Sierra Nevadas are on the other. Beautiful place. And the people here are very friendly.

    We’ll be here through the end of June, but if you’re in the Bay Area, let’s catch a game.

  38. I agree with Mac. And doesn’t the pitcher have to face at least one batter.

  39. On the season:

    Kotsay: .174 against lefties.
    Blanco: .333 (2 for 6) against lefties.
    Diaz: .176 against righties.

    Bad, bad managing. If you’re that worried about losing Kotsay’s defense, you pretty much have to hit Blanco ahead of him, because it’s the first lefty you can hit for and know you’ll have the platoon advantage against a LOOGY.

  40. I was hoping for a lucky dribbler through the infield from our masher, but I’ll take a walk.

    Now, how about a sac fly, B-mac?

  41. Sac fly, YES!!

    I like it when our pinch hitter gets to bat again in the same inning.

  42. I am guessing that will go to 19-10 if anything resembling this score holds up.

  43. All these runs were scored by stringing multiple walks and hits together (no HRs)… although there was a bunt involved. (unless KJ’s sacrifice to the catcher was some sort of ritual that doesn’t get a written up explanation on-line)

  44. Boyer I guess had already warmed up. I hope Bobby rests Acosta for another day after that atrocity up in Washington.

  45. Let Resop pitch. No need to warm up. Just let ‘er rip, son. Oh, that hurts? well…

  46. actually it’ll be 18-11 if the score holds

    the 17-11 entering this game has rounding–it’s really 16.56-11.44 which rounds to 17-11

    unrounded–if the score holds–would be 17.79-11.21

  47. The score may not hold, but I am guessing we need about 10 more runs to make it 19-10.

    What is the formula?

  48. The Pythagorean formula is the same as the one you learned in school and then forgot:

    (Runs Scored Squared)/(Runs Scored Squared) + (Runs Allowed Squared)

  49. it would take a 17-1 win to get the Pythag record to 19-10

    formula is runs scored raised to 1.83 divided by (runs scored raised to 1.83 plus runs allowed raised to 1.83)

    some folks use 2 instead of 1.83

  50. two ABs tonight for Francouer in which he couldn’t even deliver a sac fly

  51. braves14,
    I was at a Braves game in July 2005..

    A Braves pitcher and career-minor leaguer was trying to get his first career save, having started as a long reliever when he came up from the minors and finally got to get his first save opportunity.

    But Jay Powell’s arm pretty much snapped in two as he delivered a pitch. I’m glad Moylan stopped that bullpen session and will hopefully get surgery.. I never want to see that Powell thing ever again.

  52. I saw that game, FCB. I wish I hadn’t seen that inning, that hurt to watch.

  53. words you’ll never hear again “Resop gets them one, two, three in the ninth”

  54. as dreadful as it’s been.

    We still have a major concern in Smoltz. If he cannot be a starter, we have a pretty significant hole with no real way to fix it.

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