Whee, Fox game thread: June 27, Red Sox at Braves

YAWN“Hi, I’m –SIGH– Angels — uh, Braves outfielder –YAWN– Garret Anderson, and… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………

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  1. I am predicting Wren will trade ACHE to an AL team for a low level prospect like the Kotsay deal last year.

  2. that would be fine with me. when infante comes back, trade vazquez, kj, francoeur, kotchman, and garrett anderson to restock the farm, call up brooks conrad, brandon jones, and barbaro, call it a “firesale”, and we would still be a better team than before. a little extreme? yes.

  3. Just thought I’d drop in to remind everyone that Fr4nc000r sucks. And he lived up to his nickname last night, going 0-4 with 2K’s, 1 GIDP, and of course the weakly hit pop-up early in the count against Jonathan Papelbon down 4 runs on a terrible pitch.

  4. Why doesn’t Francoeur ever get hurt, or dizzy, or the flu?

    This reminds me a bit of a Denis Leary routine.

    The people you wanna have overdose on drugs never would. Like Motley Crue would never overdose, man, never. You could put them in a room with two tons of crack. They come out a half an hour later, “Rock on, man!”

  5. I like the idea of promoting Eddie Perez to manager after Bobby leaves (I won’t get into how he leaves, that’s a topic I won’t touch). EP has all the qualities you want in a manager. He’s got charisma and everyone on the team likes him, but he knows how to be a hard ass when he needs to. Former catcher. Former bullpen coach (aka he can manage a pitching staff). I guess the only thing he has going against him is he’s been observing horrible strategies from Bobby for so long. But as we frequently say, strategies are far from the most important part of a manager’s job.

  6. The part about Joe orgasming reminded me of that off day thread from last year where we (err…I did at least) made all the “Joe jerkin it” jokes. I was a big fan of that day. :lol:

    edit: This One. Exactly one year ago yesterday. Also, of interest, it was the day after Tommy Hanson’s no hitter.

  7. With that lineup, Chipper and Brian better hit some homers today or the Braves will get shutout again.

  8. I wonder if it bothers the Staple Singers that this song is more associated with Bruce Fricking Willis.

    Also, Frenchy does what he does second best. (He can’t do what he does best since we’ve already got two outs.) Braves14 is right; he is EPIC FAIL.

  9. @23, on WGST they said that if it were a WS game, McLouth would’ve started. He’ll be fine.

  10. I tend to doubt that Bruce Willis’ version is the first one most folks remember.

    He did a crap version that got on MTV, but it was easily & quickly forgotten. The Staple Singers remain an American treasure.

    Still love their contribution to The Band’s “The Weight” from “The Last Waltz” film.

    BTW, had to do a club event last night in Manhattan. In the side room playing hip-hop most of the night, the DJ broke out a little Michael Jackson medley & the place went full-on batty. It was really good to see.

  11. if we could score 3-4 runs a game for Vasquez, he’d be starting the all star game.

  12. do you guys think Esco is in the doghouse, or is this hip flexor ligitmiate? I am an ER nurse and I have no idea what that even means.

  13. Prado’s one of our best hitters, so here comes Bobby with the ridiculous bunt.

  14. My God, this offense sucks. I know that’s nothing new, but every now and then it sinks in just how putrid and hopeless this team is at the plate. With the starting pitching, even “average” would be enough to lead the division.

  15. The statement “Prado is one of our best hitters” might be a hint that Wren should sell.

  16. God – now that is something you can get after Bobby for. That was simply stupid. You have a guy who has already stolen a base at first, and you waste an out with a freakin’ bunt to get him to 2nd. Either have him steal 2nd and bunt him to 3rd, or do a hit and run while at first, but don’t just give up an out like that.

  17. @37: If it ain’t a pitcher, I hate bunts. Which deepens my frustration with the team, because the bunting predilection reminds me that our administration won’t do anything to correct it because they regard any tenet of the sport even tangentially connected to “Moneyball” as bunk. The book isn’t the Bible of baseball, and its concepts aren’t the be-all, end-all, but there are good ideas that some within the organization seem determined to ignore. And we are left with a team that has no margin for error, and often has the power of a slingshot, against opponents with machine guns.

  18. Bunting is not always a bad play. Studies have shown that it actually increases your opportunity to score one run (if it is a successful bunt). It may be a good play in your last inning in a tie game, especially with a bad hitter. But your chances of scoring multiple runs decreases dramatically.

    However, considering that was the top of the order, Prado is one of our best hitters, and that we need more than one run to win it was a dumb decision.

  19. Vazquez will probably punch the wall after this game. Of course, he should really punch some of the so-called hitters.

    edit–you know who ought to get the first smack for being awful both at the plate and in the field

  20. 7.2 innings, 8 Ks, 1 or 2 ER, likely loss.


    Francoeur should have caught the ball. It bounced on the warning track before hitting the wall.

  21. @45 – looked like it hit the base of the wall to me. Yep, definately hit the wall first.

  22. He could have caught it had he not just stopped. He didn’t even try to play it off the wall correctly. For someone who stays in the lineup over Diaz for his defense, he sucks.

  23. Vazquez has given up more than 2 runs just once since mid-May and has only 1 win to show for it (he had to pitch a shutout). Absolutely insane. Our A ballclub could do better than this crap.

  24. @52

    I don’t know if that’s being fair…

    I mean really, are the Jonas Brothers this bad?

  25. I would understand completely if Jurrjens and Vazquez storm Frank Wren’s office with pitchforks and torches.

  26. Kotchman is doing that thing Stenchy started doing last season, when he take hard swings on hittable pitches, only the ball just doesn’t go anywhere.

  27. 9 shutouts. most in the mlb!
    9 players proving to be worthless. most in the mlb.
    bang the drum.
    cue the chief.

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