141 thoughts on “Hair game thread: Aug. 3, Braves at Padres”

  1. Take it easy, Mac. Hope you wake up to a win.

    Heard an interview with SD GM Kevin Towers today & he was asked about dealing Peavy. His response: “It was a lot easier to deal him when he finally agreed to get traded to a team other than the Cubs or the Dodgers.”

    He was also asked about the potential ATL deal: “Frank Wren made us a very fair offer, but Atlanta might’ve been a little too close to home for Jake.”

    Wonder what that means?

  2. Perhaps he wanted to be closer than the West Coast, but didn’t particularly want family constantly bothering him either. In any case, while I was a very strong proponent of the Peavy trade, even if it meant sending them Escobar, I think it obviously all worked out pretty well that we failed to get him. That’s water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. Even if in the end the only reason we didn’t get him was because he was being unreasonable, it all worked out.

    BTW though, did he seriously think they were going to trade him to the Dodgers?

  3. we are a lot better off with Yunel, McLouth, Lowe, and Vasquez over Peavy. Thats basically what the cost wouldve been.

  4. Yes, sometimes the best deals are the ones not made. Anybody want Peavy? Griffey, anyone? Furcal?

    In the radio interview, Towers said that he certainly didn’t like the idea of helping the Dodgers and he could understand why Padres fans might hate it, but he “wasn’t a GM who was afraid to deal within his division,” even to LA, if he could get some salary relief & help his team in the long run.

    He also made it sound like the Dodgers had too much leverage knowing that Peavy only had 2 teams he really wanted to play for.

  5. per DOB,

    I think Braves have called up INF Chris Burke from Triple-A. He’s be returning to the place where he started the season (hit .207 with a homer in 89 at-bats for Padres before they dumped him)

  6. Nope, DOB says Burke has not been called up.

    McLouth CF
    Prado 2B
    Jones 3B
    McCann C
    Anderson LF
    Escobar SS
    LaRoche 1B
    Diaz RF
    Kawakami RH

  7. Yeah I was reflecting on ‘the ones that got away’ just recently.
    Furcal, Griffey, Peavey? Maybe A.J. Burnett over Lowe but Vazquez has been as good or better than A.J. so who knows?

    Maybe Peavey didn’t want the hometown pressure that sabatoged Francoeurs brilliant career.

  8. Thanks for the info. If Matty Diaz wanted to start hitting again, now would be a good time. He’s lost over a 100 points of OPS in the last month.

  9. “Nope, DOB says Burke has not been called up.”

    Oh, well, Life Goes On.

    If you were going to call up an outfielder, because Church went on the DL, who would you go with? Gorecki has the best numbers, but isn’t on the 40-man, so you’d have to make room. Brandon Jones hasn’t hit with any power, but still has that .372 OBP. Blanco and Crab Man have the most tactical value, because they can pinch-run or enter as defensive replacements, but haven’t hit at all. And then there’s Heyward…

  10. Some familiar Columbus Clippers
    Andy Marte .326/.369/.593 in 82 games – with the big club now.
    George Lombard – released. Wow has it been that long ago that he was Jeff Francoeur before Jeff Francoeur was Jeff Francoeur?

  11. Since Norton is the first man off the bench most nights, seems like ‘hitter’ would be the top priority. The team is terribly vulnerable to lefties, maybe Brian Barton? The pickings are pretty slim down there.

  12. I’d give Brandon Jones a chance. At least he can do one thing good offensively.

    edit: Uh Oh the Frenchy trade is starting to look like a bad one.
    (sarcasm before anyone starts throwing rocks)

    edit again: Just saw Barton play…….. he sucks.

  13. Having seen Heyward numerous times in Pearl; I know one thing. He won’t stay in Double AA long. That said, I’d be surprised if they called him up this early because it really looks to me like they are taking the Hanson approach with him. Finish this year in Pearl, start next year in Gwinnett, come up to Atlanta and take over right field mid May.

    My question is where do you hit him next year? He’s an ideal #3 hitter but that spots is currently taken despite those that think Chipper’s done for. (I realize that for the first couple of games Bobby will probably put him very low because that’s what Bobby does. I’m talking about when the lineup stabilizes because he’s too good to hit in the back half)

  14. Probably Blanco, strictly for tactical reasons. Pinch-runner/late inning defensive replacement for ACHE

  15. Jorgbacca, looking at Heyward’s stats you have to say the young man has a bright future. Having seen him play how does he move in the field? Does the ball explode off of his bat? Man I would love for that kid to do a AAA stint so I could get a chance to see him live.

  16. Yup, it looks more and more likely that Heyward will be in Atlanta sooner than later.
    If we fall out of the race completely I would not be surprised if he got a cup of coffee this season.
    I dont like rushing prospects but that kid is an absolute machine.

  17. Mac, remember your Midget theory you had a few years ago? About how the strike zone would be impossibly small?

    As someone that has watched 4 years of him live I can tell his .402 OBP might just give some credit to that theory. Lets just say the 5’8″ they list him as is generous.

  18. Heyward’s stats in Mississippi are almost too good. He’s been so good that if you promote him and he plays poorly for a few games, he might let it get to him. I’d kind of like for him to get a AA slump out of the way first.

  19. Johnny,

    I wouldn’t really say I have an eye for baseball talent so I’m not the best to give you a great opinion. Now with Heyward he’s so good that even I can tell you he’s special. Freeman looks pretty good to but not on Heyward’s level. I’ve never seen some one just destroy double AA like he has. Closest was a guy that was in the Mariners system that was about 26 and way too old for the league. He topped out there but Heyward’s only 19 so its really remarkable. Everything he touches with the bat just seems to be hit hard and he has great plate discipline for a guy that can’t seem to make an out.

    Too me he looks like he plays great defense. Arm is plenty strong to make the throws to third. Seems to read the ball well and I particularly noted that he seemed to read the bounce off the walls well.

    But again I’m not much of a scout. When Prado and Escobar where in Pearl I didn’t think they’d be able to hit much at the major league level because they weren’t hitting that much in Pearl. Especially Escobar who I thought played defense well enough to maybe be a defensive specialist. On the other hand Diory hit very well here and I wondered aloud why he wasn’t considered a prospect at all. Well I’ve learn to trust the scouts evaluations because they obviously saw something I was missing.

  20. I don’t want to see him with the big club this year. I too would prefer that he stay in AA.

    Jordan Schafer done for the year?

    edit: Thanks Jorge. Some guys can make a very difficult game look easy.

  21. We have somebody named Ryohei Shimabukuro? You learn something new every day.

    I voted for Jesus Sucre because I think his name roughly translates to Sweet Jesus…and because of the Lebowski factor.

  22. I love the name Jhonder Viscaya. I don’t love that he’s apparently a 20 year old corner infielder hitting .195/.287/.234 in rookie ball.

    I jhate to say it but if he doesn’t learn how to jhit better than that he’s soon to be jheaded back to Venezuela.

  23. I love west coast games!

    Great poll Mac. I was torn between Spanjer-Furstenburg and Sucre.

  24. Tonight represents the triple-threat of ways in which the Braves will look horrible offensively.

    1. First game of a series on the west coast following a night game across the continent.

    2. Pitcher the Braves have never seen before.

    3. Tall pitcher with a live arm.

    Best of luck KK…you will not be getting run support tonight if history plays out.

  25. I’m going to shut down fairly soon… if I get up early enough, I’ll recap then, if not it’ll be noonish before I’m in front of a computer again.

  26. Biff Pocaroba for me. Score one for the old guys!

    is it just me or does Riann Spanjer-Fusrtenburg sound like a swimsuit model? I sure hope that’s pronounced Ryan or that kid is one tough sumbitch.

  27. Yeah, it technically means Jesus Sugar, but I like Sweet Jesus a lot better.

    What happened with Kala? He had been progressing fine until he seemingly hit a brick wall this year. Weird stuff.

  28. For names, Pocoroba, Saltalamacchia & Spooneybarger were plenty tough to beat, but we seem to have done it many times already.

    How’s this for a lousy outing?

    In 1.2 IP, Met starter Nelson Figueroa faced 15 Diamondbacks tonight, gave up 10 hits (including 2 2Bs & 3 HRs), walked one, got 5 outs (one was a caught stealing), gave up 6 ER & left in the 2nd inning with 2 guys on base.

  29. I’m sure a lot of y’all knew this but Pocoroba’s first name is really Biff. I’ll be damned.

  30. @35 Also add, a terrible team with a dominant closer.

    When will the Reds fire Dusty Baker? It’s past due.

  31. Heyward had some sort of injury. Shanksters have created some false buzz that it’s an oblique strain that will shelve him for pretty much the rest of the season. There’s no official news yet so I’m not going to listen to those dopes.

  32. Shanksters also had Jordan Schafer with a broken wrist. He did not, of course I’ve never heard what the hell happened to him.

  33. 17- I’m upset with myself for not referring to he who will not be mentioned as ‘The White George Lombard’ during his tenure.

  34. here’s something that major leaguers should know, if the 2B catches a routine fly ball its not a good idea to try and tag up from 3rd. I blame Snitker

  35. 59,
    Yeah. Easy to blame Snitker. And he’s certainly not innocent. But you have to be pretty stupid to do that regardless of the 3B coach.

    By the way, Schafer makes that play.

  36. hey lets get ahead of hitters and throw nothing but fastballs, seemed to work yesterday also

  37. are we sure tonight’s game is at Petco ? also, was that really a grown women fighting with those kids for a ball in the sandbox ? wow

  38. 2 seeing eye grounders, a homer, and a double. And everyone wants to lynch him. He’s a 5th starter. Just live with him. He’s very good for his role. They’re 5th starters for a reason.

  39. Good Ol Skip….

    @78 These are the Padres, and this is a must series for the Braves. No time for no 5th starter excuses nonsense.

  40. He’s been a 0.7 win pitcher so far this season. If the Braves were expecting more than that they’re f’n stupid. Sure, maybe they hoped for more than that, but a 4.37 ERA a 1.39 WHIP, and a league average home run rate is not bad. Much better than a 5th starter. Fair market value I’d say.

  41. You could actually hear Joe rolling his eyes when Boog mentioned the website FanGraphs.

  42. Never doubt the ability of someone on here to defend bad players.

    EDIT–Matt Diaz: not a RF.

  43. What can you say? Braves fans have rarely appreciated the merely adequate player. It’s rather annoying.

  44. I’m not particularly bothered by KK’s ERA, WHIP, or similar metrics. I am bothered that he’s barely good for 5 innings a start and therefore burns the pen every time he starts.

  45. I don’t care how you slice it, a SP with an ERA north of 4.5 and a WHIP of 1.4 and climbing is not worth $7 mil a year — and especially not to a team with a restricted payroll.

  46. This isn’t all KK’s fault. We only scored one run with the bases loaded, no outs, then we’ve had some crappy defense. The two hits in the first were just out of reach of McClouth too.. some of it’s bad luck.

  47. Braves fans have rarely appreciated the merely adequate player.

    I’m fine with adequate players. I’m not fine with adequate players that are overpaid.

    Kawakami’s xFIP is 4.80, so he’s actually been pretty lucky. Doesn’t bode well for the second half.

  48. @92…Luck is part of baseball. You have the good and the bad. Now that ball was hit like a rocket, “luckily” for KK it was hit right at Yunel. He’s been hit pretty well…

  49. Well the Braves aren’t good enough to overcome any bad breaks. Two terrible baserunning mistakes and Diaz’s screw up in right is more than enough to lose the game.

  50. I don’t care how you slice it, a SP with an ERA north of 4.5 and a WHIP of 1.4 and climbing is not worth $7 mil a year — and especially not to a team with a restricted payroll.

    Uhhh. Teams pay 4.5 million per WAR. If he’s slightly below average–like he has been–he’s worth the money he makes.

    EDIT: We’re also 12th in payroll. I don’t know what you mean by “restricted payroll”. If you mean “we have a payroll limit”, then yes, we have “restricted payroll”. But we’re not exactly the Marlins, here.

  51. In other news, Neftali Feliz just had his MLB debut. 3 up, 3ks, throwing darts, touched 100 several times. I think I may cry.

  52. O’F with his head up his …

    Feliz is salt in the wound–I hated the trade then and like it even less now.

  53. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of pitchers not getting over to cover for the Braves this year.

  54. … and it costs a run (but I thought the runner was out at third–no argument from Chipper though)

  55. I can’t even get mad about that call. When is Church coming back? Diaz is doing nothing…

    Thanks for nothing O’Fl…talking about jetlag.

  56. nope, about time to go walk the dog

    I think the Prado out in the 1st was the killer play–no way to know for sure of course

  57. Damn…Jon K maybe right.

    It has to be the KJ curse. He’s comes back and the offense resemble his play.

  58. It’s the curse of KJ. You know that movie with Jessica Alba where that guy has the curse that whoever he sleeps with will soon find love with somebody else? KJ has something like that, only his curse is that whatever major league team he’s on will suck.

  59. jort,
    Kawakami ain’t worth what he’s making. I’m sorry. I don’t care what WAR says. I’m not paying a starting pitcher with an ERA+ in the low 90s who is regularly wiped after five innings $7 mil a year. Jesus, Chuck James was better than that.

  60. This “KJ is cursed / causes bad karma” thing is really, really stupid and annoying. I can’t believed it’s still getting traction on here.

  61. Nobody had more than one hit tonight. LaRoche’s solo homer was the only extra base hit.

    If we don’t take the next 2 our season is in really bad shape.

  62. haha Tony… my man… have you seen the light? How about anyone else? I still can’t believe this blind hope some of you have, I mean your listing this stat, that stat yada yada yada. All you need to do is turn on the tv and watch how this offense just played the last 7 games. Stats don’t mean a damn thing. I mean just watch how half the lineup is swinging at strikes in the dirt, watches fastballs go right down the middle, fails to move runners, can’t get timely hits etc etc. I mean I love the braves more than anything and each loss up until last night was tougher than the last to swallow. But after that dodgers game, I saw the light, this team is a .500 ball club if that. I mean its just a disgrace how this team plays. A lot of you wanted to focus on how well the offense played right after the break. Well that was a fluke guys… that is not the true braves offense. The offense you have been seeing all year (the one failing to score runs time and time again) is what you should expect, not that offensive flash in the pan. And its not just the offense, this team just for some reason can not put together a full team effort for an extended period of time. If the offense puts the pitchers in position to win, the bullpen blows it, if the offense scores enough runs, a guy like kawakami pitches the team out of the game. Its one thing or another with this team, but the end all fact is this isn’t a playoff team by any means. I’m gonna predict it right now, this team will be lucky to win 2 games against the padres and against the dodgers.

  63. woke up in the middle of the night so i came to check the score. saw it, vomited on the computer, going back to bed…will probably have nightmares.

  64. 124,
    So basically you’re saying is, “I don’t care what fair market value actually is, I just perceive him as being over payed. Even though someone has pointed out he makes about as much as the market values him, I’m going to use a rather irrelevant comparison to Chuck James to get people to agree with my subjective assessment of the situation–the assessment being he’s over payed”.

  65. This team needs an enema.

    Kawakami didn’t pitch THAT bad. He’s kept us in a lot of ballgames and last night’s appears to have been within reach… if only we had an offense. Bases loaded, nobody out in the first and all we can muster is a sac-fly.

    I’ve got to agree with Jon K. This team just can’t put it all together and they’re simply an average team at best. While we’ve seen teams hang around .500 and kick it into gear late in the season to make the playoffs, the Braves don’t give me that feeling.

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