Boston Red Sox vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 26, 2009 – ESPN

I’m starting to think that Jeff Bennett had the right idea. If I punched a wall and broke my hand, I wouldn’t be able to type, and so would have an excuse to not watch this team. Poor Jair Jurrjens made one real mistake, a solo homer by Ortiz that opened the scoring in the fifth, after the Braves’ “offense” had blown several chances. He allowed three more runs in eight innings of work, but little about them was his fault; most of it was a patchwork defense with Prado and Hernandez playing the middle infield and waiving at ground balls, and the usual effort — that is, none I can see — from ACHE. Throw in a couple of random balks — if that isn’t redundant, nearly all balks are randomly called by the umpires as far as I can tell, with the odd exception of a pitcher who falls down or drops the ball or something like that — and he never had a chance.

In addition to Escobar, out with the hip injury, and KJ, out with generalized failure, McCann didn’t start due to dizziness, though he did hit a pinch-double in the ninth, after all had been decided. Ross scored the Braves’ only run with a solo homer in the ninth. The Braves actually outhit the Red Sox 8-7, but couldn’t get any hits with runners in scoring position, and got no help from the Random Balk Generators.

McLouth hurt himself running out a ground ball in the eighth, and now he’ll probably miss time. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Blanco will get hot and the Braves will ditch Francoeur, who sucks, or ACHE, who doesn’t play defense, when McLouth comes back. But I doubt it. Oh, and Chipper needs to sit for a day, because he’s clearly lagging, but we don’t even have enough players to do that.