106 thoughts on “Maybe we’re being unfair to Francoeur game thread: July 19, Nats at Braves”

  1. I was thinking of growing a beard for good luck.
    Having seen how much it helps Mr. French(y) at bat; I’ll pass.

    Obviously, you can’t be an enormous baby if you can grow a beard!

  2. I have no idea what I just saw, but that might have been the worst song AND the worst video ever.

  3. I didn’t realize that was what the video was…hadn’t glanced it at all.

    Great. Now, without even playing the video, I’m gonna have that damn, repetitive catchy organ riff in my head all night.


  4. Nice work, Douglass. How about and alternate caption contest. I suggest, “Bobby, Kelly at half of my cookie!”

  5. Off-topic but Juicy:
    The Shark leads the British Open three weeks after marrying Chrissy.

    Looks like Vitamin E does improve performance.

  6. Since his return from Mississippi, Frenchy is hitting 5-24 with 1 HR, 0 BB, and 1 HBP. That’s a 208/ 240/ 333 line, which is not even as “good” as his June performance (206/ 270/ 314).

  7. Well played on the captions, JC and basil.

    As I was looking for a picture to use, I found it quite amusing that in weird ways pretty much all the Jeffy captions actually could also apply to our own Jeffy. So I decided to leave it the same. They’re all about what delusional, spoiled little punks kids are…it really does work well with our own Jeffy. Problem is, Jeffy in the comic and kids in general are also cute and lovable. That part doesnt fit so well with our own Jeffy, though I have in recent days suggested that the Braves production crew start using a sitcom laugh track when he fucks up to get Jeff’s ratings back up and what not. It, apparently, has worked for many a shitcom, and Jeff has been just as bad as the worst of any of those. (You might even say he’s reached “According to Jim” levels on this board lately) I don’t know who we need to talk to to make this happen, but I’m just throwin it out there.

    Maybe we could even whip up a quick little 10-seconds-of-sitcom-trash-jingle of a theme song, complete with a “That’s our Frenchy” catchphrase to play us out as we cut into commercial breaks from his inning ending doubleplays.

    These are the kinds of changes I’d like to see made to the Braves broadcasts for the remainder of this abortion of a season. We’ve suffered through mediocre play and an endless barrage of Whiskey Falls and Coldplay commercials this year, after suffering through the atrocities of the Dane Cook campaign (THIS IS ACKTOBER!) last year…I think it’s the least they could do.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  8. On a visit to Kroger earlier today, I noticed Chipper Chardonnay, McCann Merlot, and Cabernet Glavignon for sale. Apparently they’ve been around for a couple of months (a google search found an AJC article from May) but this was the first time I saw them.

    For discussion, what type of wine would Jeffy have?

    Maybe Frenchy’s Fine Whine or Jeffy’s Tickled Pink or (W)Retched Hitter Ripple.

  9. It’s been poitned out in several threads lately, but it really is impressive what Freddie Freeman is doing at Rome right now…he’s absolutely killing it.

    Got his season line up to .322/.378/.549, 15 HR, 72 RBI in 95 games.

    He’s hitting .409 with a 1.167ops in his last 28 games and .492 with a 1.393ops in the month of July. :shock:

    I know it’s low A ball, but he and Heyward are both so young and just absolutely pulverizing the pitching at that level this year. Having them next to each other in that lineup (and future lineups?) is pretty nasty.

  10. Maybe Frenchy can replace Tim McCarver. I am watching the Phillies and Marlins and he is bitching about Yankee fans cussing at Pappelbon’s wife. Who Cares!?

  11. I know Fuentes is a closer and per mlb rumors they are thinking…”Trade Talk goes on to say that the Rockies would “hit the jackpot if a team came up with a young, talented starter — like, say, the Yankees’ Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy, or a couple of top Double-A prospects such as the Rays’ Wade Davis or Jeremy Hellickson.”….in regards as to what Fuentes would bring. What kind of trade value would Ohman have then? He doesnt have the closer status, but other than Gonzo, he’s the best in our pen. Trade the guy

  12. Jeffy Francoeur falls on his face swinging at a pitch in the left-handed batters’ box:

  13. We should attempt to trade Lillibridge to the Dodgers for Andy LaRoche (as much as I can’t stand his brother, as a ballplayer).

    The Dodgers are using Andy as a utility infielder and need someone who can play SS. A swap of utility infielders that would give them a SS-capable one seems doable given their apparent distaste for Andy’s performance.

    SS-Brent Lillibridge (ATL)
    3B-Andy LaRoche (LAD)

  14. Plus, Whereas the Angels have an abundance of starting pitching.

    Whereas a significant portion of the Angels’ starting pitching is young.

    Whereas the Angels need to improve their near league-worst offense.

    Whereas the Angels have significant financial resources.

    And Whereas Atlanta Braves 1B Mark Texeira abused the Angels in 2005 (.896 OPS), 2006 (.898 OPS) and 2007 (.951).

    Therefore Let It Be Resolved that the Angels must trade 1B Casey Kotchman and SP Nick Adenhart (or alternatively Kotchman and SP Jordan Walden) to the Atlanta Braves for 1B Mark Texeira.

  15. Washington:

    W. Harris cf
    P. Lo Duca 1b
    C. Guzman ss
    A. Kearns rf
    J. Estrada c
    R. Belliard 2b
    K. Casto 3b
    R. Langerhans lf
    J. Lannan p


    G. Blanco cf
    M. Prado 2b
    C. Jones 3b
    M. Teixeira 1b
    B. McCann c
    J. Francoeur rf
    G. Norton lf
    B. Lillibridge ss
    J. Jurrjens p

  16. A bit shaky there by Jurrjens… every single ball was hit hard, and he could barely find the strike zone. Still, got out of it with no runs across. Hopefully his luck will hold.

  17. Goddamn, dude. You swung at THAT!

    My comment to Frenchy through my TV.. and another K for the Klown.

  18. McCann just stole second, which is hilarious. The ball was thrown away, Belliard just rolls over and McCann gets hosed at third after stumbling all over fat Cousin Ronnie.

    That was interference, dammit.

  19. “I woulda hit the ball, but I didn’t want to hurt its feelings.”

    That’s our Jeffy! ™

  20. Prado might be a decent PH, but he’s horrible at defense.

    Speculation may begin on whether or not he has the pictures.

  21. If Prado had held on (why the hell is Prado even starting)…if Francouer doesn’t come in on that ball, it’d still be 0-0.

    Same ol’ Braves.

  22. So now Jeff has had an embarrassing strikeout, misplayed an easy flyball, and threw a ball into the screen on a sac fly. All he needs now is to get caught stealing or otherwise make an out running the bases and he will have sucked for the cycle!

  23. The Braves really running themselves out of innings tonight.

    I really do hate stolen base attempts. They simply aren’t worth the risk.

  24. Down 3-0 and with Chipper on deck, Blanco gets picked off attempting to steal 2B.

    We are not good at baseball this year.

  25. Seems the best we can hope for with Jeffy at the plate is him getting drilled and getting to first without a chance of messing it up.

  26. Like father, like son. Both Skip and Chip Caray seem to have two problems:

    1. Both seem to think so many Braves’ flyouts are homeruns.

    2. Both start talking about a pitcher’s no-hitter/perfect game around the third inning.

  27. I know he came back to earth last year (of course) and I’m not saying he should be starting for a MLB team, but I love Willie Harris. He’s a fine backup.

  28. “All he needs now is to get caught stealing or otherwise make an out running the bases and he will have sucked for the cycle!”

    ron….extremely funny!

  29. Skip emphatically doesn’t suck. He just started singing a few bars of Sinatra.
    I am also a big fan of the “That’s our Jeffy” idea.

  30. Based on everyone’s complaints about Pendleton, by the way, I thought it was funny during McCann’s great at-bat that they showed Pendleton after Skip praised McCann’s eye at the plate.

  31. dan, have you been listening to skip a while? he actually starts talking about a no hitter after 1 inning. it’s his punch at humor.
    and for skip’s defense, a few of the hits today have looked to be potential homeruns. chip will get all excited on routine fly balls. at least skip’s get to the track.

  32. snitker told him to stop and kearns wasnt even going to attempt a throw. then blanco rounds 2nd and snitker tells jair to go.

    man, we are very unlucky tonight.

  33. Is Don Sutton still the color guy for the Nats, AAR? Didn’t he leave the Braves to go there?

  34. Not AAR, but I can confirm Don Sutton as the Nats’ color guy. I’m listening to him right now here in The District.

    First time in a long while that I’ve gotten to see Jurjenns pitch. Thanks for nothing, TBS.

  35. Thanks, Cary.
    Estrada’s hitting below .200. That doesn’t seem right. He’s only had 43 at-bats this year, though.

  36. Only Guzman is outstanding in the Natinoal’s line up. What a ugly stats..I still have a hope this game.

  37. Yep, jea. The other guy in the booth is Bob Carpenter. Neither is terrible. Basically facelessly competent.

    And Francoeur just got an opposite-field line drive single. Somewhere, Joe Simpson is smiling.

  38. Thanks to you too, AAR.
    Another classic Skip line: “Will Ohman . . . [doing] his nightly warmup in the bullpen.”

  39. Sean Connery: “I’ll take ‘The Rapist’ for $400, Alex!”

    Alex Trebek: “That would be ‘Therapist’, Mr. Connery, not ‘The Rapist’…..

    Connery: “Well, that’s not what Little Jeffy said when he was screwing the Braves out of three runs tonight! The day will be mine, Alex!

    Sorry, just tuned in on Gameday and saw those three fine examples of a gold glove right fielder at work.

    Frenchy, you suck. Thanks for making me think that it would be better to have Brad Komminsk patrolling the outfield right now.

  40. And Willie Harris, jammed, gets a triple.

    Sadly, there are a number of words in the English language to describe this. They’re words that we’ve been using over and over again this year.

  41. The following is a partial list of Nationals we didn’t have to face in this series because they’re injured:

    Nick Johnson
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Wily Mo Pena
    Lastings Milledge
    Elijah Dukes
    Chad Cordero
    Shawn Hill

    That would be 3 of their 4 best outfielders, one of their best pitchers, their closer, their best hitter, and their best player.

    Also, they’re beating us 5-1.

  42. Kelly Johnson splits against LHP .330 AVG, .364 OBP

    At home .299 AVG, .376 OBP.

    Also, Kotsay has better splits against LHP than Norton.

    Can anyone explain why we don’t have the best we have in today after a four day break?

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