94 thoughts on “Mike Gonzalez’ endangered arm game thread: May 16, D-Backs at Braves”

  1. So, out of like the last 15 games, the Mets will have only lost to the Braves. And we almost swept them.

    Nobody seems to be helping us out right now.

  2. Lineup:

    2b KJ
    SS Yunel
    3b Chipper
    C McCann
    1b Kotchman
    RF Name Redacted
    CF Schafer
    P Kawakami

  3. Here goes another test of the “batting order has limited impact on RS” theory.

  4. That sucks…there goes the big inning chance…

    …wow…on a saturday night, the stadiam looks pretty empty.

  5. That was the worst baserunning ever.

    For those who didn’t see, Scherzer did a fake to 3rd throw to first to pick off Chipper. He got in a rundown, then was tagged out, then the first baseman threw to third and picked off Yunel.

  6. Let’s face it, we have the dumbest team ever! I have never seen something like that. Esco just pisses me off with his baserunning.

  7. unusual chipper…classic esco…
    with those frosted tips, it might be time for escobar to don a new nickname: “escargot”

  8. Here at the stadium, and I gotta say, the in-person Yunel is about 100% worse than the TV version.

  9. Yunel Escobar is the worst baserunner I’ve ever seen.

    The fact that his stupid gambles sometimes work honestly makes it worse, because it encourages him to do it even more.

    Excellent shortstop, fine hitter, horrid runner. Strange package really.

    edit: This is not to excuse Chipper, who has no business being picked off on “the play that never works.”

  10. I’m sorry you guys are having to watch that debacle. We tried our best, hank; your boys just proved too inept.

  11. who is this clown announcing with joe simpson? he doesnt seem to know braves baseball at all.

  12. I am indeed at the Ted, kc. First time this year. The irony is that if I weren’t here, I’d be at that VU-UT game.

  13. Stu, the stadium looks rather empty for a saturday night…or is that just applies for some sections?

  14. Stu, sorry to hear that you have to pay to watch this game…things are not looking bright tonight.

  15. We have little team speed, yet we continue to commit baserunning blunders. Quite a combo.

    Took a cab to LaGuardia last night and as I was getting out of the taxi, a gigantic black guy with golf bag on his back was waiting at the curb, obviously wanting to snag my cab. I thought it a little strange because I was in the departure area. Then I saw who it was & understood.

    It was LT, ex-Giant Lawrence Taylor. Clever move. Why wait in the taxi line downstairs? I just said, “It’s all yours, big man.”

    And if you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio, try the Tip Top Cafe downtown. The meatloaf is outta hand.

  16. For a Saturday, yeah, it’s not full. The rain threat doesn’t help, I’m sure.

    I’m 22 rows up, in the aisle, almost directly behind home plate. Which is nice.

    KK’s not even touching 90 on the stadium gun; same on TV? In games I’ve watched, the TV gun has had him at 90-91.

  17. Would that help?

    He’s hardly doing much to dispel the feeling that he was an unnecessary expense when there were other glaring holes to fill, is he?

  18. Stu, then I feel bad for whoever bought you the ticket!

    Kammi is a little off tongiht…and he has always been a little off. So a little off + a little off = way off.

  19. Stu, he’s topping out at around 88 on our gun as well. Joe speculated it might have something to do with that shoulder fatigue he was having in ST.

  20. What is worse? Can’t get on base at all or get on base and run himself into trouble all the time?

  21. I don’t get it…why bobby is leaving Parr to sort out his own mess? Has he given up this game already?

  22. They’ve gone into a rain delay (Gwinnett is on the road) so Medlen is done after a third of an inning.

  23. After that inning by Bennett, I think we know who will be exiting to make room for Medlen.

    Dumb baseball by KJ–the new pitcher has walked 7 in his 10 IP this season so maybe, just maybe, taking a pitch or two would be a good idea.

    This one is looking like one the 50 that was just going to be a loss.

  24. carlyle, bennett, and parr will eventually be out of the pen. i can see kawakami moving in eventually. JoJo, Kawakami, oflaherty, moylan, soriano, and gonzo

  25. Medlen will bump one and resumably Campillo will bump another one of the 3 stooges of middle relief. Now what to do with the third one …

  26. eventually one or two of these guys will be traded so as crowed as it may seem its only going to open up once they make a move closer to the deadline

  27. How can you get rid of the guy that specializes in giving up grand slams? That would be like getting rid of an outfielder that can’t get on base or hit for power.

  28. So what gives when one of our sorry middle ever faces Francoeur (who sucks)? Surely Francoeur couldn’t hit a slam, but just as surely Bennett and pals couldn’t strike out Francoeur.

  29. I know I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to add that I’ve never seen the “fake to third, throw to first” even work in a little league game.

    Precedent set.

  30. Well again I say we gambled / wasted 7 mil a year on a Jap pitcher who just doesnt have it .. we have the least power of any team in ML and one of the worst power teams in Atl history and we could have used that 7 Mil on a hitter. We have no power from LF, CF, RF, 1B,2B,SS .. got a 3rd baseman who we can count on to miss 40 games a year and a catcher who cant see well as our only power hitters so its looks like a long year for Bravos … I suggest if they aint gonna get a hitter to platoon Kotch / Prado .. Garrett / Diaz and Infante / Shaefer-Johnson …

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