167 thoughts on “What does “Melky” mean game thread: June 23, Braves at White Sox”

  1. From the end of last thread:

    Remember when Bobby pulled Andruw in the middle of an inning for not going full speed on a flyball? Or when Charlie Manuel pulled Jimmy Rollins for not running out a popup. There wasn’t any controversy with those because the players didn’t bitch about it afterwards. They handled it without making a big deal about it. Hanley is the douche in all of that, not Fredi.

  2. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this tennis match is altering the course of human history.

  3. Im not going to the last thread to see what was said, but how can anyone not be in Fredi’s corner for the Hanley situation? He botched a play and loafed when trying to run down the ball.

    Almost 10 hrs on this tennis match. Both players have over 200 winners and almost 100 aces each…incredible

  4. It wasn’t that Hanley didn’t hustle. He made a mockery of the game by jogging after the ball. It’s one thing to not run out a ground ball or even be a little slow going after a ball like Andruw was. What Hanley did was beyond the pale. Sure, talent will always trump anything else and lots of teams would trade for the guy. That doesn’t mean that Gonzalez was at fault. Hanley basically humiliated him and the entire team, not to mention the few fans that the Marlins have.

    And, really, do you think Ramirez would have reacted differently if Fredi had called him out in private? It’s just unfortunate that guys like Ramirez are so talented that they can ultimately get away with this kind of crap.

  5. Was anyone here really taking Ramirez’s side over Gonzalez? Seriously? Who is a manager supposed to be working for, the owner or the player?

  6. I’m pretty sure someone is posting from inside Belleview and is planning a coup.

  7. There’s part of the report that says the woman watched Johan play tennis after the sex. I think Johan got some tail on a golf course and the chick decided she’d like to attempt to extort a millionaire athlete.

  8. useless, but interesting, stat of the day

    longest tennis match in history before today – just over 6 hrs

    5th set alone today – suspended at 6.5 hrs

  9. Someone check the bookies for any bets on the match ending in a tie at 9 billion to one odds.

  10. Was anyone here really taking Ramirez’s side over Gonzalez? Seriously?

    Not really. Just saying that benching your best player mid-game and then calling him out in the press, feuding with him for several days before needing outside intervention to solve the problem…well that’s career shortening behavior. Only Loria knows if it was a factor. They were 20-18 before the benching, 14-18 after.

    And, really, do you think Ramirez would have reacted differently if Fredi had called him out in private?

    I don’t know, do you prefer your boss scolding you one on one in his office or in a staff meeting?

  11. I’m sure that melky is a typo of “melko”, which means somewhat/quite in Finnish, as in “not quite there”. So, uh, like “he’s melky good” (ie. he’s not good), or “that was melky fisted!”, that kind of stuff.

  12. Strasburg’s at it again.

    In 4 IP vs KC, he’s given up 5 singles, but 0 R, 0 BB & 7K.

    I just love when he drops that 2-strike hook and the hitter’s knees buckle like a Little Leaguer’s. He’s Filthy McNasty.

    Maddux was really the only pitcher who ever made me change my plans so that I could watch him. This guy is close.

  13. But Morgoth was defeated in the Second Age and Sauron the Black began his rise to power.

  14. Spike,
    I wish, but changing airplane reservations isn’t as easy (or cheap) as it once was.

    I’m in DC the following weekend, but I have an event the night Strasburg’s due to pitch vs NYM, so that’s a no-go.

    Nats do finish the season at Citi Field, however. Of course, I’m away then, too. Looks like Strasburg’s just gonna be a TV star for me this year.

    BTW, is that Tolkien talk?

  15. Since he replaced Melky in CF, does that make Gregor Blanco Sauron? It makes sense- Sauron was able to present a fair face to the world for a while.

  16. @21

    Right. And then the Second Age ended with the first defeat of Sauron by Isildur and Elrond? Dates are not my specialty in Tolkien-lore.

  17. Clemson a surprisingly 2-0 in CWS…knocking off two 50-win teams, including #1 ranked team Arizona State in the opener.

    Pretty cool.

  18. The WC game was amazing, the Isner thing is mind-blowing…. Great day in sports thus far!

    A buddy and I tuned into the Isner thing when it was like 40-40, and on the other side of the screen, it said it was 30-30 in the game, and we just thought someone had gotten confused. I required 3rd-party verification before I would believe that a 5th set would actually go 80+ games.

    Of course, it’s mostly just a product of who’s playing. Isner just has a huge serve (he’s like 6’9″ or something) but can’t really return. Whoever makes it through is going to get killed in the next round, but this match… talk about epic!

  19. The Isner-Mahut match is undoubtedly the least plausible sporting event of my lifetime.

    It is like a cross between a fifty-inning double shutout and a boxing match that lasts six hours.

  20. Took off work so I could go to the game tonight. This makes me 0-3 in making a game in which Hudson pitches (he’s my favorite). First was in 2002 when I flew to Oakland and saw Hudson was bumped for some kid named Aaron Harang making his MLB debut. The second time was 2005 and Hudson injured his oblique the start before I was supposed to go see him. And today it’s rain. Sorry but we’re not getting this one in tonight. It’s pouring. Cats and Dogs.

  21. @25 It was said of the Witch-King that “Not by the hand of man shall he fall.”

    So Jason Heyward isn’t human. Hell, we knew that.

  22. Well I guess if it’s a rainout, pop on your Rush cd’s and make with the orc talk. I’m going to go listen to a rocksteady band. Technically, the end of the Second Age was as much about the fall of Numenor and the start of the troubles between the elf, dwarf and and human races as it was about the (temporary) downfall of Sauron.

  23. Maybe it’s just as well. I think Buehrle was/is going to own the Braves hitter.

  24. 36, 37 & 39—How about a little Spock?

    PS: Anybody here into Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros? “Home” is about the catchiest darn song I’ve ever heard.

  25. Don’t want to get me started on catchy songs. We’ll start getting into the Lady Gaga realm if we do.

  26. 43-Thanks Stu for E.S. & the M.Z.s. I just youtubed them and you’re right, “Home” is one darn catchy piece of music.

  27. I dont know Ububba, Im thinking/hoping that he’ll last until right after the allstar break. Just long enough for them to miss out on some other starter

  28. They put the tarp back on the field, but the sky is turning orange. That’s generally a good sign when it comes to rain.

  29. @43, They really know how to start a song on the perfect word. Good stuff.

    There’s a great, looooose in-store version on YouTube (not linkable). Search for “Home Rough Trade East, 21st Aug 2009” and you should find it.

    Since we’re talking about music, I’ve been burning up my eardrums with the BBC Essential Mix show from Buraka Son Sistema. Have you caught those guys live, ububba?

    It totally reminds me of the first time I heard Public Enemy. Hard, hard killing floor stuff.

  30. The Isner match is kind of weird to me. Perhaps the least conceivable yet most boring achievement of our time (I don’t know that for a fact since I couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes or so). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still amazing, but only in an exercise-in-futility kind of way.

    Trying to think of a Big 4 analogy here. It’s kind of like that 5 OT playoff hockey game (Flyers and… Penguins?) from several years ago. Except instead of both teams attacking the net and trying for goals, they’re just passing it back and forth to each other at the blue lines. Every half hour or so a player will skate a couple feet into the offensive zone (score a point while returning) only to immediately throw it back into the center.

    Perhaps it’s like a game of chess except with no board or pieces, just the time clock that the players take turns hitting.

  31. So maybe this is just because I’m a huge tennis fan, but I watched Isner vs Mahut, captivated, for 4+ hours this afternoon.

    It’s got very much the same sudden-death feeling as extra innings, and the quality of the tennis really was mostly quite high, even if the points were short and they were clearly very fatigued.

  32. It blows my mind that Hawk Harrelson and Chip Caray are paid actual money to broadcast baseball games.

  33. Looks to me that Hudson’s getting a pretty generous outside corner from the ump tonight… Hanson sure could have used that yesterday.

  34. Slow the bat with a changeup and then it won’t be able to catch up to the fastball. Worked like a charm on Chipper.

  35. I don’t know how you walk Omar Vizquel. I mean, not just how you walk such a weak hitter, but how he’s still playing baseball, what with having been dead since 2007 and all.

  36. good god people. a starting pitcher gives up 3 runs, its the 5th inning, we’re down by 2 and the game is already over?

  37. I think Heyward needs a day or 2 off.

    Quentin has certainly added WPA for the Sox tonight.

  38. Now would be a good time for Yunel’s first homer.

    Or just a walk. Bases loaded for Melky.

  39. Just tuned in for the first time this series: I’m already annoyed by the Sox announcers.

    EDIT: I’m also annoyed by the Braves hitters with RISP.

  40. Well, if we lose this game, that inning will be why. That was freakin’ pathetic.

  41. Piss poor ABs there. This week is starting to feel like one of those 1-5 weeks they have when the teams chasing them get hot.

  42. As horrendous as Chip Caray is, I don’t think it’s humanly possible to get worse than Ken Harrelson. What a f*cking clown.

  43. Here’s why I’m getting a bit concerned about J-Hey. That 2-1 swing was just premeditated, with no real eye for what or where the pitch was. He was swingin’, no matter what. He didn’t do that in April and May (particularly May). I wonder if some of the plate discipline is getting beaten out of him by an extended slump.

  44. I dont think Heyward has swung at a strike tonight. He’s trying to pull everything again

  45. Heyward is swinging at everything right now. I get the injury-induced hole in his swing, but what happened to his patience?

  46. I agree with everyone on Heyward. If he’s missing strikes, fine, but why is he swinging at so many balls? Pitchers in May were forced to throw him strikes to get him out; now they don’t have to.

  47. I just hope Heyward is not listening to too many people….he is way too talented to be slumping this badly. So a team finally gets to Jimenez and Papelbomb blows it in the 9th.

  48. Lowe tomorrow, then Medlen, KK and Hanson against the Tigers. Pls wake up offense and pitch around Cabrera against the Tigers. Please?

  49. Well hopefully this proves to the powers that be that we need some help at the trade deadline.

  50. The Braves sure blew those two games they picked up on the Mets and Phillies recently quick enough.

  51. Damn, that was a quick hook. He must have said something ugly. =)

    Maybe an Andruw sighting in CF in the 9th?

  52. Lowe against Floyd in 100 degree weather tomorrow. I pray Velander is pitching against the Mets….

  53. Why does Bobby keep letting Omar Infante, the career .266/.310/.390 hitter (it’s something like that), hit against a RHP in the 9th inning with Hinske on the bench? This has happened at least twice now.

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