564 thoughts on “Home Opener Thread: Pirates at Braves, Mar. 31”

  1. You mean the Nats and Pirates? Or do you mean that we play the only “legit” MLB caliber pitcher on the Nationals, and then come home to face the Pirates top two starters?

  2. one game in Wash, one game at home against the Pirates, an off day, then two more home games against the Pirates….why an off day two games in and why just one game in Wash, why not a whole series. Just stupid

  3. Couldn’t agree more. The Braves’ don’t seem to get much scheduling love from whoever makes those schedules. At least we don’t play the AL East or Central this year.

  4. It’s an odd interleague year – we face the AL West and…the Blue Jays. What happened to the supposed rivalries? It’s helpful we don’t play the Sox this year, but I kind of liked those games since we came from Boston.

  5. I predict a blowout from the Bravos today. Then 1-2 runs per game for the rest of the series.

  6. Nats up opn Phils 4-2 in the 6th. Looking for a two game win streak, watch out now….

    Is Rick Ankiel good enough to put up a 30HR/100RBI season. Thats what ESPN has him projected as. Its almost too hard to believe

  7. MLB has been doing this for the last couple of years, ie, having a “special” Opening Night game and then having teams go hither and yond. It makes no sense but that’s MLB. The reason for the off-day in the middle of the series, I assume, is to protect in case of bad weather in early April. Since the Pirates only come in once, they want to try to make sure they get all the games in to prevent the situation in which the teams might have to fly in to play on a scheduled off day later.

    I think the season starts way too early, which is a function of having three rounds of playoffs and not wanted to cut back on regular season games. At the very least, schedule as many games as possible in warm weather cities for the first week or so. If they would cut back to a 154 game schedule, say, they could start the season at least a little later. Personally, I think the World Series should be over by mid-October because after that it’s really football season. But that would require having to start even earlier.

  8. Marc, I am with you on the 154 game schedule. If anything, so they could make the division series 7 games. Doesn’t help the opening date, though. They should schedule as many as possible in warm weather and domes, for sure.

  9. For those interested in the “Wes Helms watch” this account think he gets released when Lidge comes off the DL.


    Actually, I would rather have Morgan Ensberg, but I don’t think Helms is useless.

    If they cut or waive him, doesn’t that mean pick up team pays major league minimum and Phils pay the rest?

  10. If you pick a player up on waivers, you’re responsible for his salary. If he clears waivers and is cut, you can pay him the prorated minimum and the original ballclub is stuck with the rest.

  11. Now it’s tied 6-6. Burger King gave up a two-run homer to Rollins.

    (At least the Phillies could score off him)

  12. just wondering but how many people saw the Kevin Love, UCLA, pre game highlights the other night. He hit a shot from half court, then hit a shot from the other free throw line, then hit a shot from the opposite baseline. He only took two steps and took a normal shot motion, full court, and nothing but net. One of the mot impressive things I’ve ever seen

  13. BC Treehouse Fort, a one-hour sports podcast at BlogTalkRadio that I appeared on a couple weeks ago, has asked me to be a weekly guest. I’ll be on for the last fifteen minutes of the show every Monday, talking about baseball and giving as much love for the Braves as I can. It’ll be on at 8 PM tonight, and I’ll be there starting around 8:40. Come check me out!

  14. The reason we’re not playing the RedSox this year is that Buddy Carlyle threatened to disembowel himself on the mound if we did.

  15. Nationals beat the Phillies by a final score of 11-6.

    Marlins losing to the Mets 6-2. At least Santana has given up two runs in five innings…right?

  16. To continue a couple comments from the last thread:
    Alex R hopes that KJ & Escobar pick it up tonight (& in general, I’m sure). I definitely echo that sentiment – I have both of them in my fantasy league (along w/ McCann), so I’ll be doubly-sad if they struggle much. I generally try to avoid Braves players, but really like all 3 of those guys (as far as being good, young players).
    And I definitely take the over on Francoeur seeing over/under 5 pitches tonight. He seemed impatient last night, but it was not one of those nights where he swung at literally everything. I think he does have a good chance of recognizing pitches better & getting more selective. He will always be an aggressive hitter, but I think he is doing a good job at least trying to avoid getting himself out all the time (and recognizes it’s not a good idea to swing at pitches in the LH batter’s box)…

  17. It’s an odd interleague year – we face the AL West and…the Blue Jays. What happened to the supposed rivalries?

    I’ve posted this before, but this is Expos fallout. The Jays were the Expos rivals (naturally) but when the Expos became the Nats they picked up the Orioles as rivals. This left Philly rival-less, so they share Boston and Toronto with us although it looks like we get Boston most years. Who knows.

    Interleague play sucks.

  18. Jorge Sosa strikes out Willingham to end the Marlins’ 8th. How long will it take Sosa to remember that he sucks this year?

  19. Anyone else having problems with mlb.tv? I missed Glavine’ debut. I am ticked off.

  20. #35 – yeah so is Chipper

    What pisses me off even more about this schedulin thing is that the Braves are only being shown tonight on Peachtree TV. Glavine’s return to ATL cant even get put on TBS, FSS, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox, or SportsSouth. This is obsurd

  21. Bruce Springsteen said that there were 57 channels and nothing on. He was wrong- there are more like *557* channels and there’s still nothing on.

  22. Anyone else having problems with mlb.tv? I missed Glavine’ debut. I am ticked off.

    I seem to be blacked out of every game today. Does ESPN have exclusive rights to opening day? Or is MLB.TV messing with me again? Gameday Audio works just fine.

  23. How about Javy? That nicely summed up the entrire franchise. Class, all class

  24. Dunno, but a lot of people on the mlb.tv forums are having problems. It keeps telling me I am logged in from two computers.

  25. Welcome back Tom

    I have to admit seeing him in the uniform gave me goosebumps.

    didnt watch any of his spring training starts

  26. Peachtree TV has a *very* Turner South feel to it. Maybe Rick & Bubba and Junkin’ will come back on.


  27. Yeah, and those were the nats. Let’s get ’em and get this thing rolling.

  28. The Pirates announcers said it’s ok that McLouth got picked off on a ball in the dirt because early in the game you’ve got to take some chances.

    I’m going to go ahead and disagree.

  29. My friends satellite service is running a free preview of the MLB channels so if you have those you might be able to catch it there, as well.

  30. Robert, it’s been 16 years since those announcers saw a winning Pirates team. You can’t watch that much losing without going slightly batty.

  31. I have something called braves alternate channel for free on directtv.. lucky me i guess

  32. Yeah Desert. I think it’s 613 or something on DirecTV. Since DirecTV doesn’t carry Peachtree TV (or CSS), they’ve set up an alternate feed that I think is only showing the game feed from Peachtree TV, but none of their other crappy programming.

  33. is it me or does that peachtree tv ‘foxbox’ really suck? I think it’s the randomly placed dots.

  34. Beat me to the punch Mac.

    ..and I like the score on top; wish the outs were a tad bolder.

  35. Fulton County Bombers- are they going to carry all of the Peachtree TV games this year?

  36. I like the score on top too, but I can pretty much identify whether or not we’re in the top or bottom of an inning in 2 seconds. The whole graphic is just too busy.

  37. i’ll never forget or forgive la roach for the baserunning display against Houston in the playoffs.

  38. Anybody watching on MLB.TV Premium? Is it just me or when you click to watch it in FullScreen you only get a square that covers about 60% of the screen. I know this wasn’t normal last year or during spring training.

  39. Chip Caray and Joe Simpson announcing..

    Over/under on Chip Caray “fisted” calls: 6.

  40. “i’ll never forget or forgive la roach for the baserunning display against Houston in the playoffs.”

    But he hit a grand slam in that game. Blame Farnsworth, not LaRoche.

  41. LaRoche (vs Houston in playoffs) and vs Natspos in the regular season where he walked back to first after fielding a ball, runner (Johnson?) beat him to the bag were both equally horrible.

  42. Please stop say “seed” Chip. Good Lord. I wish I could figure out how to get the Pirates announcers back. MLB.TV hates me today.

  43. Not bad Stu.. just methodical. Little dribbler that Johnson had to come in on and turn, tough play results in the E4 and a 1-0 lead.

  44. Light showers here in south Fulton County; nothing to delay the game, just a little nasty rain in mid to low 50’s weather. Should be at the Ted shortly.

  45. Five and 2/3. I just don’t see him as a 6 (or more) inning guy. Hope I’m wrong, but we need a quality long-reliever to shine.

  46. I’m not sure I’m up for another 162 of Francouer. Did that hit in front of the plate or just on top of it.

  47. You know what? The hell with Joe West. There’s no excuse for a umpire looking more like he wants to fight than the player he’s disagreeing with. What a freaking jerk.

  48. Escobar > Renteria.

    Was watching Fox 5 before the game and Escobar was asked how he gaines 15 pounds in the offseason.

    “My family is here,” through a translator.. and then Yunel started talking about all the Cuban foods they cook better than he does. Classic.

  49. IS Glavine looking better or worse than his line states?

    3IP 4H 0ER 1BB 3K’s – on paper it looks good

  50. I’m watching on Gameday (Darn you TBS!), and it seems like Glavine is ridulously wild. Is this true or are the pitches just mapped wrong?

  51. looks like he’s hitting the corners on yahoo game tracker but a lot of them are called balls. who knows, 0ER is hard to complain about

  52. Glavine has thrown 38 balls and 39 strikes. How is this not wild? Is he just missing his spots by a little, is the ump bad?

  53. He’s gotten squeezed a couple of times, but if the opposing team doesn’t bite, that’s a normal ratio for Glavine. Yes, it can be infuriating, but that’s the deal.

  54. first three innings were a lot of very close calls with at least in my biased eyes a number of them being obv strikes and joe west being ridiculous

  55. Bobby says: “See Ball 4 Frenchy!” (or something like that), and he walks. Now there is some coaching.

  56. What kind of reception did the crowd give Glavine? Did anyone see? I can’t. Sigh. Am in negotiations now with the wife for mlb cable package if we have it. AAAARRRRRGH!

    Oh well quality time with my kids….right?

  57. It looks like we’re getting 5 league avg innings out of Glavine today. Who’s rotation slot did he take?

  58. alright I’ll give it to you blake. 1 ER is better than what Chucky would have given us.

  59. If he continues to post WHIPs of 1.80, the number of earned runs will increase dramatically.

    Still, hard to complain about his handywork thus far tonight. I say he goes at least one more inning.

  60. Chip just found a way to talk about the non-existent new Marlins stadium during a Pirates/Braves game.

  61. It’s the lefty-righty matchup obsession. The worst violation of this was Mike Remlinger, a left handed pitcher who was better against right handers in his career.

    Left handers hit .260/.334/.395 against Remlinger and right handers hit .231/.329/.385 against Remlinger in his career.

    Despite that, Cox seemed to use him as some kind of left handed specialist, at least in 2006.

  62. what on earth was Yunel doing there? Good thing he got back. Now make em pay Tex

  63. Chip Caray’s screaming is much worse than anything Tim McCarver or Joe Morgan has done in their broadcasting careers.

  64. Shiite.

    Nice to see that chip is still going to take inordinate pleasure in seeing the home side get robbed.

  65. By the way, to avoid confusion, I am the artist formerly known as Wryn. Name change with the move to Atlanta.

  66. “Great movie!!”… and Chip Caray’s asking if he’s got the right one

  67. braves14,
    After a sliding try on a grounder, might have tweaked a knee that’s been bugging him. Stayed in the game, scored a run in the bottom of the frame, then left. No big deal.

  68. #177 – undisclosed injury. I think I heard someone mention sore knee after he scored from first on Escobar’s triple

  69. so what’s the reason MLB.TV is not carrying this game?

    (sorry if I’ve missed the answer above)

  70. If you live in Braves territory, they block out the game even if you can’t get it on TV.

  71. Weird. I guess you’ve been able to get the games in the past. I don’t know if they expanded the territory or what.

  72. By the way, until you’ve seen Jason Bay play the outfield in person, you haven’t lived.

    I’ll be going to two games on May 10th and 11th to learn a thing or two.

  73. can’t figure it, but at least I don’t have to listen to Chip Carey and be tempted to cut my ears off.

  74. Same as last night. Someone needs to tell this team to wake the F%%^&& up or we’ll look up in a few weeks and be 10 games out.

  75. Quote of the last three years:

    “…and the Braves bullpen could not hold the lead…”

  76. LETHARGIC. By the way, way to turn out Atlantans. Huge crowd tonight. Pfft.

    Bobby tried to send a bit of a message by taking out Kelly but they didn’t get the memo.

    Wake the fuq up, guys and quit going through the motions.

  77. yeah I would have just really hated to see Glavine on TV tonight in his first home game, would really hate to see something like that. I guess TBS would rather show reruns of Friends and ESPN would rather show the 1991 rerun of the world series of poker or something to that effect

  78. I didn’t get to catch the game earlier. It says Kotsay gunned someone at the plate. What kinda play was it (base hit, sac fly, etc.)?

  79. This is kind of like a, ‘meet your 2008 bullpen’ night. They should give away rubbery noodles as the promo.

  80. Typical Braves. Ho hum, consummate professionals, never high never low. We’ll get ’em tomorrow.

    No spark, whatsoever.

  81. I welcome all of you to our 2008 bullpen, brace yourselves and come along for a fun-filled ride

  82. Hypothetically, if the Braves were to tie this up…who is left in the bullpen if this goes into extras?

  83. I had really hoped that we wouldn’t see Blanco, Prado, Acosta, Ohman, Ring, et al playing decisive roles in a close game.

  84. urlhix, he was going towards first I think, so that would make it his right side.

  85. Sometimes you can just tell. This team won’t sniff a division title.

    And yes its early, but more holes than Swiss cheese.

  86. wtf is Acosta doing? Kali pitches an uneventful shutout inning and Acosta gives up two HRs, including one to Nate McWho?

    I guess we’re living in backwards world….

  87. The Braves are really silencing the critics who picked the Mets or Phillies to win the NL East this year.

  88. If Chris Reitsma was the new Dan Kolb, by the transitive properties of Reitsma, Acosta is the new Kolb.

  89. Gotta feel good to be Yates tonight. Blow away Chipper, get the win, and watch the guy you were cut for stink up the joint.

  90. I never understand why Bobby outcoaches himself by limiting the batters certain pitchers face (LOOGY or not) and leaving others out there until the vultures swoop in.

  91. I’m wondering why CSS is now showing something about Memphis instead of the game, and why our bullpen and bench still suck.

  92. Whatever. Weird crap with Acosta and Moylan blowing games on HRs here; those are our two least HR-prone pitchers on the staff. Add in three throwing errors in two games… So whatever.

    The hitting was better tonight, and Glavine was fine.

    But man, hellofa way to start the year.

  93. In fairness, we’ve played 2 really tough teams these first two games. When we get to a softer part of our schedule, I’m sure our hitters will start hitting, our fielders will start fielding, and our relievers will start relieving.

  94. Mets come to town this weekend, so I expect nothing less than a sweep. Of course then we’ll get back to losing to last-place teams again.

  95. Well, CSS has cut away from the game. Probably a good idea.

    Ohman really is a natural LOOGY; he can’t get righthanders. And righthanded sidearmers generally struggle with lefties. But using your two most established relievers (other than your closer) there hurt.

    Bill James would say that Soriano should have started the eighth, and certainly should have come in with one out and two on and the Pirates about to break it open.

  96. I apologize in advance to all the Christians on the board, because I’m thinking some murderously blasphemous thoughts at the moment, and it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep them to myself.

  97. Bill James would probably add something about how Pete Rose didn’t bet on baseball, O.J. didn’t kill his wife, and Mark McGwire didn’t use steroids.

    I’m sorry, I love the guy. But he takes skepticism — and not reading anything by anyone else — a bit far.

  98. pitching will come around, but i am worried about the defense. francoeur looks slow, tex cant scoop, kj cant catch, chipper and escobar can’t throw. also, i bet we had to be close to leading the league in errors in the spring.

  99. I dont think the pitching needs to come around, it’s been fine. Starting pitching I mean. The defense really is a shock to me

  100. should we change the pool from when will Hampton fall apart to when will we win a game. At least the starters have done their job. The rest of the players should have just stayed in DC

  101. what’s up with Frenchy’s arm? Seems like people are challenging him . . . and winning this year. Haven’t seen him tonight but wasn’t encouraged by last night.

  102. Well, no Braves on the tube up here in NC, so I suppose I shouldcount my lucky stars that I *only* wasted time watching the Lady Tar Heels yak one up against LSU.

  103. I believe two things. Saltalamacchia will be a bust and Francoeur will never be more than he is.

    By the way, can we stop pitching BP, yet?

  104. We will be fine guys. We have a great team, just give us a bit of time to gel. Didn’t Philly start off 0-8 last year and win the division. I’ve seen worse.

  105. Joshua, it remains to be seen if we have a “great” team. The starters and lineup 2-6 should be fine, but many good teams have been undone by a bad bullpen/defense.

  106. lets go 0-45 and then storm back to win the division while simultaneously silencing our critics.

  107. You know if Cox had taken Acosta out and someone else put the runs in you guys would be saying, “Why doesn’t Bobby just leave him out there and see if he can work his way out of a jam? He’ll never learn if he doesn’t get a chance.”

  108. congrats to Darrin Horn, coach at Western Kentucky, who is going to take the same position at South Carolina

    bad news for Cubbies, Zambrano left with forearm pain the 5th today

  109. FYI – In NC (Greensboro/Asheboro area) Time Warner is showing the Peachtree TV feed on a normally blank channel. Its channel 590 on our digital package. If you look on the on-screen menu, the channel title is Brave. Unfortunately – for tonight anyway – I’ve been able to watch the entire game.

  110. Zambrano left in the seventh, and it’s seemingly an injury to the index finger of his pitching hand.

    (Clearly, he’s on my fantasy team.)

  111. And to answer someone’s question earlier, I have both Acosta and Xavier Nady on my team as well…

  112. Does anyone here subscribe to the MLB’s Game Day audio? I was wondering which radio feeds it sends out. If I subscribe to it, will I be able to listen to the Braves radio feed all the time?

  113. Like I tried to post earlier, but for some reason it didn’t go through:

    “Watch the Braves load the bases and hit into a double play now.”

  114. ‘Rissa, I’m on MLB Game Day audio, and WGST has been available the whole time for me, but I didn’t do it last year, so I couldn’t tell you any more.

    Come on, Yunel!

  115. Walking the bases loaded then walking in a run isn’t the best way to start a season. Who is this Matt Capps guy, and why is he still pitching? I’ll take it!

  116. Pete just pointed out that one of the Pirates’ announcers is Steve Blass, though he doesn’t travel with the team, so he doesn’t have to watch the Bucs closer’s Blass disease.

    Yeah, Chipper!

  117. Did Joe Simpson realize that the ball didn’t end up 20 feet in front of Bay but about 5-10 feet to the left of him?

  118. Chipper was booking it on that play. He deserves MAD props for running that hard on what was presumably an easy out.

  119. Who is managing the Pirates? Do they not have any more relievers that is shocking!

  120. What the heck happened?!?!?! I go away, the Pirates score 5 runs. I go away again, and the Braves score 5 runs! Nice!

  121. one good thing about this half inning: there’s no way our bullpen can lose it for us.

  122. So seriously, if the braves don’t get a runner on base, Soriano will probably hit, but if they do and don’t score, who pitches?

  123. Ok I just found out some guy named John Russell is managing the Pirates. Its going to be a short stint if he keeps leaving his relievers in that long. That was brutal, but nice for the Braves.

  124. Guys, I’m about to break down and pay for some sort of internet TV thing like MLBTV. I heard that ESPN 360 does baseball games, and you can get a deal if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer. Anyone know anything about that?

  125. Also, I’m going to say right now that if there are two outs when the pitchers’ spot is due, pinch hit Miller and let him try to belt one.

  126. boyer….miller and pena is all that’s left….look for mike hampton to make an appearance tonight if the game goes a few more innings.

  127. Well, Chip, thanks for telling us about the Coke he was drinking in the dugout…

    And Kotsay walks. We either win in this inning or die of shame.

  128. I found a pirates chat site honestwagner.blogspot.com.

    At 10:22 one poster wrote something about the buc bullpen being fun to watch this year. Heh, heh–that didn’t last long.

  129. Booby Cox strikes again. Though a hit and run wouldn’t have been out of the question, but bunting with Diaz com’on we all know that’s not a good thing.

  130. after that play, Kotsay’s critics might regain their voice–at least he’s not as boneheaded as Bay

  131. Rob, just make sure you stay in the room for the next 10 minutes or so OK?

  132. how was that poorly played? line drive, runner looking to be aggressive and bites. that’s not poorly played.

  133. The thinking behind having Diaz bunt probably has something to do with the fact he hasn’t hit one out of the infield yet this year.

  134. I’m not going to be very happy if my fantasy team has to absorb Matt Capps’ outing and I have to absorb a Braves loss.

    BTW, in 2 games, our starters have gone 12 innings, and Bobby has managed to get all 8 relievers work, including two appearances each by our top 2 set-up men.

  135. Whatever. As long as Boyer doesn’t absolutely suck, we’ll get the top of the order up with a good shot at getting a run.

  136. This has been one of the worst Joe West games I’ve ever seen – normally he’s great

  137. It’s a nice surprise to give up on a game in the bottom of the eigth at 7pm and discover an hour later that you’re still in it.

  138. Bobby loves his bullpen switch-a-roo-ing. So all we have left is Boyer and the starters. Yikes. But as was said, we have the top of the order up. However, it’s Prado instead of KJ.

  139. and jesus, now you guys are looking for complaints. prado, blanco and pena are good bench players considering the shit we’ve been carrying.

    diaz is just an absurdly awkward, yet great player.

  140. Not pinch hitting is a good move here for the Pirates; Luis Rivas (their only bench guy left) probably isn’t much better than their pitcher.

  141. there’s the energy we’ve been looking for (blaine boyer fist pump after a perfect 11th).

  142. Yes, compared to Harris, Thorman, Woodward and Orr, they’re hall-of-famers. But that doesn’t make them “great”, it makes them less-sucky.

  143. True, Diaz usually manages to get the job done even though he looks clumsy while doing it.

    Ryan, Prado’s good compared to Woodward, but not against actual major-league players.

  144. Guys, no worries: I’m pretty sure Blaine has at least 15 perfect innings in him tonight.

  145. Escobar and Chipper quickly gone, inning over. What happened to being patient?! That half-inning took about :30.

  146. In what percentage of fantasy leagues where Nate McLouth is currently a FA will he be added to someone’s roster in the next 24 hours? 100?

  147. The Pirates have no offense, really…they have to bat LaRoche cleanup and Xavier Nady 5th.

  148. Bullpen implosion — just like ’06.

    Losing games that go deep into extras — just like ’07.

    Bad signs both. Off we go on another up-and-down season.

  149. Bullpen: 10 runs tonight. Midseason form, guys. Way to send a message to the rest of the division, esp since every one of our starters maxes out at 5 innings.
    Going to be a long year.

  150. This just in for the 100th time tonight–I really dislike Chip Carey and his obsession for “the little things…”

  151. Man, this feels like last year. Fall behind, battle back, offense totally turns it off in extras, lose.

  152. It seems like all we did was upgrade the rotation, which is fine, but when they only go 6 every night, the bullpen and bench become just as important, and we’re seriously lacking in both areas. What good do 6 scoreless innings from a starter do when you cant score or keep them from scoring in the 7th, 8th, and 9th?

  153. I’d second-guess Bobby tonight, but I think tonight’s game was more like the Mitchell report. It’s everyone’s fault. Personally, I blame Tim McCarver.

  154. Probably not a good sign when your team gets “much-needed rest” with 160 games to go.

  155. brad, our bench and bullpen are both upgraded. we are 2 games into the freakin’ season. step off the ledge. your points hold no water when the sample size is less than 2%.

  156. It’s not as funny as it would be if Boyer hadn’t screwed the pooch, but here’s the latest from HonestWagener:

    Bonds would have caught that fly ball to left to end the game against the Braves.

  157. Kotsay’s not sucking so far I think. Radio tends to make me forget what players have done earlier in the night.

  158. Wouldn’t have been meaningless had Tex and McCann gotten on base.

    He probably wouldn’t have hit it if they had.

  159. I dreamed all offseason of the day we’d need a HR down 1 in the 9th and Corky Miller popped out of the dugout.

  160. I’m gonna stay up for another 1/2 hour just to make sure this one is over.

  161. Hey, what’s our record in 1-run games this season?

    We can at least take solace in the fact that our pythagorean record isn’t nearly as bad as our actual record.

  162. They just wanted to score 2 runs to make it a 1 run game – just to ensure that we once again have one of the worst 1 one game records in the bigs

  163. Well, it will take until the ASB for these guys to attempt to get the ERA down to a respectable level.

  164. Oh, we definitely did not deserve to win that. We had like, what, one real hit in that 5-run 9th? I think the Frenchy/Kotsay/Diaz mini-rally in the 12th was the most offense we had after the 4th.

    I only really regret Cox bunting Diaz in the 10th and the craptacular offensive show in the 11th. Oh, and it sucked that we got murdered by Xavier Nady.

    Let’s take the next two and nip that right in the bud.

  165. They should have gotten Javy out of his street clothes to pinch hit for Corky in the 12th. This team may drive me to drink more than I normally do if these two games are an indication.

  166. oh, but it gets better…due to our scheduling we have a well needed day off. Two games into the season and we need a break

  167. I know there’s a new R.E.M. album coming out today (Tuesday), so I think “Everybody Hurts” is the clear choice for Wednesday’s Game Thread.

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