116 thoughts on “Dada: Sept. 17, Braves at Mets”

  1. Hanson’s the only guy who can make 4 starts on normal rest, isn’t he? Does Hudson have any history of pitching on short rest?

  2. Braves are gonna go on a Rockies-like tear and win 14 out of their last 18 to end up with a 97-65 record and win the East.

    You heard it here first.

  3. WTF Bobby?

    McLouth watches some tape with Chipper, seems to have figured things out, he tears the cover off the ball batting sixth, then you put him back on the bench to have our WORST CF play one of the largest outfields in the league?

    I smell a lot of doubles tonight.

  4. Maybe the Braves need to study Taoism?

    The fiddler plays
    Though no one listens
    The fiddler plays

    That shouldn’t be hard to adapt to Braves baseball.

  5. #10

    Mets are pitching a lefty. Probably why McLouth is sitting.

    Odd Fact: In his brief career, LHP Jon Niese is worse vs LHH than RHH.

    691 PA vs RHH, 277/338/426
    190 PA vs LHH, 281/358/467

    Not-So-Odd Fact: In his longer career, Nate McLouth hasn’t really hit lefties at all.

    583 PA vs LHP, 233/309/370
    1746 PA vs RHP, 259/345/463

  6. I can’t help thinking about all the catches that Ankiel had to make against the Mets when Hanson pitched against them ten days ago. And how many of them would have rolled to the wall if Melky had been out there instead. Keep it down, Tommy.

  7. in last saturday’s game, melky lead off an inning 3 times with the pitcher up next and the very predictable thing occurred: 2 quick outs…EVERY TIME! the only reason it didnt happen the 4th time was freddie freeman pinch hit for the pitcher, struck out, then reached on a passed ball.

    why are old people so stubborn?

  8. Well in Bobby’s favor (and I for one am very unwilling to give Bobby this sort of credit), his only serviceable CF is McLouth and he sucks against LHP. Which is something that the whole lineup sucks against, so there’s really no reason to make it any worse than you have to just to keep some guy out of the lineup.

  9. Braves just placed 8th in SC’s Not Top Ten for not noticing they had three outs against Washington on Wednesday.

  10. Due up in the top of the third inning: Cabrera-Pitcher-Leadoff

    In other words: time to get snacks or use the bathroom.

  11. I don’t understand Melky in center. I really don’t.

    2010 vs LHP:
    McLouth .137/.228/.157
    Ankiel .170/.267/.189

  12. The old ‘fire up the troops by getting ejected’ trick. Also known by Bobby Cox as ‘Plan A’.

    Not working so far.

  13. Phillies score six in the first against Washington. We scored six in our last f*cking SERIES against Washington.

  14. Just like the ’08 season. One thing goes wrong, and it infects the entire system. An Ebola virus of failure.

  15. Like lambs to the slaughter- Except at least lamb fucking tastes good.

    I’d almost rather be a Pirate fan. At least then I know not to expect anything.

  16. That inning was about ten percent Hanson’s fault. The rest was 40 percent Hohn, 55 percent bad luck, and five percent Melky, just for his general presence dragging the team down. As for Ankiel and McLouth against lefties, at least they can play centerfield. Playing Melky there is ridiculous.

  17. Can we start a support group soon? I am in need of serious counseling. Football will console me but not fix my deep issues. Help me someone.

  18. did anyone else notice McCann looks like he got beat-up? i guess apparently he “fell running around (the) pool”.

    that pool got him on the top sides and front!

  19. That report on McCann’s swimming pool might be the best, most honest article Mark Bowman has written! But really, you should have seen the other pool!

  20. Can someone make a .gif of Melky swinging and getting hit in the leg? I need to look at that every day.

  21. Looking for the rule, so far I’ve got that if a ball comes partially apart during play, it remains a live ball until the play is completed. I hope that’s actually happened and it’s not just a hypothetical.

    Here’s Rule 5.04:

    The offensive team’s objective is to have its batter become a runner, and its runners advance.

    But it doesn’t say anything about the objective changing if you score multiple runs in an inning and take the lead. That’s odd, someone should definitely tell Bobby.

  22. Ok,6.08 APPROVED RULING: When the batter is touched by a pitched ball which does not entitle him to first base, the ball is dead and no runner may advance.

  23. #90, yes, the guy with a 2.74 ERA since the All Star break should be converted to be a reliever. Are you serious?

  24. Odds Melky knew that rule? Though to be fair, he did swing, miss, and get hit, so running to first to beat a throw is probably not the first instinct.

  25. @91

    No, the guy with a 3.3 K/BB, a 6.2 K/9, a .232 BABIP, and who can’t seem to get his head in the game until the third inning or later.

    You must have your guy confused with someone else.

  26. #90 – no, Tommy is usually awful in his 1st inning

    Pitch 1-15 8.57ERA
    Pitch 16-30 3.04
    Pitch 31-45 2.60
    Pitch 46-60 4.94
    Pitch 61-75 0.68
    Pitch 76-90 4.13
    Pitch 91-105 1.53
    Pitch 106-20 0.00

  27. 100- Sure hope you’re wrong. Saito’s been a rock all year; it’d be such a shame to lose him now.

  28. The Braves’ last hit was Heyward’s HR. Hibernation Mode indeed. Now let’s hope Wagner makes it stand up.

  29. Kudos to Wagner. Nothing but high heat and breaking sliders.

    Phillies are gonna win, but the Pads are getting smashed.

  30. This was the kickstart that the Braves needed. After this they are going to score runs consistently and the pitchers are going to settle back down and the Braves will cruise to their 97 win season.

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