Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 02, 2009 – ESPN

Ugh. This was a lot like the first game of the series, though Billingsley throws a lot harder than Zombie Schmidt; the Braves couldn’t get anything going and often looked quite bad; the starter pitched around trouble until he gave up a three-run homer, and at that point we could have all gone home. Jurrjens had two out in the fifth, and an 0-2 count on Kemp, and threw a high pitch, but not high enough. I thought Kemp got under it, but it just kept going and going and was well over the fence. Ballgame, because the Braves couldn’t do squat offensively, but then Jurrjens allowed another run before leaving after the fifth. It was 8-0 before they finally scored a run, Prado singling home Diaz. Prado had two hits; the rest of the team combined for three.

It didn’t help that the bullpen gave up four runs, one in two innings by Medlen, then two by Logan, and one by Atrosta. The Braves allowed nineteen hits; you don’t need me to tell that that’s a lot, and that if you give up that many you will probably lose. Diory Hernandez is really awful defensively, by the way. If he could hit, you could live with it. Seriously, if the Braves’ brain trust ever even considered trading Yunel, I hope this series knocked that notion completely out of their tiny little minds. Hernandez makes Andres Thomas look like Cal Ripken Jr.