50 thoughts on “Really, let’s, game thread: Sept. 20, Phillies at Braves”

  1. “Raffy had a bad ninth inning for whatever reason,” Atlanta manager Bobby Cox said.

    I have a pretty good idea what the reason is, Bobby.

  2. 1. McLouth CF
    2. Prado 1B
    3. Jones 3B
    4. Diaz RF
    5. Anderson LF
    6. Infante SS
    7. Ross C
    8. Conrad 2B
    9. Hanson P

    I’m not sure we can really afford to punt a game at this stage. I’m not looking forward to any ground balls not hit straight at an infielder.

  3. @1 – What reason is that Rob? Because he has pitched in less games than Moylan who just came off Tommy John surgery and can’t pitch half as effective. The dude is a cry-baby and needs to get over himself. He can pitch – WHEN HE WANTS TO.

  4. @2 – Holy crap – I thought we were trying to get Hanson a ROY trophy. Good luck with that lineup and defense.

  5. The dude is a cry-baby and needs to get over himself. He can pitch – WHEN HE WANTS TO.

    Your absolutely right Joshua. Soriano was clearly just acting out last night. Probably needs a time out or something.

  6. I just remember us having alot of problems with him last year, or am I just imagining that? Besides, if he doesn’t feel that he can pitch effectively, he should make himself unavailable – that does happen. And like I said before, his velocity was UP last night – he couldn’t have been that fatigued.

  7. And like I said yesterday, I’m not defending Bobby for using him – it was senseless and needs to stop. All I am saying is that Sori needs to be held accountable as well. I don’t see everyone blaming Lidge’s problems on anyone else.

  8. Yeah, last year the Braves were saying that Soriano was a whiner because the MRIs kept coming back negative and he kept saying that his elbow hurt. And you know what? He had a transposed nerve that made his elbow hurt but didn’t show up on the MRI.

  9. Victorino’s IQ test results came back negative.

    Edit: Oops. Didn’t see that the call was bad; still not the greatest idea given what Howard’s done to our pitchers.

  10. This isn’t a good sign. We’re not going to get more than six innings of Hanson, leaving three innings for our Bullpen Full O’ Land Mines.

    Edit: Of course, this isn’t a lovely sign either.

  11. A rain delay knocking Lee out of the game would be quite a good thing, especially with them having used long relievers the last two nights.

  12. I think it’s just about too late for that rain delay, Nick. Unless it happens before this becomes an official game at the end of the 5th.

  13. 19, he bitched around after getting called out on a steal attempt. Threw his helmet in front of the ump, then yelled at him.

    He was clearly safe though.

  14. I really don’t like the fact the umps made the Braves play the field through that crap and let the Phils get by without it. I understand they needed to put the tarp down, but it should have been at the START of the inning. You should put that on your Awful Umpiring site, Mac.

  15. Greetings from Oakland, N.J…

    Dunno how many of you watched the UGA-Arkansas shootout, but was I the only person who was made a little bit crazy by ESPN’s game coverage?

    It seemed that every time a crucial replay needed to be shown, the network either went to another promotion, showed highlights that everybody had seen a million times already—USC lost, we know; Notre Dame won, we know; Florida didn’t score 100 points, we know—or they just plain botched the shot.

    When the Arkansas LB got tossed from the game, did we get a clear view as to why? Turns out, it was a big play in the game—if the Hogs turn that INT into 28-10, it’s sleepytime for the Dogs—but I still never saw a clear shot of what happened.

    Nonetheless, I’m happy with a road win, thrilled to make such a strong comeback, encouraged by Cox’s night & relieved as hell that they finally played a little D—hey, a pass rush!—when they needed it most.

  16. Without wanting to jinx it, Haren has shut out the Rockies thru 6 and used only 69 pitches. The less the Dbacks bullpen pitches, the better.

  17. Yeah, we had a chance to gain ground on everyone today – too bad really. But I can still see us winning this game against this bullpen. I just wish we had all our starters in there – it would make it alot easier.

  18. if you arent watching this game, Chipper and Anderson were both called out on strikes on balls well below their knees and in.

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