12 thoughts on “Labor is watching this team play game thread: Sept. 1, Awful, awful team at Marlins”

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but it’s in the team’s and the player’s best interest to trade Chipper Jones.

    He’s reached the point where his best and highest use is as a DH. We could probably get a lot for him and we need the pieces ’cause we are going to suck for awhile.

    How is it possible that he’s that old …?

  2. Everyone says Chipper needs to be a DH, but he keeps getting hurt running the bases. I think the last time he got hurt in the field was the San Francisco series in April 2006. He’s still a sure-handed fielder. He doesn’t want to play for anyone else. What else is there to say about it?

  3. Yeah, he’s obviously a 10 and 5 guy who has said he would retire if the Braves didn’t want him anymore.

  4. Chipper trade=non-starter. 10-5 guy, says he’ll stay. Can’t trade him nor should you even if would accept it.

    Should have had Francoeur bunt there. He hits the most like a pitcher than anyone in today’s lineup.

  5. Haven’t been around much in the past month cuz I’ve been moving to a new city/apt and starting a new job and what not (plus the Braves suck), but I just had to come back and gloat at Chief Nocahoma a little bit about his bama / clemson prediction:

    on July 29th, 2008 at 7:48 pm, in the midst of making easily the stupidest baseball related argument anyone on this board has made all year, the ole Chief, obviously a Barn fan, had this to say about the game:

    Have fun this year with no DL and LBs that run in the 4.8 range.

    CJ Spiller and Davis may run for 350 yds combined against that ‘defense’.

    I think we all saw how that played out on the field…

  6. So where are we now in the #1 Draft Pick sweepstakes.

    Can I count Spiller’s 96 yd kickoff return in that yardage? :) :)

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