Joe Boever vs. Manny Acosta. Also, game thread, Marlins at Braves

Joe Boever Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1987-1990
Notable Stats: 4.24 ERA, 70% save percentage
Notable Achievements: I still don’t know what a “palmball” is. Most-similar pitcher is Jim Acker, which seems about right.


Manny Acosta Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2007-2009
Notable Stats: .294/.388/.565 allowed in high leverage situations
Notable Achievements: Released by the Yankees as a minor leaguer.

184 thoughts on “Joe Boever vs. Manny Acosta. Also, game thread, Marlins at Braves”

  1. Mac,

    A palmball is a pitch otherwise thrown like a fastball, but not off the fingers. last point of release is the palm. It produces a straight change up (not that you didn’t already know that, you sly devil).

  2. Can we not get all wound up over a missed call in Colorado? Yeah, it looks like Barmes missed the play but faked it well enough to get the call. That’s the game. I guarantee you that Yunel Escobar or Martin Prado would have tried the same thing, and if they had gotten away with it no one would have been too terribly upset by the “cheating.”

    If the Braves want to make the playoffs they need to win the next six games and let the rest of it fall where it may. Clint Barmes is not the focus here.

  3. Speaking of Acker, I’m not sure why I didn’t include him. His ERAs are decent, I suppose that’s why, but on the other hand he was 7-27. That’s the worst record of anyone in the period with more than a handful of decisions… I hadn’t realized that Acker was a first-round pick of the Braves whom they lost three years later on a Rule 5 pick. How do you give up on a first-rounder after three years? Then four years later they traded to get him back…

  4. If we still had Kolb or Paronto, or if McCann had worked out a little less this past offseason, then maybe we’d be a team of density.

  5. Right now, the Rockies odds of making the playoffs is 72.1%.

    If the Rockies win and the Braves lose, the Rockies’ odds shoot up to 92.1%.

    But if the Braves win and the Rockies lose tonight, the Rockies’ postseason odds plummet to 47.8%.

  6. I like this…”Whether it’s pitch selection, mechanics or plain old execution, Marquis is struggling these days. He has a 6.49 ERA in his past six starts, during which the Rockies are 1-5, and has given up five earned runs in four of those”

  7. RE: Barmes catch.

    Yeah, I slomo’d that like 100 times as it happened and tried to convince my wife he didn’t catch it and it ticked me off that no one mentioned it. LaRussa looked like he was coming out to talk to the home plate ump afterwards, too.

    I saw that the ball had transferred to his bare-hand during the roll and was convinced it had to have hit the ground, but the video evidence didn’t back me up.

  8. If only Ned Yost was still managing the Brew Crew, we’d have an ex-Brave leading the way to increase the Brewer insenity against the Rockies.

  9. Dan, that last probability seems a bit low considering that the Rockies would still be a game ahead. Where did you get those numbers?

    Go Brewers and Go Astros!

  10. that last probability seems a bit low considering that the Rockies would still be a game ahead

    It’s the Nationals effect.

  11. Yeah, there are two reasons: the Braves’ schedule is easier (and all at home; the Rockies finish at LA), and the Braves’ statistics are better than the Rockies’, especially post-Jeffy.

  12. Also, in the case of a one-game playoff, the Braves would be the favorites, since they’d host the game and are statistically better.

  13. 22,
    And the match-up, provided neither the Braves or the Rockies alter their rotation, would be Vazquez vs. Jason Hammel (Aaron Cook could conceivably start on short rest).

  14. Actually, isn’t muscle denser than fat? So for the team of density, it’d have to be Ron Gant and… uh… That’s all I got.

  15. Anyone gets down there and wants to meet, email me at samh then the at sign then the Bellsouth then the dot then the net.

  16. @28,

    I haven’t seen it on here, but Julio was managing a Mets lower level farm club (GCL?) and got fired.

    I didn’t get anything on the “why”, though.

  17. Being as how we are increasingly choking at the bat, that Josh Johnson is starting for the fish and that we presently are more lucky than good on offense …

    I am predicting the Braves get no-hit tonight yet win 1-0. Notice no wave or sunami metaphors on this occasion.

  18. #33, Let’s go with a Norton pinch hit sacrifice bunt being thrown into right field to bring home the winning run.

  19. Huddy just needs to settle down. I think the cold temps in Atlanta are adversely affecting his pitching.

  20. Well, Freddie Gonzalez definitely out managed Cox by having his pitcher swinging away but the Braves executed a perfect relay throw to home plate, and nailed what would have been the second run of the inning with the tag. The Braves are fortunate to only be down 1-0.

  21. Alas, #34 and I were both wrong (although his scenario was better). We are going to have to work pitch counts like crazy ’cause we ain’t going to hit this big bastard. Fish have soft underbellies and the Marlins’ is their bullpen.

  22. huddy did throw a strike and Josh Johnson hit it. Wow, Escobar just stole second on his own.

  23. Speaking of Josh Johnson, the big 6-7 horse is dealing. Our Braves are in deep doodoo if they can’t keep the score close.

  24. Wow, that was one hell of a throw from B-Mac to nail the runner at 2B trying to steal. His defense behind the plate is getting better everyday.

  25. That is the second time in two nights that Prado has swung at the first pitch when the batter before him has walked.

    That was a piss poor AB.

  26. Freddie Gonzalez has his pitcher swinging away and they get a run. Cox has his pitcher bunt and we come up empty. Some things never change.

    One strategy is aggressive and risky. The other is passive and sound baseball doctrine.

    Can you say Dan Uggla, crap!!! I wish he were a Brave.

  27. 52, AJ is arguably the best defensive position player I have ever seen in a Braves uniform.

  28. Thank you to Garret for not completely screwing up.

    And the Fillies lead 5-1 against Houston, damn their hides.

  29. And Andruw was with us for 10+ years, almost all of them very good to outstanding. McCann’s been an excellent catcher, but he’s got a long way to go to catch up with Andruw’s value.

  30. I knew we were doomed when they launched the ‘Believe’ campaign. I was in St. Louis when they did that exact thing for the Rams before the start of the ’07 season. They’ve won all of 5 games since.

  31. Greg Norton reminding us that there is one thing for the hopeless to look forward to after Sunday: no more Greg Norton.

  32. Norton remains at 1/2 of the Mendoza line as LHB. Plus, his sorry ass has hit the boxscore and he is sitting on the bench. This has been very good for us lately in the karma department. Hang in there KK. We are down, but not out yet. I must admit the bats are choking big time. No one really looks very good. How far from the Ted is Heyward right now?

  33. MATTY!!!!!!!!!

    You saved our season, Matt!

    Imagine the groans in Denver and Philly when they see this!

  34. 88

    Meh I dunno. I guess I just had my heart broken by this team too many times as a youth. And whenever I bad mouth them they seem to do better.

  35. Wow, when Matt Diaz struck out in his last at-bat I thought, “he’ll do something awesome next time, because that’s what he does after doing something pathetic.” Thank you Matt! I love being right!

  36. Ryan Braun has hit 2 ground rule doubles tonight with a man on first. Both times they’d have scored standing up had it stayed in the park and both times Prince Fielder has been IBB’d.

  37. Marquis walks in a run. He doesn’t look like he’ll last long in this game.

    And then Mike Cameron grounds into a double play.

  38. god damnit Mike Cameron

    This should be more than 2-1 with how bad Marquis has been struggling

    But let’s just win

  39. I had turned off the (internet) radio… I quit on the season once again. Then Matty brought me back.

    And now another run surrendered. Argh…

  40. That was not a strike. That was in the other batter’s box you idiot umpire.

    Good thing McCann bailed you out by walking anyway.

  41. I’m angry at Escobar … but if he’d hit a first pitch single we’d all be cheering.

    but since he didn’t, Escobar you !@#$

  42. Keep hope dead. As I keep texting to my friends who are Rockies fans, “Y’all got this in the bag.” These friends probably want to strap me to the undercarriage of a bison.

  43. seriously…infante? down 1 run with 2 outs and nobody on? conrad? kj? ross? they all have a better chance of tying it…

  44. Perhaps Infante can leg one out, steal second and then you never know … oh, wait, that’s hope. Keep hope dead.

  45. Why is Medlen warming up? If you think Soriano’s your best pitcher in the bullpen, you should use him for the ninth no matter what happens. Well, I mean, if we have a seven-run rally, we shouldn’t, but you know what I mean.

  46. It’s easy not to have hope, especially when the Brewers have turned to a pitcher who looks suspiciously like Bob Wickman.

  47. Well, it was a good run while it lasted. After tonight, it should be 3 back with 5 to go…complete Rockies collapse is all we can hope for now. If I had hope, that is.

  48. Some truly awful at bats in key situations tonight. Not all of the pitchers we face are going to walk in runs.

    But as I’ve said numerous times before, it’s been fun and I’m impressed we’ve managed to make it this far.

  49. Too many guys swinging like Jeff Francoeur. True pressure did not bring out the best in these guys, sadly.

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