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I don’t know how Torre does it, really I don’t. Look at this team. He hits his worst hitter (Furcal, and boy did we dodge a bullet there) leadoff, while Hudson, who has done literally everything better than Furcal, including steal bases, hits eighth. His biggest power threat hits second. He’s running Martin into the ground, even though he isn’t actually hitting well and has actually been outplayed by his backup. It works, for Torre, somehow… One thing I noticed in the past series, and shows up in the stats, is that he gets more long outings out of his bullpen; his top four righthanded relievers have all more innings pitched than appearances. Soriano’s the only top Braves reliever that’s true of, and by only one inning. It’s good strategy, in my opinion; most of the time you’re better off using two relievers in two innings than one in two — for that game. In the long term, you burn out your bullpen. But we’ve been over this.