110 thoughts on “WE NEED TO GET INTO THEIR BULLPEN game thread: April 22, Phillies at Braves”

  1. Diaz needs to be leading off against Moyer just looking at his career numbers.

    btw, useless stat for the day. The Pirates pitching has given up 5 doubles, 1 triple, and 4 hr’s in todays game. But no, Morton wasnt the starter. They are losing 16-0 in the 7th

  2. Two Braves things from twitter:
    Freeman 4-for-4, 2HR, 3R, 4RBIs

    Lineup 4/22: Diaz, 7; Prado, 4; Chipper, 5; McCann, 2; Glaus, 3; Escobar, 6; Heyward, 9; Cabrera, 8; Lowe, RHP

  3. #3
    IMO, all 3 English Beat records are superb. Terrific live band, too. And a great, great cover of Smokey’s “Tears of a Clown.”

  4. Oh sure. Saw them in B’ham in ’82 for the first time, when they were still a full on Ska act, and have loved them ever since. “Save it” is an amazing densely layered pop record though. I was genuinely surprised they had the chops to do something like that.

    /and the cover of Andy Williams’ “Can’t Get Used To Losing You” is every bit as good as “Tears”

  5. Melky doesn’t have any options left. He got a hit last night, but he’s doing a great imitation of Raul Mondesi at this point.

  6. I don’t love Melky, and I wish Bobby would stop benching Diaz and McLouth in favor of him, but I think folks have given up on him too quickly. He’s been a solid player, especially for a 4th outfielder, and I think he’ll prove to be one again.

  7. Did you know that Melky hit for the cycle on August 2, 2009? So there’s always that.

  8. Our problem is that Melky, Diaz and McLouth all need playing time to work out of their slumps. Our second problem is that we can’t afford to play Melky, Diaz and McLouth because they are in such terrible slumps.

    Of the guys above, Diaz and McLouth have both shown signs of breaking out of it, but then regress – not so much with Melky. Diaz’s lack of walks probably concerns me the most at this point.

  9. The thing about Jordan… I am admittedly not exposed to the team outside of the games, but on the rare occasions I made it to Atlanta when he was on the team I always got to the ballpark early. And Brian was always the first player on the field, and always did a lot of stretching and running. Likely it’s a legacy of being a football player, but I doubt there was any player in baseball who worked as hard at the athletic part of the game as Jordan. And like a lot of players, he thinks other players should find important what he thought was important.

    It’s certainly a whole lot smarter than Joe Simpson’s hit-to-the-opposite-field fetish.

  10. I gotta say in re: Jordan, considering the source, it’s only “foot in mouth” if it’s demonstrably false. And I would love to hear what Chipper has to say in response.

  11. Spike,
    I like their fast stuff better than the crooner stuff, but, yeah, Wakeling always was a pop guy in a ska band. Their third album was full of the poppier stuff, like “Save It for Later” & “I Confess.”

    Today, the Yankees turned a triple play—A-Rod to Cano to Johnson. It was their first triple play since 1968. Back then, it was Dooley Womack to Bobby Cox to Mickey Mantle.

  12. Check out Ranking Full Stop. It’s the definitive Second Wave ska single for me.

  13. #13 & #15

    Don Sutton has pretty much said the same thing about how aging players need to work harder to avoid injury (flexibility, longer recovery times, etc.).

  14. …and speaking of MIL, Jim Edmonds would have been a great LH platoon mate for Diaz. We shoulda signed Jimbo and flipped Melky for something shiny the day after the trade.

  15. i, not knowing chipper at all (and with the ability to hide behind my keyboard) have also expressed that i thought chipper needed to work more on his flexibility instead of just lifting weights. the past few years, he looks good physically, but when he tries to bend it’s a different story.

    on freeman: the dude raised his ops 230 points today to .736. so much for the slump.

  16. 4,
    Freeman also hit a double and drew a walk today. Heck of a game for him.

    Not that this impacts the current series that much, but the Phillies have placed Jay Aay Happ on the DL and called up JC Romero.

  17. Well, I wasn’t expecting to do that… I probably have a higher opinion of pitcher wins than most other stat geeks. I think they’re a pretty valuable statistic in a career context, because they usually balance out, unlike the results from just one season. Not always, but if judging a pitcher’s quality I’d rather have his career wins than any other stat.

  18. #18
    I’d guess a line drive back to the pitcher while a double steal was attempted. Of course, the guy leaving first had to get a great jump.

    The Beat’s first album (“I Just Can’t Stop It”) is really one of the great ska revival records. “Ranking Full Stop” is super & I’m pretty sure you can find “Best Friend” (my fave) on youtube. “Mirror in the Bathroom,” another good one, was the main single.

    After 3 records, they broke up. The main songwriter Dave Wakeling took Ranking Roger with him & they formed General Public (only hit, “Tenderness.) The guitar player & the bass player formed Fine Young Cannibals & they had that one huge album with a buncha hits (“She Drives Me Crazy,” etc.)

    An English Beat best-of CD exists, but if you had to buy one original record, I’d go for the first one.

  19. That FYC stuff that Cox/Steele did is really good. I love both of the albums.

  20. I’m not a big FYC fan — maybe because they were so ubiquitous during the “She Drives Me Crazy” period. But I do like their “Suspicious Minds” cover a lot.

  21. Hey, at least Jordan can raise his foot to his mouth.

    If Chipper’s conditioning regimen is indeed poor, I’m glad Jordan said so. And I’ll bet he has a pretty good idea. OTOH, at age 38 Chipper is unlikely to change much. He’ll do it his way until it doesn’t work anymore, then he’ll retire.

  22. You know what Simmons calls “No F—ing Way Game”? I swear to God, these are real-world NFW Games. The world just won’t let the Braves get any runs.

  23. Going to need to score 8+ runs tonight to have a chance of a win. That or Lowe tiring in the fifth with maybe only 5 up for the Phillies.

  24. 41 — I’m not familiar with that term, but I think I see what you’re getting at with the Phillie defense.

  25. I think they’re a pretty valuable statistic in a career context, because they usually balance out, unlike the results from just one season. Not always, but if judging a pitcher’s quality I’d rather have his career wins than any other stat.

    That’s a good way to get jumped by the Sabergeek Blyleven Mafia.

    A little late tonight, still no offense I see…

  26. I’m not sure if it’s more annoying seeing Lowe suck and knowing we’re stuck with him, or watching hitters not being able to do anything to Moyer’s 83mph “gas”.

  27. Just turned on the game–down 2-0 with runners on first and second nobody out in the third. Lowe’s pitching, eh?

  28. I’ve only been watching for an inning and I’ve already seen Moyer get a called strike six inches inside (Glaus) and six inches outside (Melk).

    That’s a recipe for another long night.

  29. I realize that was a bad throw but Yunel didn’t seem real interested in trying to catch that ball.

  30. Really embarrassing considering how well the Phillies have played defensively in this series. Pitiful.

  31. That E4 will be the excuse…

    Bobby: “Lowe was dealing. We just gotta make plays behind him. He’s fine.”

  32. Is anybody watching the NFL Network’s Draft coverage? I like Mike Mayock, but his mispronunciation of “Berry” is maddening.

  33. Matty, if you have to scrape the ball off the ground to hit it, it’s cool if you just let that one go by.

    33 PAs and no walks. A contender for the DiSarcina award.

    Just Prado.

  34. I’m at the game. Braves are sleep walking. Lowe sucks even worse in person. Moyer is lobbing the ball and they can’t hit it.

  35. I find comfort in the Mets. They been no hit in the first four inning by Tom Gorzelanny.

  36. Whenever you see “Heyward struck out looking” on a gamelog, you can bet the pitch was not really a strike. I trust his strike zone judgment a lot more than most of the umpires.

  37. Hard to watch.

    Edit: hard for me to tell from sec.124, but the Heyward pitch looked outside.

  38. Hopefully it wont matter but can anyone explain to me why McClouth wasn’t going home on the Prado single?

  39. McCann swung at ball four twice there. It’s April and our best hitter is already getting out of his game pressing.

    Also, I’m ready to see Hinske in there everyday now, between 1b and in LF.

  40. #101 – bigger issue is why isnt McLouth starting over Melky. Melky shouldnt see the field, unless we need a pinch runner

  41. We deserved to be swept and we weren’t.

    We managed to play terrible baseball, lost 2 out of 3, and we can say we were lucky.

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